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George Soros ~ A Jew ~ Funding Anti-Israel Attacks ~ Hurting America! PLUS BONUS EPISODE!

Gene Valentino on TNT News Radio Live!

George Soros taking over our nation through distress on college campuses! Biden regime has not come out against Hamas and pro-Palestine intimidation, violence, and vandalism! The Deep State under George Soros is funding all of the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel attacks. Soros continues to distract all of us away from the potential impact on early voting, our greatest source of election interference. Whether Trump remains in a courtroom, or colleges/universities have protests on campus, there is a Soros attempt to promote early voting interference, our greatest concentration of voter fraud. Soros has funded non-student anti-Israel activists to occupy campuses nationwide. How about taxing universities for giving into the radical left, a source of younger support that Biden was hoping for. No wonder Biden remained so quiet for so long. Americans cannot pay more taxes for Biden’s forgiveness of non-American student loans! Non-governmental organizations are now running “ops” on our students, all directed by the CIA and our Biden Administration. Negotiating with these protestors is NOT an option. Yet, the Biden Administration intends to give refugee status to Hamas/Palestinians, a pathway to U.S. citizenship! Outrageous! Separately, there may be a path for DeSantis being given ‘V.P.’ status. They are talking. We’ll see.


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George Soros ~ A Jew ~ Funding Anti-Israel Attacks ~ Hurting America! PLUS SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE

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Bryan McClain: All right, we’re joined by [00:01:00] GOP political strategist and insider and our friend the host of the grassroots truthcast Gene Valentino, welcome to State of the Nation. How you doing today, man?

Gene Valentino: Well, I just love your show today gentlemen.

Holy shmoly you had Rick Munn talking giving us a British European view and then Randy Sutton nailed it Soros He’s the one undermining the fabric of this nation, and that warrior mindset he talked about, I think, is spot on. All the issues that we can talk about in the next few minutes center around the perpetration of illegal takeover of this nation by a criminal, a Jew, George Soros, who certainly isn’t acting like one, in funding these, uh, Insurrections.

Oh my, dare I use that word? Uh, these, uh, attacks on now over 20 [00:02:00] universities around the nation. Uh, just got word that, um, there’s 36, 000 students at Columbia University in New York. But here’s the surprise. 14, 000 of them are foreigners here on visas. Now how many of those people do you think were part of these insurrections, these illegal activities just in Columbia University alone?

And why is it so orchestrated across all of these universities and colleges nationwide? As if it’s being coordinated by a bigger group. Is there no small coincidence that this is going on nationwide in a, I think it’s time, we’ve said it in the past, uh, step up and step out. And as he said, it’s time to, uh, Get on that warrior mindset, Randy Sutton suggested.

I [00:03:00] think we all need to protect this nation because I’m not appreciating Congress doing it. Democrats are having a meltdown, uh, with, uh, uh, Biden’s poor poll ratings, uh, uh, and, uh, he’s, he’s made, I found something very interesting. Biden has made over 146 mistakes since the first of the year. Everything he talks about has, uh, has been, I don’t know how many days it’s going by.

That means it’s more than one mistake a day if I’m doing my math correct, uh, correctly. But the, the, if the truth be known, It’s more diversion, distraction, and deflection of your attention away from, and what’s the hot item you guys just mentioned? Potential for early voting. We cannot let, we’ve got to do something, I’m being sarcastic, we have got to do something to [00:04:00] eliminate this early voting, which is where most of the malfeasance was occurring.

In the past election, I think if we don’t get a, get a handle on some of the voting issues and Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the cabal are trying to take your attention away, it’s not just about Biden’s, um, Uh, uh, capacity, mental capacity anymore. It’s about them distracting you to ensure that the next election goes the way they hoped it would.

But the polls, as I said a minute ago, are showing that the Dems are having a meltdown. It’s not going their way at all.

Timothy Shea: No, it’s not. And I note with particularity with regard to your coordination comment that apparently, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or maybe it was Walmart, or maybe it was REI. Some manufacturer of outdoor gear apparently had a massive sale, because all these protesters [00:05:00] at all these schools in all these different states Have the same green tents.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Gene Valentino: Isn’t that fascinating, guys? The same, well, it ties into what we were saying. The, the, this, so this is an orchestrated effort that some of these folks, uh, mixing with the students are not from the college or university at all and are orchestrating it. When the reporters do ask for some, uh, comments from some of these, uh, Hamas supporters, anti Israel, uh, supporters.

