Dr Paul Alexander ~ A Patriot Pitching The Wellness Company ~ A Vaccine Alternative

Dr Paul Alexander, Epidemiologist, a crusader, a patriot, a strong supporter of Donald Trump, and a strong adversary of Anthony Fauci, moves in a select group of data/evidence – oriented scientists, intent to promote a wellness strategy for America. This means these scientists are against the Covid vaccines, not because they are against vaccines but because they are against Big Pharma ‘bad behavior’. They are in favor of anything that works and has been proven. Paul speaks from the point of view from evidence-based medicine. He was tasked by the Trump Administration to provide expert scientific insight of the COVID virus. When mortality increased during the pandemic Foster Coulson, Founder and Chairman, created a proactive telehealth program, focusing on you owning your own freedom again. It’s the end of 2023. “Covid is basically done,” he says. He and his team saw that we were misguided by Fauci and his supporters. We locked down the healthy. We should have locked down the vulnerable, not vice versa. He speaks about the immune systems in our bodies have the ability to develop ourselves through exposure, not isolation from the pathogen. Big Pharma has become an instrument of selfish capitalism. The Wellness Company helps put decision-making back into your hands to the pre-covid feeling. Medical bureaucracy in the USA has gridlocked the delivery of good care. The Wellness Company (TWC) is a good solution. Check out the ‘spike recovery formula’ from TWC. The TWC emergency kit addresses much more than covid. It addresses a variety of viruses, natural or man-made, to give you a range of coverage for many other viruses and conditions. Dr. Alexander takes the position that many drugs in combination were the solution. Existing PROVEN drugs worked, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, just to name two. Intentional or otherwise, he believe the Covid virus released the Wuhan virus. The Diamond Princess cruise ship had the first real virus infection of the entire ship at sea in January 2020. This hot Covid infection killed less than 1 percent of the 3500 on the ship. So, he claims the infection was address with isolation, not uncertain Big Pharma drugs. These spike reducing vaccines were actually increasing covid illness and death.


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Originally Recorded on Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 2:30 pm CST

Season 2, Episode 227

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Full Episode Transcript

Dr. Paul Alexander ~ A Patriot Pitching The Wellness Company ~ A Vaccine Alternative

The Wellness Company Link: https://www.twc.health/gene4twc
Promo Code for Savings: Gene4TWC

With breaking news and political commentary from a public servant, serial entrepreneur, community leader, philanthropist, and American patriot, and a darn nice guy, it’s time for the Grassroots TruthCast and your host, Gene Valentino.

Gene Valentino: hi friends and welcome back for another episode of the Grassroots TruthCast. We were so excited with the last episode we did with Dr. Paul Alexander.

I just had to bring him back on. We talked about so many things in his last episode, in and around Donald Trump, in and around COVID the circumstances in his political and professional experiences working in Washington, D. C. I’m David Pasqualone, and I’m here with Dr. Alexander, who is a professor at the University of Washington, DC, in Bethesda, and he’s on a mission today, having just returned back from Israel, like to hear a little bit about that, but today’s focus for 15 minutes or so is to talk about the the wellness company of [00:01:00] which Dr.

Alexander is a Senior advisor and member of the leadership team. And what an interesting group of people, including Dr. Peter McCullough and others that Dr. Alexander can refer to in a minute. Tell you what, hello, Dr. Alexander, thank you for joining us. But before we come to you, let’s break away and watch this promotional video by The Wellness Company.

It’ll run about two minutes and then we’ll come right back. Don’t go away.

I remember the first meeting that I had with our chief medical team and I said to them, I said, Life comes down, you’re going to be judged by the choices that you make. And when the choice to start this company came up. It was a no brainer because we all need to fight for what we believe in and we need to strive for something.[00:02:00]

I’m Dr. Heather Gessling. I’m a family medicine physician. I am the chief operating officer for the medical team at The Wellness Company. We are Strive to base all of our decisions on science and the lack of unbiased science in the last two years is one of the catalysts that has brought about the wellness company.

My role. In the Wellness Company is going to be largely one of education and re education of our physician core who are going to be administering medicine to large numbers of people, we hope, under our guidance, okay? We are not going to be telling them how to practice, but we are going to be telling them how to approach the patient in a different way.

