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“God Has Blessed Our Business” – CEO Glenn Story – Patriot Mobile

on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gene Valentino

A new beginning of a conservative organization that has morphed a cellular phone businesses with Christian-Judeo principles. Their spiritual/religious principles in business are not normally seen in a business plan. Check out ‘donations’ and ‘getting involved’ on … Cell phone service today is very much like electricity. You don’t care who the provider is. You just want the service. So Glenn, through Patriot Mobile, has focused on the principles of ‘giving’. Call 972-PATRIOT. A unique niche that assumes you believe in good values and that is the basis of involvement with Patriot Mobile. The Patriot Mobile approach is a family oriented, 100% U.S.A based with God, Country and Family in that order. Glenn treats the company relationship with you more as a family experience.


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“God Has Blessed Our Business” – CEO Glenn Story – Patriot Mobile

Welcome to the GrassRoots TruthCast!: With breaking news and political commentary from a public servant, serial entrepreneur, community leader, philanthropist, and American patriot, and a darn nice guy, it’s time for the Grassroots Truthcast, and your host, Gene Valentino.


Gene Valentino: Hi friends, Gene Valentino, and welcome to another great episode here at the Grassroots Truthcast. You know, we bring on people from different walks of life throughout our, our history of Grassroots Truthcast. Uh, they’re political, social, more patriotic, more scientific, banking, finance, you pick your poison.

We’re usually doing one of those things, uh, here on the Grassroots Truthcast. I am very honored to have a gentleman with me today. His name is Glenn Story. He’s the co host. The co founder and CEO of Patriot Mobile. Have a little cellular phone company background in my history as well, so I [00:01:00] find this very interesting how Glenn has morphed the concept of cellular service nationwide to make it a tool, an instrument for the protection of our democratic republic, our constitutional republic, and to promote patriotism nationwide.

Those two items are not far apart and are brought together with the help of a mission and a concept that was designed by Glenn Story, CEO and co founder of Patriot Mobile. We’re going to meet him right after this.

Patriot Mobile Promo Code, “GeneV”: Throughout history, the spirit of patriotism has prevailed. The battles may have changed, but the values remain the same. Today, in 2024, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment where the call for unity, freedom, and a better future echoes louder than ever. For more than 10 years, Patriot [00:02:00] Mobile has been committed to supporting the values that make our nation great.

With affordable plans and reliable equipment. With reliable nationwide coverage, Patriot Mobile is not just a wireless service. It’s a call to action for those who believe in the American Dream. Because this year is not just any year. It’s the most important year since our nation’s founding. Choose a wireless carrier that shares your values.

Choose Patriot Mobile.

Gene Valentino: Hi friends, welcome back. Let’s meet Glenn Story, co founder and CEO of Patriot Mobile. Glenn, thank you for joining us here today on Grassroots Truthcast.

Glenn Story: Gene, I just want to say thank you. I just appreciate what you’re doing.

And anytime you have a grassroots guy that names their show grassroots media or truth media, you know, you just got to love that. [00:03:00] I love it. So anyway, such a pleasure

Gene Valentino: being on your show. Thank you. You know, it’s because it’s, it’s what we really think America is all about is, is, is its founding fathers even thought so was the exciting, uh, the exciting, uh, dynamic that occurred in the neighborhoods, the villages, the church basements, the, the taverns, you pick it Anywhere USA going back 250 years, uh, America was Tripping and falling, but it made its way to a constitutional republic we have today with the liberties and freedoms that I know Patriot Mobile espouses.

Folks, just real quick, I met Patriot Mobile at the CPAC convention in the early part of 2024, and it’s where I was convinced this is the future of how we need to do business in the future as well. Glenn Storie, welcome, and give us a little background on Patriot Mobile. On yourself and, and Patriot Mobile.[00:04:00]

Glenn Story: Wow. That, you know, that’s too open. So I’ll just stay with, uh, I’ll keep it narrow. You know, you know, God has blessed our business. We happen to be, what I would say in what we call America’s only Christian conservative cell phone company. And you might say. How do you say that? What do you mean by that?

Well, it’s pretty easy. We put God first in everything that we do. We are His stewards, and we really try to put our business in with, along with Biblical values. Every decision we make, we try to do the exact right thing for our, our customers, our members, our board, our stakeholders, you name it. But by putting God first means That we leverage biblical principles in the way we manage folks, data, and everything.