These folks are directing the reporter to a spokesman. Is the spokesman a college student or is it part of the George Soros funded, um, cabal that’s being created? And you know, what are we going to do? How about taxing these universities now? Because the parents are pulling these kids out of the universities anyways and going to smaller [00:06:00] quality educational programs.

What are we going to do with a Republican Congress, God willing, that gets in there and mandates legislation to put the pinch for taxation on these universities and their billions of dollars of trust funds? And what are we going to do to ensure more Americans get a chance to go into that university and not have their, their, and, and not, and the average citizen in the United States not be forced to pay the increased taxes for Biden’s continued forgiveness of loans on the students that are perpetrating these problems in the first place.

Bryan McClain: Yeah, well, I mean, maybe we should just, uh, maybe we should have shut these universities down a long time ago. They’re the ones that turned everybody into commies and radicals, you know. So, uh, I would argue that, you know, Uh, if I was some big donor, I would have started pulling out as soon as I saw them, you know, uh, advocating, [00:07:00] uh, gene jab mandates, as soon as I saw them advocating for shutting the school down, as soon as I saw them sending young women off with, uh, paid, you know, with a check or a voucher to get an abortion or to get her tops off or something like that, I mean, the transgressions of the, uh, writ large of the United States, uh, universities has just been absolutely horrible.

And I agree with you. I’ve seen these same Soros style white buses, but I’ve also seen other white buses that are agitating on the other side. So I feel like we’re all being sort of played against here because you’ve got some, some people are saying that you’ve got the ADL actually sending out similar white buses and, you know, people, and we saw the same thing at J six.

We saw the same thing during the Trump years. It’s like feds and NGOs have agitators on both sides. Uh, and that’s really effective at whipping everybody up into, you know, Looking only at the side that they’re kind of biased towards, but it’s scary to [00:08:00] think that a place where you’re paying all this money to send your kids to get a higher education, that there are government and non governmental organizations running PSYOPs, dangerous PSYOPs on those kids.

There’s snipers out there, there’s mass casualty units, there’s AR 15s and tear gas. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this in my time. I have to look back to it. Before I was born to like Vietnam era to see something like this. Yeah, we saw the same thing

Timothy Shea: of the Vietnamese, the Vietnam war protests on campus.

It was exactly the same. It was outside agitators and Brian, you’re, you’re a hundred percent correct. That is how our government CIA was able to. run a color revolution in Ukraine in 2014 and instigate the Maidan massacre. The police thought that the protesters shot at the police, the protesters thought the police shot at the protesters, and it was a sniper up at a nest, and I think I know how they figured out where they could get one up there, uh, it ended up in a bloodbath that changed the regime in Ukraine in [00:09:00] 2014.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, mayor Adams just, uh, mentioned on national news, uh, for the, the New York City. Uh, hey, mom and dad, make sure your, your son and daughter at, uh, at the, uh, Columbia University are in safekeeping because, um, uh, as if to warn the public that something’s about to happen, nothing’s happened yet, but the, uh, uh, the, the college professor that, uh, excuse me, the college president.

That has done absolutely nothing. Uh, she, what a disappointment. She’s turned around and trying to negotiate with these people. You know, I unconfirmed report from CCBS news and I, it’s not confirmed so. I, I lead with that point. This is unconfirmed. That the Biden administration is considering a legal path for Palestinians coming into the United States to jumpstart the immigration process as legal citizens.

This means that, [00:10:00] uh, we’d be taking the Palestinians in the Gaza region who were refused, uh, uh, access into Egypt to the south and, um, Iran to the north, are now being considered as potential refugees and a pathway for citizenship. Here in the United States. Now, if, if that has any truth to it, this is an absolute overtaking of our nation, complementing the confusion.

Soros is stirring. To your point, Timothy, Werther and Bryant, with, with, with agitation on both sides of the issue to stir the pot. It was a Kent State, Haight Ashbury, issue from earlier days where the issue became blurred by both sides of the fence, uh, uh, bringing up issues that got buried in minutia and were not working when they were not working towards the [00:11:00] greater good.

All of a sudden, their rights. Weren’t the issue. They were espousing causes that got blurred that were always in our constitution for protection against all, for, uh, for all of us anyway, uh, just amazing. Keep your eye on it. And if I may, something just came to my mind a little while ago. You may have remembered a conversation we had months back.

About Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. And I kind of said, well, boy, I wish the two of them could figure out a path to working it out together. I don’t know. They were, they were pretty vicious against each other in the, um, in the, uh, primary primaries up till when DeSantis backed out and came back to Florida.