And that way involves returning to the first principles of medicine, which are the basic sciences. Myself and the wellness company rely on data, scientific data to drive critical decisions. But importantly, we must [00:03:00] consider all available sources of data. Everything’s on the table. Nutrition is basically what we put in our bodies.

And you can imagine what we put in our bodies really matters. And nutrition science is going to play a giant role in the data driven.

I’m Dr. Jen Vandewater, I’m a doctor of pharmacy, I graduated pharmacy college in 2006. I worked mostly for retail pharmacies, and through the years I noticed that it became very robotic. The pharmacy industry was no longer about patient care, and it became more filled prescriptions give shots, anything you could do just to keep busy.

It wasn’t, there was no time for patient interaction and patient well being. But while I was there, I was still seeing that people were on lots and lots and lots of medications. So, as I was watching doctors prescribe more and more, I thought, well, how can I assist and help the patient? Realize they may be on too many medications.

Current medical practice is so [00:04:00] completely off the rails that it almost has to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up because we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by pharma for the most part. Most doctors just prescribe, they treat numbers as opposed to patients. They don’t reverse disease, they maintain chronic disease.

This is all wrong. Our approach is wrong. Our approach to these diseases is wrong. It is all based on giving a pill to treat a number. That, that is what modern medicine has become. We are not treating patients. We are treating numbers. It’s always been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and if we can prevent an illness, we can prevent suffering.

Potentially hospitalization, progression of disease and death. So, prevention is absolutely critical. I see creating an integrated healthcare system that focuses on prevention versus being reactive. I see a [00:05:00] company That’s going to continue to have amazing products and put third party products on our store and in our platform that are vetted by some of the best physicians in the world.

What makes the wellness company’s approach unique is that we’re coming at different angles. We’re not just coming into one area of health, we’re coming into education. We’re coming into training, even providers, on what health actually looks like. We’ve been kind of confused and misguided through the years.

So the wellness company is hitting it in a way that nobody else has hit it before. We have to go back to treating patients and getting them healthy again and maintaining that state of good health. I truly am inspired to leave the world a better place than I came in. I want to create that change. I want to help people.

Grow in what you know about your health. Your health is yours. You own your body. We want to just guide you in that so you can make the right decisions for your health. And I’m excited to tell you that we’re here and we’re bringing you the best.[00:06:00]

Gene Valentino: welcome back and I hope you enjoyed the video from the Wellness Company.

What a great group of people who are really believing in what medicine should be all about and that’s preventative care. as opposed to reactionary care. Welcome Dr. Alexander. There’s a lot to talk about. Explain your role with the wellness company and and, and why it’s such a good remedy for COVID and COVID related illnesses.

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, Gene, thanks. Thanks very much for having me again. And well, I mean, you know, my background in evidence based medicine, I speak as a an academic scientist. I am an expert in research methodology, working, I worked prior for both the World Health Organization and and then I was tasked by the Trump administration to provide expert scientific support to, [00:07:00] as a COVID pandemic advisor.

The thing about it is that is that I’m working on the wellness. When I say working, we are providing technical, scientific support and guidance to. Well, this is leadership, which is Mr. Foster Coulson. He is the CEO and owner of the company originally out of British Columbia, but has broad reach now within the United States.

And he tasked, he reached out to people like myself, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Reich. Dr. Roger Hodkinson Dr. James Torque Dr. William Marcus, Dr. Julie Ponesse these people because he, you know, with his own experiences with COVID. He had had his own companies already in existence. He wanted to get into he saw the, the gaps and to do it in healthcare in the United States, having a presence from a business point of view in the United States and, and, and, and I suppose [00:08:00] living as well as in Canada to, to, to bridge the gap in the in the lack of proper healthcare, particularly from your clinical practitioner or when you go into the hospital, et cetera, your first.

experience there. So his view was that, especially in the advent of COVID over what we’ve seen over the last three to four years, where they closed all hospitals. If you remember when we locked down in the middle of March, 2020, you couldn’t even go into a hospital. There were people with And we know when we look at the data today in the excess mortality, the overposed mortality, we could see now why the mortality has gone up so much.