And, and he’s breathed blessings on us. It is amazing. Our growth is, You know, early on, we were a purely political organization, [00:05:00] and we went from here, we put God first, and all of a sudden our, our growth curve over the last four or five years, we’re up 10x, and they’re all His blessings, and we want to return a portion of every dollar and give back to the conservative movement, i.

e., Right to Life, First Responders, and Military, First amendment and second amendment. We just believe in those as our four core pillars.

Gene Valentino: You say, so really part of the mission is to part of your retained earnings or your profits, if you will, uh, go toward the good causes America, uh, stands for. And that is, that is an excellent motive.

And there’s many companies doing that nationwide in the way they market. Um, and that’s why I chose to have you on today with me on Grassroots Truthcast, because that’s what Grassroots Truthcast is all about. And that’s, um, uh, working with not only, uh, the people we’re interviewing, but the sponsors that are, um, pillars of the [00:06:00] community that are patriots.

Uh, how did, how did, uh, without getting too How did Patriot Mobile form itself and create an, uh, what is its offering for the people?

Glenn Story: Well, it’s, it’s, I’ll take you back to day one. That was in August of 2010. Now check that, 2013. We ended up, uh, I was coaching youth football. I was working up in New York, back and forth.

You know, I had a guy approach me. He says, Hey, you want to start a cell phone company? I was like, dude, you gotta be out of your gourd, you know, to think that we can take on the carriers and he walked away, came back a week later, we’re coaching these kids and he goes, look, you really need to think about this because we’re going to target Republicans.

I was like, okay, there’s a there there, right? You know, it’s not just, we’re going to market, we’re going to market to a certain niche. [00:07:00] Well, you know what? We looked out there and what’s crazy is we found a company called Credo Mobile. Not that I want to talk about them, but they were a progressive, very left leaning cell phone company.

And they had donated at the time about 75 million to progressive causes. They were the largest funder of Planned Parenthood outside of the government. They were funding these tree hugging organizations. Stuff that we don’t appreciate. You know, we love small government. We love low taxes. We like businesses to manage themselves within reason.

And they were donating to Contrary to Us. I heard 75 million. I was thinking, okay, mathematically, if you’re gonna donate 75 million, you had to have earned or build at least a hundred X of that. So it was like, okay, there’s a real there there. So we went out and did a little bit of [00:08:00] research. We started the company and we were purely political in nature for the first five years.

We even wanted to name our company Ted Cruz Mobile being based out of Texas. And we ended up. You know, thinking that’s probably not a real good idea. So we named it EOS Mobile and I was like, that’s really a dumb idea, you know? And I, I hope my guys aren’t watching, but you know, the Dawn, the goddess of the new beginning as a conservative organization just didn’t work out.

So it was like, Guys, we’re changing the name. We’re going to change it to Patriot Mobile. What a great name. That was about eight years ago. We changed it and we’ve morphed into this political business. As I said earlier, to put in God first, we’re at, we, we based it on Judeo Christian values. He has just breathed blessings beyond anything I could ever imagine.

And, and we carve out a portion of every bill. Even [00:09:00] back then, we were going to donate to causes and candidates. And, you know, you can’t donate to candidates if you’re an LLC or a business, so we donate to organizations that push, that really share values with us, whether it’s Right to Life, we donate to Concerned Women for America, or Susan B.

Anthony, Pro Life America. I love Marjorie Dannenfelser and her group, uh, I also love Penny Nance’s Concerned Women for America, or Embrace Grace. They’re another great pro love, pro life organization. And that was our business model. It’s just morphed. into these organizations as opposed, as opposed to political candidates and it’s, and it’s caught on

Gene Valentino: fire.

It’s, it’s almost counterintuitive. You would think that working on the, I mean, it’s not in your standard, uh, business class or MBA program [00:10:00] where you create such a, an important segment of your plan to, um, what I call spiritual, religious, uh, Charitable causes, uh, good tidings for those who are in desperate need.

Uh, and how do you, and so what, what is the distribution of those good deeds? Is it through the same patriot offices around the nation or, uh, do, is there a mechanism by which people apply this and you determine if they’re qualified like, uh, tunnel, tunnels for towers?

Glenn Story: Yeah, we have a, we have a group.