But I must tell you, um, There’s a pathway here I see now where Ron DeSantis could be the VP choice by Donald Trump. Just a guess on my part, but you [00:12:00] heard it here first. I never thought it was going to happen, uh, months ago. Especially when Nikki Haley was in there stirring the pot. But I see a pathway now for Ron DeSantis being a pick.

For Donald Trump as VP and it might be a good perpetuation of a presidency with the policies of the Trump administration for eight years beyond Trump’s second term.

Bryan McClain: Alright. Wow. Okay. You heard it here First on State of the Nation from Jean Valentino who can be And of course, check out the Grassroots Truth Cast.

We recommend it Gene. We’ll look forward to having you back on again real soon. Always a pleasure, guys. Thanks again. Absolutely. This is State of the Nation on today’s News Talk, TNT.

Bryan McClain: All right, we are joined by Gene Valentino, host of the Grassroots Truthcast. Now, Gene, my goodness, we got a clip we got to show you. It’s been [00:13:00] a, uh, uh, I don’t even, it’s been a dumpster fire of a day with regards to the Trump trials.

Luke, go ahead and run this.

Additional: Um, stormy Trump and his legal team have been trying to block you actually from appearing at his upcoming Hush money trial in New York. He has denied all wrongdoing, of course, but the judge overseeing it just ruled that you and. Former fixer Michael Cohen are allowed to testify in the case.

Um, are you ready to take the stand against Donald Trump? And, and I don’t want you to talk about what you’re going to say or, or any, anything about the trial. That’s my lawyer hat on, but are you ready? I’m absolutely ready. I’ve been ready. I’m hoping with all of my heart that they call me because As I showed on the stand against Michael Avenatti, no one, I don’t need someone to speak for me.

And I would, I relish the day that I get to face him and speak my truth.

Bryan McClain: Asking you shall receive, Stormy. How’d that work out, Jean? Reminds me

Gene Valentino: of a joke, uh, [00:14:00] I’m going to, uh, paraphrase, or paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield. I went into the, I went into the courtroom to pay a ticket and a Stormy broke out. Oh my God.

I, I just, uh, it’s beyond getting upset anymore. Stormy Daniels is a fraud. And more importantly, she is using the word. The media and the system to promote a personal gain. I don’t mind anybody here promoting themselves and having a personal gain. We all, we’re all promoting ourselves, but I’m not going to gain and promote myself at your expense.

I’m going to do it based on my own credentials and credibility. She has no credibility. She signed a document, uh, in 2014 or 15 saying that this alleged, uh, sexual tryst between her and Donald Trump, uh, never existed. Time out again. [00:15:00] What does that have to do with any charges? Against Donald Trump? What’s going on here?

DA Alvin Bragg is throwing everything into the fan and throwing it against the wall to see what sticks now. And the only thing that’s sticking is increased poll numbers for Donald Trump. And an increased political campaign war chest. She should be ashamed of herself. The people she’s been associated with, Avenatti, and now convicted felon Cohen, are people who were, uh, let’s just say, compromised unto themselves.

I don’t know how a jury looks at anything these people are saying with any, uh, sense of credibility. Oh, by the way, she still has a judgment against her. For almost 500, 000, if you include judicial interest [00:16:00] on a claim that was adjudicated against her prior with Donald Trump winning, she owes Donald Trump almost a half million dollars in legal fees that has not been paid.

And, uh, the way it’s going may not be paid. And even at that time, the judge, uh, um, acquiesced and went easy on her on what the total amount of those legal fees were. That were never paid by her, uh, back to Donald Trump for the legal representation Donald Trump had to pay for to defend himself in an earlier claim, uh, uh, from her, which he won.

So I don’t know. I think, you know, guys, it rubs me sore because I’m, I’m a former political, uh, elected official. I ran for office. I won, uh, two terms, eight years. And I had the um, the ilk of bad [00:17:00] behavior against me as well. I had political opponents claiming that I was involved in an extramarital affair and that was uh, embarrassing.

By the way, it was untrue. Uh, and it was lodged against me in a very vile way. And I knew what I was getting into when I got into politics, but gents, what I didn’t expect is what it did to my family.

Timothy Shea: Well, and that actually is the biggest reason that Donald Trump is going to win this case. And the Stormy Daniels testimony today was completely superfluous. There was absolutely no reason for her to take the stand today. She provided nothing new to the persecutors. In fact, when she sat on The View, she wanted the opportunity to tell her truth.

Toots, there is no your truth. There is only the truth, and Gene, with regard to shame, these people [00:18:00] have no shame. Look what, you know, the story that you just shared proves it, but it also, that’s Donald Trump’s Trump card. There’s an existing rationale for that payment, and that was to save his family embarrassment.