It’s because a lot of people back then who went to hospital or went to their doctor, their clinic. Founded the hospitals, the beds were designated only COVID beds. You were told go home and at some point in the future you’ll be able to come back to the hospital. Right now we’re just dealing with COVID.

So many people had [00:09:00] chest pains, they had the beginnings of their own cardiovascular illness, different forms of cancer, different forms of renal disease, diabetes, all sorts of stuff and they could not get any care. So they progressed along the disease and many of them over the last two to three years.

Last year have begun to die because they’re trying now to access health care and they can’t, they’re so far along the disease sequelae, they’re so ill that they’re succumbing. So people like Foster figured out, you know, we need to come to the table and get people some kind of care more immediately. So he, he, he, he moved towards this model of, of telehealth medicine, where he partnered with a group of doctors.

Who could provide telemedicine health, where you can call in and what we call a second opinion, or for some people just straight to that service as their healthcare. Also he got [00:10:00] into the manufacturing of nutraceutical supplements with some unique formulas to to provide Americans whom, whomever right now they’re trying their working with legal processes in Canada to mainstream this.

The wellness company there. So going through, you know, the government and whatever they need to do to make things legal and status quo. So they have, they’re a company that is focused on trying to get you to own your own freedom again. So in other words, working with the doctors, working with us, people like me, McCullough, et cetera, we write a lot of pamphlets and a lot of guidance that we put out that they put out to the members.

Informing them about, you know, the data, the science, things around COVID. Things around healthier living on the whole. And

Gene Valentino: yeah, but doctor, you also, you’ve also done even more. You’ve not only captured the data and what I like about the wellness company [00:11:00] is that it’s evidence based it’s data based in its approach to remediation to curative to cures.

One of the things I like about the wellness company is that it’s got its own kit that is being used. To address COVID, this term I’ve seen you write about, this porn, this, this fear porn, this mass formation psychosis that Dr. Malone referred to, this, this fear that it, is there no small coincidence and an election is coming and they’ve got to put this fear in you again.

They’ve got to get you to think about vaccines every five minutes and, and masks on top of masks and all this insanity about locking up in your home again. And over on the sidelines is this wonderful company called the Wellness Company that says, look, evidence based, here’s the way we treat the virus.

Be careful what you’re taking that is [00:12:00] still unproven. What do you say to that? Well, I mean, I,

Dr Paul Alexander: I like how you, you, you, you, you explain that and the reality about it is that is is that today we’re in December of 2023 and, and it has been this way for like two years now, COVID is basically done. I mean, look, it has many facets to this discussion.

It’ll take us weeks to even talk about exactly what was released. We know something was released at some point in the past. cause respiratory like symptoms to particularly high risk vulnerable people, example our elderly, because they will, quote unquote, to this pathogen Let’s accept that it was a coronavirus manufactured in a laboratory somewhere.

They, the elderly, the 80 85 years old, with 2 3 underlying medical conditions, were the low hanging fruit, and this pathogen killed them. And [00:13:00] we can’t deny that, that the high risk elderly were victims, because we didn’t protect them. People like myself, Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Suneetra Gupta, Scott Atlas, McCullough, out of the gate, Rish, Oskwe, We were telling the world, look, all you needed to do, no lockdown, stop this lockdown that even the Trump administration implemented because he was being badly guided by, misguided and deceived by Fauci and Bush.

We’re saying end it. Open society in full, open schools, open business. Just strongly protect the elderly in your society. Take the necessary steps to protect them. But let the rest of society live normally and naturally. Because if you fail to protect the elderly, which is what we did, yet lock down the healthy, which is what we did, we did it in reverse.

We were supposed to protect the vulnerable, seclude [00:14:00] them in some manner. Nothing nefarious. Terrible way in a humane way, yet let the rest of society live. It’s the rest of society’s, the rest of the low risk healthy society that live normally. Live day to day, naturally and harmlessly exposed to pathogen.

Gene, you are sitting down in your studio. I’m sitting down here. I mean, I’m in transit somewhere. I’m in a hotel room. We are exposed to viruses right now. You in that room, you’re sitting, there’s bacteria, viruses, fungi, all sorts of stuff. You are inhaling. You have an existing immune system. Your immune system is handling each and everything you’re exposed to.