There’s an avenue to get in. I think it’s on our website and says donations or, or how do we get more involved? And it runs through a committee that looks at it and says, okay, how well are they managed? Number one, that’s the most important part. Everybody has a great idea, but if they spend 80 percent on administrative costs, we don’t work with them.

[00:11:00] It really is the other way around. They need to spend less than 20 percent on administrative and 80 percent or more. on the goal of the organization. That’s the first part of it. And, you know, we do work through our committees to figure out who are the best ones that work with along our pillars.

Gene Valentino: So the network is a consequence really of, um, the, the sales effort too.

You’re, you know, it’s, it’s hand in glove. That’s not, I don’t look at it as a segwaying from, uh, one good service to another good service.

Glenn Story: Well, it is. I mean, look, it, today, I would say, without question, cell phone service is very much like electricity, right? You, you expect the, when you flip the light switch, you expect the light to come on.

You don’t really have a big issue, a big concern with who the provider is, as long as you’re getting your service, [00:12:00] right? Well, using that kind of term, we just say 99 percent of the folks that come to us, come, come to us for the mission. They believe their values align with yours and my values, God, country, and family in that order.

We believe in a higher being. We believe in our country. We believe in our family. That’s it. And we’ll do everything we can support. So they come to us for that mission, right? And they look at what we do. I will never knock the carriers. I think they do a fantastic job. I think we just do it a little bit better.

You look at our services. When you call 972 Patriot, you speak with somebody that speaks either Californian or Texan. That’s right. I mean, you speak with somebody in the U. S. and you understand what we’re doing, right? You know, you’ve heard us, heard about us. On your show, you call and say, Hey, I heard him on Gene’s [00:13:00] show.

I love Truthcast, right? Or Grassroots Truthcast. I’m going to go, I’m going to go, I know, I believe in your values. Everybody here believes in our values, so it’s really kind of a unique niche.

Gene Valentino: So what’s, so what’s the, uh, the, the methodology? Uh, if I want a Patriot mobile phone service, how do I ask you how it compares to a Sprint, AT& T, or Verizon?

Or are you selling that service, uh, as their, what, broker agent? Uh,

Glenn Story: In a sense, we’re buying text, data, text, and, uh, voice from the major carriers. We repackage it. We do all the billing, collections, marketing, uh, everything through the customer acquisition portal. And, uh, you don’t even know that you’re with the other carriers, although we’re leveraging their networks.

Gene Valentino: Very simple. They shouldn’t have a problem with you, with you expanding their, um, [00:14:00] their transactions, if you will, uh, on their backbone. That’s right. That’s right. So,

Glenn Story: you know, they don’t want us to cannibalize, but I’m at the end of the day, there’s so much churn in the business. Our churn is less than 1 percent or it’s 1 percent or lower.

It’s amazing because when somebody comes here, they realize. I got exactly what I bought.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I remember the early days of the cellular industry going back to the 1980s. I owned a cellular system in California and we, by the 10 years we had developed it and built it, we had built We had built out about 168 cellular towers of different shapes, sizes, and strengths of signal.

And we covered the whole central area of California at the time. And the trick wasn’t, no one cared about these towers, uh, they cared about, um, The quality of the service. And back then you had a problem with, you know, [00:15:00] I have my phone works on this block and this block. But when I went around the corner over there, it didn’t work well at all.

And I don’t, I don’t know how, uh, why I lost the signal. And then the morphing over time was even signal balancing going on. And, um, we found that, um, the issue wasn’t, um, necessarily the phone call anymore, but the variety of services being offered. on that phone. And as you know today, my words, uh, the phone is the, the conversation on the phone is a small portion of everything you’re doing on that iPhone.

And, uh, and, uh, so, um, how about some, um, spiritual motivation for people in need, uh, incentives, uh, and, um, places to go for a spiritual uplift. I bet Patriot Mobile knows something about that.

Glenn Story: Well, we certainly do. I mean, we put God first, as I’ve said a number of times, we have a weekly [00:16:00] Bible study here hosted by Raphael Cruz, whom is Ted Cruz’s dad.

Um, you know, from our perspective, it’s, we try to be a beacon on the hill. We try to say it is okay for you to put God in your business and let him help you manage. Or embrace him in your business. There’s just no doubt about it. And if you do that, you will see a benefit. Whether it’s just better rapport within your organization, a better customer base, people that understand when y’all work together and you put him at the helm, good things are going to happen.