Okay, so that is the get out of jail free card there, but you see, the real answer here, Gene, is Donald Trump is a time traveler. He paid in 2017 Stormy Daniels to write the, to sign the document in 2014 in order to rig the 2016 election. You see how that works? That right there is Alvin Bragg’s case. In 2017, he paid Michael Cohen.

To pay Stormy Daniels to sign a document in 2014 to improperly affect the 2016 election. You can’t make up this level of idiocy.

Gene Valentino: No, it all goes to the main point you guys have always talked about and it’s [00:19:00] the law fair issue. You know, using law fair constructed by the main justice system, the federal justice system and the FBI.

And using it as a political tool against candidates, earnest candidates, worthy candidates for the American citizens to decide whether they want to have represent them. That was, uh, remember the crossfire hurricane investigation? It became the, uh, what was it? The Special Counsel Mueller investigation, which became the impeachment investigations, which became the Durham investigation, which became the January 6th investigation, which became what we see now as the Jack Smith debacle of investigations, both in New York City and down in Florida.

Oh, by the way, Judge Eileen Cannon just indefinitely postponed the documents case down in Florida. Uh, because of, uh, superfluous information, as you say, [00:20:00] uh, which seems to indicate that there’s been a breach in the chain of custody of the documentation that Trump had in good care, in good custody, and in good control.

In the same newscast, we see Biden out there with crap all over the place in his garage and everything’s overlooked because the poor man’s of age. Are you kidding me? Where are we going as a nation? We have to make sure that we have good people still willing to step up and serve this nation. But why would they if their entire family and, um, uh, and, and personal lifestyle?

I don’t care if Trump had a relationship with with this um, Stormy Daniels. I don’t care if it’s true. I don’t care if it’s not true. All I want to know is, is Trump able to do a good job for this nation? And are you telling me, by the way it [00:21:00] happened when he wasn’t a politician, but are you telling me none of these politicians in the circle of the swamp?

Haven’t had similar events that they’ve been involved in, that they’d like to keep from their family as well, that they are guilty of? We are a nation that has to get away from this notion of selective prosecution for political gain or we will fail. DA Bragg is reaching way out on a limb to go after Trump at this point on this sexual, alleged sexual tryst issue, which has no basis in fact, and has been denied by the accuser in writing.

And now we have a situation where Trump, I think the American people, the most important part of this story, the American people see it. And what will the Democrats do [00:22:00] between now and November to queer the election? And cause Trump not to be our next president of the United States.

Bryan McClain: Yep. These are the questions, Gene.

My goodness, Gene, you know, um, we got about one minute left, but I have to also kind of call out Fox News here. They seem to be completely indulging in all of the superfluous, uh, talking points and not having discussions like you’re having with us here. Like, uh, this one, Trump defends press Stormy Daniels on selectively telling Trump’s sex story when she can make money.

And this one, Stormy Daniels defends calling Trump, quote, orange turd, unquote, refusing to pay court ordered fine. Uh, it’s amazing to me, the, the milquetoast take that, uh, that Fox News, uh, puts out there to its, uh, viewers and readers.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, it’s a shame that, I mean, I don’t appreciate any of the media right now because of the one [00:23:00] side or the other side.

We need media out there and streaming services like yours, like TNT, where you’re just reporting the facts. Okay, you give me license to then take those facts and give you my flavor of an opinion, but we don’t discount the facts. Here’s one fact, DA Alvin Bragg must be going nuts wondering if he’s going to see Donald Trump in orange going in and out of jail, but it won’t matter.

What backfired on Mr. Bragg is that the American people see through his charade and are going to vote Trump in because they see that the deep state. Whether it’s a discussion overseas, on various allies we have relationships with, or right here within our border, we have to get rid of the deep state, funded and operated by George Soros.

Which has perpetrated a national fraud, a [00:24:00] disaster against us. We need true leaders to remedy it and do an enema over there on all three, uh, branches of our government.

Bryan McClain: GeneValentino. com. Thank you so much, Gene. Appreciate you. And of course, check out the Grassroots Truthcast with Gene Valentino. We’ll talk to you again real soon, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Critically analyzing national affairs.

Bryan McClain: This is State of the Nation.

Gene Valentino: With Timothy Shea and Brian McLean. On today’s news talk, TNT.

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George Soros ~ A Jew ~ Funding Anti-Israel Attacks ~ Hurting America! PLUS BONUS EPISODE!


  • Originally Recorded on May 1, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 527
  • Image courtesy of: TNT News Radio Live!
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