If you get ill in the next hours or day or two days from now, and you get a stomach bug, you run a little fever, you get a, it’s because one of those things you’re exposed to now broke through a little bit and gave you little symptoms, but your immune system [00:15:00] too will deal with it. May take a day or two and you will recover.

That’s when you get cold or sick. That’s how it works. So we want you and me and everybody else who are generally healthy to live normal lives. Look, you’re giving your interview. You’re exposed to people today. You’re going in your car. You are going to be exposed and your immune system is going to deal with it.

The older you get, you go through immune, in a sense, immune system isn’t working as much or even some none. You might be immunocompromised. Well, that’s when you need a little help. And that’s when you need to protect those people. Those are the people I mean, you protect them, but you let everybody else live normal.

We get exposed. Our immune system develops an immune response. We develop that protective immunity. And then we are the ones who turn around our immune systems and protect the vulnerable. The vulnerable cannot be exposed. Or in most [00:16:00] cases cannot even take a vaccine for the pathogen. We need to use our immune systems to protect them.

How do we do that? We need to be exposed to the pathogen so our immune systems can develop the

Gene Valentino: immunity and we do more. Correct. And be the wall. That’s what we get. Ivermectin. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. I never took a vaccine, but I’ll tell you, I took both of those. I took vitamin D. I took azithromycin.

And yes, I had COVID. It was with me for a week. I felt better after three or four days. That’s it. Two years ago. Never returned. And, yeah, I don’t know, I mean, the real sad story to me, and you and I have a political background, we also have great political allies, and I’d love to talk more on the political side, but it’s all, and the recent issues [00:17:00] we’re seeing in the news about how the Colorado Supreme Court Tried to stick it to Donald Trump again.

These are all stories for another day, but these stories, Doctor, sit against a backdrop of a common theme, and that’s the annihilation, by the deep state, of a society that’s worked for over 250 years. Called a constitutional republic sitting within a democracy and big pharma has become an instrument of capitalism and money and I don’t see anybody doing anything about wellness and preventative measures the way the wellness company is.

There’s so much to talk about to light me up, but I would like you to just throw a plug in on the wellness company. What’s in that wellness kit?

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, well, the wellness company is saying that what these demons are doing is they’re trying to take away and they have your [00:18:00] freedom, your individual decision making as to what you want to do with your body, which doctors you want to attend to, what you would like on your decision making.

That’s the key of the wellness company. To put, to get you to feel the best you could feel every day. Put those decision making steps in your hands so you could have peace of mind and you could get back to that pre COVID feeling, you know, medicine that, that, that, that your doctors, older doctors Previous doctors wouldn’t even tell you about the wellness company.

Doctors are armed with more modern options, particularly nutraceuticals, a healthier living, information, documents evidence showing you what is important. I mean, we have a serious issue in the West, in America, in Canada, in UK, et cetera, with what we call metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is the biggest problem, medical problem we face, but we don’t need [00:19:00] this medical bureaucracy and this, this kleptocracy, I call it, destroying us any further, this co pays and all these, this insurance driven in the metabolic disorder, which is what the wellness company is trying to address.

Is a situation where many males and females in our society now, including our younger people, teens and children, they have, which is for men, is an elevated waist size over 42 or so. Elevated blood pressure, elevated sugar, and elevated cholesterol. Those four general risk factors for women is the same. We size above like two eight.

When you have those four together. You have what we call metabolic syndrome. And the reality is that you need information to help you make some other decisions as to how you’re going to address metabolic syndrome. Do you want to go on? Do [00:20:00] you want to develop multiple medical drugs for the rest of your life?

Do you want to develop end stage heart disease, et cetera? So the wellness company with McCullough and Reesh and all these people, we are trying to arm people with information as to how to make healthier lifestyle decisions, nutritional decisions, et cetera, to help you get that weight down, make decisions about nutraceuticals that you could take to support you, the immune system.

And look, we could talk on and on because they have this. You can find the wellness company at TWC. health. That’s T as in Tom, W as in White. www. searsandcharlie. health. We have a good, a really good formula called the Spike Recovery Formula, which with a, with a, with a natural blood anti clotting you called

Gene Valentino: it, you called it the Spike Recovery Formula.