Hey, he did say, if you follow me, you will be attacked in his own way. And you look at it, we see it, that the attacks come all the time, but you know what? Every time they come after us, he breathes additional blessings over here. You kind of go on. You know, I, just as a nut, in a nutshell, I was [00:17:00] interviewed by the New York Times.

I didn’t want the interview. He can’t, somehow he got into our office back a year before. And I met a friend of mine, Marjorie Dannenfelser, she had somebody at one of their functions that was the head of the religion section. And he said, this particular guy, which is a bureau chief down in Houston. As a fair and honest reporter, I was like, okay.

So I called the guy back, David Goodman out of the New York Times. Texas Bureau. I said, okay, let’s talk. And so we talked, I realized he was a good man. I realized he believed in most of the other things. But, uh, so I said, come on in. And what we ended up doing was talking and he realized that we’re good people, right?

We don’t want to do anything. Yes, we believe that men are men, women are women, that there’s God created to. [00:18:00] And I do not believe in some of the books that we’re being. Uh, being advertised, you know, the, these. genderqueer that had pornography in there. So when he sat down for the interview, I slide, slid him over and I said, here, I want you to read this.

I knew he had three kids. I knew it. We talked about it. So, and they were younger. So he read it. He was like, he went from this good, rich skin tone, the bright white. And I said, if you think that’s bad, if you think I’m being a book burner, I’m not. I just don’t think K through 12, uh, K through sixth grade should have access to these books.

Not in our libraries. And anyway, he left. Great interview. The hit piece was like one of the best sales documents we’ve ever had. Our phones blew up for six weeks. It was really interesting how God used that. And then the BBC came in, tried the same thing, except they were really kind of ugly about it. Our phones [00:19:00] blew up again.

They come in to say, Oh, this Christian nationalist company. What does that mean? That’s some leftist term they conjured up to draw, drive a wedge in us. We’re all God’s children.

Gene Valentino: We are certainly all God’s children. And it’s amazing how in this environment, in this nation, patriots like you have stepped up to, um, not only defend this nation and support our constitution in the way you have, but made it so integral to the, to the business model you’ve created.

And it’s, it’s. It’s not adverse. One is not a problem with the other. They seem to flow at Patriot Mobile hand in glove. And, uh, I commend you for that. The folks, we’re talking to Glenn Story. He’s co founder and CEO of Patriot Mobile. Glenn, what, what’s your footprint? How, where are you in the nation [00:20:00] right now?

You know, that’s a loaded

Glenn Story: question, but I won’t be funny. So I I’m sitting here in the center of Texas. Uh, talking with Eugene, our business is coast to coast, uh, border up north, the border of south, you know, when our customers travel abroad, they have coverage as well. You know, we are really a lower 48, but we have customers in Hawaii and Alaska as well.

But You know, we’re 100 percent U. S. based, California or East Texas.

Gene Valentino: So, so really, uh, the way the world is going, I mean, um, where’s Amazon located, right? Who cares? I mean, there are the footprints nationwide. I presume your approach is similar. The, but the methodology is what someone interested in getting, uh, learning more about Patriot Mobiles.

Services goes to the Patriot Mobile website or phone number. That’s right. And what happens then?

Glenn Story: That’s [00:21:00] right. Well, generally, you hear about us on folks that tell the truth, whether it’s grassroots, truth cast, or other guys that talk about Patriot Mobile or they, uh, host interviews. They hear about us, they see us at trade shows.

We just wrapped up the NRA show. We had, I think, thousands of people that came by our booth. They hear about us. You can go out to patriot and do all your research. And if you’ve researched it and you say, okay, I love it, but I’m not gonna buy anything online, I’m literally going to call. So they call 9 7 2 Patriot, and I ask you guys, if you heard about us on.

On Gene’s show, I think our pro our promo code might be Gene V. I’m not sure, but make sure, make sure we know that you heard about us on Gene’s show and the real beauty is you’re going to be walked through [00:22:00] the process because I know. Turning this phone over from another carrier is not the simplest of decisions.