Dr Paul Alexander: Formula. Yes. What does that mean? What does that mean? Well, well, the spike protein [00:21:00] is a toxic part of the virus. It’s what allows the virus to gain entry into your cells. I mean, you have the spike protein and even influenza other, other types of, like, coronavirus, cold coronaviruses, etc. It allows the virus to interface with molecular receptors on the surface of your cells and infect you.

That’s the short of it. This formula, what we found is when you take the vaccine, despite the mRNA vaccine, particularly despite protein is produced, that’s the basis for your immune response. That’s how it should have worked. We found that despite protein itself, vaccine induced. is causing long term COVID symptoms and in many people death.

So the key is people are coming up to me, coming up to McCullough or Rees after we give a speech, come off a stage or something and say, Dr. Alexander, Dr. McCullough, et cetera. How do we get a spike out of us? I got the virus and I [00:22:00] have spike protein in me still. Why? Because we have the studies that show us that the spike protein persists.

Long term. We were told by the CDC, by the FDA, and by the vaccine makers that the spike protein itself dissolves after one off or a day or so. That was a lie. We have studies by people like Roald Gaernethal and Sal Patterson shows us that spike protein persists for two years. post virus vaccine. So we need to get that spike protein out of us, especially if you’ve got the vaccine.

The spike recovery formula from the wellness company has natokinase. Natokinase is a natural enzyme from soy based enzyme from the soy tree system that dissolves the spike. We have preliminary research that shows us that the natokinase Bust up the spike protein so that it cannot do the damage and the reality is we don’t have the [00:23:00] final confirmatory randomized control trials yet.

But until then, we have preliminary observational studies and anecdotal evidence from the clinic, clinical evidence, telling us from people who are using it, that it actually has made a difference and it is reducing the risk of blood clots. And bleeding post vaccine, et cetera. And so the, the wellness company has created these formulas with people like McCullough, Reish, toxicologists, pharmacologists, to create these formulas for people.

Again, the site is TWC. health, but you asked about the emergency kit and I’m, I’m happy you did. What this is, is that when we were in the throes of the pandemic, So the wellness company designed this kit. It’s called a medical emergency kit. It has eight drugs, prescription drugs in it. We’re also bringing out a COVID kit and a travel, a traveler’s kit.

[00:24:00] If you’re going to travel to one of those countries with malaria and all of these issues, that is a traveler’s kit you could purchase. But, but right now the emergency kit is one of the most popular entities that the wellness company promotes. And it has these eight drugs in them. And why, why these eight drugs?

And also a book. Giving you guidance on the dosings and what about 20 to 30 illnesses? It’s not for covid. Covid is just one of the illnesses. It covers a broad range of illnesses. Broad range. And why? Because at the height of Covid, I experienced it. I imagine you did. Everybody did. We couldn’t even get ivermectin.

The kid contains ivermectin. We couldn’t get antibiotics like doxycycline, azithromycin, nothing because. Doctors were told by the medical boards and the crooked corrupt governments in Canada, in the U. S. that you can’t prescribe that to people, [00:25:00] even though we had the evidence that they were working in advanced end stage COVID even.


Gene Valentino: a minute, you couldn’t prescribe it?

Dr Paul Alexander: You couldn’t even prescribe it, yet alone the pharmacies wouldn’t stock it. And you would go to a pharmacy and say, well, we don’t have, we ran out, etc. So the wellness company came up with a kit so that if they continue on with this pandemic fraud, because this pandemic was really never a pandemic.

This COVID pandemic is a non pandemic, really, when you look at it. But if they continue and if they bring another because they’re still doing gain of function, research in the lab, if something else gets loose, et cetera, and for a range of other conditions, you could have your own kit in your own medicine chest at home made up of a host of drugs that normally it would be problematic for you to get, like amoxycycline, Zitromycin, Doxycycline, Metronidazole, [00:26:00] Ivermectin, Fluconazole there’s a, there’s a, an emergency, there’s a medication guidebook as to how to use these drugs.

Normally what you do is, if, when you do the subscription, you call in, it allows you to speak to a doctor one on one. Once that happens prescription, a valid legal prescription is issued. That allows you then to be able to take out this emergency kit.