But once you commit, it can be anywhere from three to five minutes, and in some cases it’s a little bit longer. It’s easy to switch, and all we do is ask you to switch. Now, if I may, since you asked me, we’ve got something very unique going on that others don’t have. It’s called Patriot Mobile One. One device.

Multiple networks. What we can do is put two separate phone numbers on your device, so you always have coverage. You always have a separate backup line. One of our customers was driving through, driving across the coast, and you know, when the AT& T outage broke down, he didn’t, he was like, Well, I’m fine. He, he didn’t even know that we had issues.

Other cars were having issues, but my point being Patriot Mobile One is [00:23:00] one phone, multiple numbers, multiple networks, always have coverage. And you know, that’s one of the best things you could say.

Gene Valentino: And one of the things I’ve noticed also is that you’re paying attention to other Patriots. So military and veterans obviously have some, uh, discount they can enjoy once they’ve gone through the application process.


Glenn Story: that’s right. I think it’s a 10 or 15 percent discount in perpetuity. Control room’s telling me 10.

Gene Valentino: 10 as in, uh, 10 more hours of conversation.

Glenn Story: Yeah,

Gene Valentino: exactly.

Glenn Story: They’re saying, hey, cut him off.

Gene Valentino: He’s giving away the house. Well, you give away the house, I’ll just make you make sure you have an opportunity to do it.

Amen. No, but it’s great. Folks, we’re talking with Glenn Story from Patriot Mobile. And the reason I wanted him on today was to really, uh, it’s also the flavor of what’s going on [00:24:00] in this podcast world. Glenn, a lot of folks are, are getting away from standard marketing hype. and really appreciate a, uh, what’s the word I want?

A family connection of sorts. They, they, uh, the business I want to do with you has to be more heartfelt and personal to me as this crazy world grows and morphs and whatever it’s morphing into. But I really appreciate Patriot Mobile’s approach because in my exposure, my experience, Uh, with everyone on the team, I’ve learned that it’s very heartfelt, it’s very personal, and it’s um, a very one on one experience.

Uh, I bring it up because it’s the antithesis of getting into this rotary phone, uh, holding pattern on customer service, wondering who you’re going to be transferred to next to get the problem, uh, or concern addressed, uh, which [00:25:00] is where I’m going. This is probably how you compete. You compete by differentiating.

So you’re, you’re differentiators are.

Glenn Story: Look, we’re 100 percent U. S. based, and above all, we’re Godly driven. I mean, we share, we donate causes that align with your customers values or your listeners values. I mean, God, country, and family in that order. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a million times. You gotta put him first.

And if you like what we say, we’re gonna do what we say. We’re all around. I gotta tell you a quick story. We were at the NRA show this last weekend, and one of the guys walked up to me and he said, I just want you to know, I love your service. I drove to Dallas from Wyoming. No, no, check that, Washington State.

Drove down through Phoenix. He was in a traffic out the wazoo. He [00:26:00] was like, I just sat there and my wife was driving. Then I would drive. Our phones work so well. I just wanted to come by and see you and say, thank you. And it was, it’s kind of, it’s that very thing. He was a veteran and, you know, he was, um, a Vietnam veteran.

He was just so pleased to come by and say, I just love it. And he also said, I saw your video you sent to all of our customers. He said, it was heartfelt. And I felt it was.

Gene Valentino: How can people step up and do more than just become a subscriber? Is there a way they can become part of this Patriot team in, in any of your offshoot organizations?

Glenn Story: There’s ways. I mean, there’s, there’s job opportunities, no question. We’re always looking for, you know, you take the population, God loving conservatives, you know, you get to this big deal. We’re growing. We have grassroots organizations that [00:27:00] we. That we work with that need help as well. Not financial help, but maybe boots on the ground.

Cause I will, without question, the way we succeed and not, not just Patriot Mobile, but us as, as business guys and conservative movement is grassroots, if you don’t go get involved in your school board election, if you don’t get involved in local politics. My Congresswoman, Beth Van Dyne, started in, uh, not Congress, but she started in the local, uh, city council.

Then she went to mayor, then she was elected to be in, uh, the U. S. Congress. The real beauty of it is you gotta just get involved. Today. You

Gene Valentino: can’t wait. Well, I commend you for that approach. I think, I think it’s so important, Glenn, that, uh, everybody participates in one way, shape, or form. Uh, you’re over in Texas [00:28:00] and you mentioned a hero of mine, Ted Cruz, and obviously, you know, his father, who’s working closely with Patriot Mobile.

Um, uh, tell me about, uh, just a little bit of politics. Where does, where does the Ted Cruz campaign stand in Texas right now?

Glenn Story: Well, now this is, um. My opinion, he is in a dog fight. He is in a real battle with a guy named Colin Aldred for USN. It’s very slick, very well spoken African American gentleman. He’s an American just on the other side of the ledger.

Ted should win, but he’s in a battle. And it’s really sad because this guy’s as liberal as it gets. I mean, he’s not a supporter of the police. You know, he’s not a supporter of the right values, the gender, what is it called? Gender mutilation and that kind of nonsense. Those are [00:29:00] just non starters for the vast majority of Texans.

However, he’s not going to tell you all the bad stuff. He’s going to just get stand up there and look pretty and, and Ted’s in a fight.

Gene Valentino: But Ted Cruz has been such a, um, outstanding representative for the state of, uh, Texas. He’s with his constitutional and legal background. Uh, he stands apart from any, most of the other.

Senators, uh, with his experience in the Supreme Court as well, clerking. And, uh, my concern is, is what’s wrong with the average American that doesn’t, isn’t able to distinguish or see that? And, and with all of the crap you’ve got coming in over the border now that’s emanating to the rest of the nation, every state is a border state now, uh, because of it, uh, shamefully, uh, you, you end up.

You end up trying to [00:30:00] do good, but I want to do good with the American patriots. that worked all their lives to protect and grow this nation. Uh, I have a problem with folks coming in over the line, expecting a free handout, filling out a Democrat, uh, party registration form to get their Democrat card to vote Democrat.

It could have been any party, but they’re pushing this, this agenda on illegal Immigrants coming in over the line and perpetrating the biggest fraud against America by diverting and distracting our attention onto other issues when the poor folks in Texas continue to suffer day to day. And, uh, it’s almost like, um, the Stockholm Syndrome.

I mean, how much more can you take? Beat me again. I missed my beating today or something. How much more can Texas take? We’re at the breaking, uh, breaking point.

Glenn Story: There’s no debate. [00:31:00] This is my opinion. I’ve been at the border. Our business, Patriot Mobile or Patriot Mobile Action, has been at the border at least a dozen times, or we’ve supported guys that go down there.

I’ve personally been there, down there two or three times. What’s interesting is they’re overtaxed. Our guys on the border have seen things they should never be required to see. I mean, we’ve gone up in the hands of feet of Jesus. We, I think we smoked a thousand pounds of meat down there one time and bake beans and all of this stuff, feeding the border patrol, the control processing, international bridges, feeding the police, the firemen, people all over the city of Eagle Pass, Texas.

My, my wife went up to a guy, big burly man, and she put her hand on him and she says, Hey, would you like this? She goes, he goes, I’d love it. And he says, how are you doing? She said, how are you doing? The guy really started to [00:32:00] cry. He goes, she goes, what are you, what’s wrong? And he goes, the things that I’ve seen.

And then this one point that I, it’s terrible. This man comes running across the water and he’s like, they’ve got my wife. They’ve got my, my, my daughter, my daughter and these coyotes. Partel or sitting on the other side holding this 14, 13 year old girl up like a raggedy doll and this guy had no choice but to come across and he says, they’ve got my daughter over there and they were yelling, come get her.

You know, that man said, all I could do was, all I wanted to do was put a red dot on that guy’s head, but I can’t because it’s, it’s child trafficking. It is a crime. It’s not just the 10 million people that have come across the border that they want to vote for them. It [00:33:00] is a crime of epic proportions. It happens every day.

We’ve seen it. We’ve heard the stories. It’s repulsive to be honest and just makes me sick.

Gene Valentino: And it’s not to mention the fentanyl that’s trafficked over and the deaths that, uh, the hundreds of thousands of people that have died nationwide because of the exorbitant amount of fentanyl illegally trafficked in the streets.

Uh, folks, we’re talking with Glenn Story. He’s the co founder and CEO of Patriot Mobile. What an interesting story. And you know, Glenn, it’s. We’re talking about the issues like this that are a crisis in your backyard in Texas. It’s Patriot Mobile’s mission to step up when able to help many of these in need.

Is that a fair statement? Yeah, I would, that’s

Glenn Story: one of our, one of our missions, no question, is to say that, you know, it starts with the life. We want to help unexpected mothers, [00:34:00] Figure out a way to keep their child, whether it’s through adoption or through they just, they know there’s networks all the way out to these folks down on the border.

That’s sad. And by the way, I want to just say this one last thing to kind of carry on from the other point was we’ve been to the Maverick County. jail. They have offices, I mean, not offices, rooms full of weed. They’ve got rooms full of these, the, the drugs that you just know. And there’s, there’s the bad room, you know, it’s the, um, drug you just mentioned.

It’s all over. And you go in there, it’s terrible. And you’re thinking, it’s not the drugs. That’s killing our kids. Yes, it’s terrible. It’s the child trafficking. So, yes, we want to do everything we can to help.

Gene Valentino: In our last two or three minutes, uh, Glenn, would you like to close with some comments about, uh, faith, uh, spiritual giving, uh, [00:35:00] or Patriot Mobile’s mission?

Anything in particular?

Glenn Story: Yeah. You know what? I’m going to just say, for those of you that listen, uh, to this great truthcast, grassroots truthcast, please. Don’t be afraid to put God in your business. You will reap rewards that you just don’t understand. He is omnipotent. He will wreathe blessings on your business.

Your staff will feel it. Does it mean it’s going to be perfect? No way! But I will tell you this, it’s amazing what he can do. And, and as a part of that, I would love for you to come be a part of Patriot Mobile. Trust us with your cell phone service. We give 30 day guarantees. If you don’t like it, you can go away.

You get to keep your cell phone number. And if you want a second cell phone on one phone, we can put that on there too. And just make sure you, you, you know, To make sure that you [00:36:00] say, I heard about you on GeneV and Truthcast. Ah, check that, it’s the GeneV promo code.

Gene Valentino: That’s the promo code, GeneV, uh, for Patriot Mobile, folks.

Yes, we’ve, uh, uh, Grassroots Truthcast pays its bills over here. Through the, um, revenue streams we earn from our loyal, uh, uh, uh, advertisers, in this case Patriot Mobile, and, uh, sure it helped me out a little, but it would help you out too. There’s a good cause, a good mission, and you got a good partner in Glenn’s story.

And the entire Patriot Mobile team, they plan to contribute over 2. 7 million dollars this calendar year, uh, to good causes and missions, uh, around the nation. So, uh, learn more about a company that’s more than just your, your vendor. Learn about a company that’s, um, Your partner, your fan, your friend, a [00:37:00] patriot that’s trying to protect you and this nation from the hostile adversaries that surround us.

And, uh, you’ll find a spot with Patriot Mobile that fits, um, that fits your liking. You start by subscribing, call them up on their number. What was it again? The phone number as well, Glenn? 972 PATRIOT. 972 PATRIOT.

Glenn Story: 972 PATRIOT and the website www. patriotmobile. com forward slash gene v g e n e and v is in victory.

Gene Valentino: I wonder why he said that. That’s pretty good. I like that. Folks, thank you for joining us today. This has been a wonderful, Glenn, thank you for this episode on Grassroots Truthcast. Uh, you got something hot coming out in the future. You’re always welcome back and we, we ought to do another one of these with another focus.

Uh, with another, [00:38:00] uh, uh, a little bit of directed attention, uh, towards any of your new up and coming products or services, uh, not to mention your outreach, which needs to be bragged about more. More companies in this nation need to be doing what Glenn Story’s doing, and that’s reaching out and being more than just a vendor, and you being more than just a customer.

We together need to be partners, not only in the service with Patriot Mobile, but in the protection of this nation through a spiritual foundation, uh, and faith in God. And on that note, Glenn Story, thank you for joining us here today.

Glenn Story: Thank you for having me, Gene. You have a blessed day and love your podcast.

Keep it going.

Gene Valentino: And thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for joining us on another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. See you soon.

Thanks for Watching the GrassRoots TruthCast!: Thanks for joining us for [00:39:00] Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. Be sure to like and subscribe, and God bless America.

“God Has Blessed Our Business” – CEO Glenn Story – Patriot Mobile

on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gene Valentino

‣ Originally Recorded on May 20, 2024
GrassRoots TruthCast: Season 2, Episode 247
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