Gene Valentino: So a doctor, a doctor is actually prescribing this emergency

Dr Paul Alexander: kit for you.

Yes. These are prescription drugs. So it has to be, it has to be done through a medical doctor. And here’s the key. These drugs are not just for COVID because ivermectin isn’t there. Doxycycline is there, which is part of the early treatment model. But, but these, this range of drugs, if you look at them each, Covers anthrax, possible anthrax poisoning, bacterial vaginosis, bite wounds, bronchitis, chlamydia gonorrhea, [00:27:00] lice, pharyngitis, pinworms, pneumonia, scabies, shigella, sinusitis.

Structural fever, syphilis, tetanus, tonsillitis, traveler’s diarrhea, tularemia, urinary tract infection, a bunch of different conditions. So in other words, if you had a condition, you went to the doctor and the doctor said, well, you went to your family doctor, gave you a prescription to get medications for vaginal candidiasis or syphilis, or Or lice or pharyngitis or scabies or something.

You would have this already in your medicine chest at home. And this is a key. So, so Foster Coulson and the other wellness decided, you know what, let’s get into the game also, because, because you see people say, Oh, well, these people, they want to make money. No, I’m part of the system. And I could tell you you have to read wellness companies website to see [00:28:00] the range of benevolence.

And the different community programs and support that they, when there was this train derailment recently, I forgot the the, the, the, the location in the United States. It was in the news for a long time for months, and I think they’re still trying to do cleanup. The wellness company forcibly made a decision to, to, to help in some way in some sort of financial way with these medications and with the support system.

I believe they were offering doctor visits. Telehealth to, to, to the actual people who were affected by the train derailment. I think they spilled some toxic stuff and it was a big, big story. You probably even covered it in the past. So that’s what I’m saying. It’s, it’s, it’s a company that. That got into the COVID game because I suppose first Sunday were directly impacted, may have lost people, people have gotten ill in their own families and friends and say, you know what, I am in a [00:29:00] position, I could do something.

And he wanted to, so, you know, he talked to McCullough, he talked to Rishi, talked to myself, said, look, I want to form this company to provide expertise to the public, give the public an option. They can’t go to the doctor because doctor’s not seen anyone. Most doctors haven’t even taken new patients. So this is an option for people to get care that they would not have ordinarily gotten.

Gene Valentino: Yes, I’m sorry. What I find interesting, yes, I was, I was just going to say, what I find interesting is that here in the United States, what is required to be prescribed in this wellness kit is over the counter in many nations in the world, and it’s turned out that the propensity of the COVID deaths from, from prescriptions remdesivir and some of these other Pfizer Moderna drugs j and j and the rest of the [00:30:00] family didn’t help the victim.

It actually, in many cases, they died. It didn’t help. Yeah, it didn’t help the people in the nursing homes or assisted living. When the Governor Cuomo brings infected people back into the nursing homes or assisted living facilities of the state of New York, for example, and now everyone’s dying. Now, wait a minute.

We’re prescribing a drug. that has been fast tracked to provide a solution getting past some of what I would call the the efficacy of clinical trials and now we’re in a situation where there’s a question as to whether those drugs are real and the hydroxychloroquine the ivermectin and the other drugs that are in this wellness kit Have proven to be a solution [00:31:00] elsewhere in the world that have not been allowed to be freely trading over the counter here in the United States.

What am I missing?

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, the reality about the gene is the way you describe it is actually the way it is. And the thing is we never said when we formulated because it’s Dr. Zelenko. Dr. McCullough, myself, Dr. Rish, Dr. Ladapo, etc., Dr. Oskwe, we came up, we wrote the paper on the early treatment algorithm. So that early treatment with antivirals, corticosteroids, antiplatelet, anti clotting drugs, we wrote that.

McCullough or me. Share First Ordership in several of these papers. Dr. Zelenko is a senior scientist. We never said one drug. That’s the key. We said we are putting together an algorithm where drugs, medications that are already available, they’re [00:32:00] already safe. Because the FDA, et cetera, Canada and Canada have made these available to the public for existing conditions.

We are going to repurpose them because they exist. They’re safe, they’re effective, known to be effective, very safe, not cost prohibitive, so cheap. And available. We are seeing those that show a signal of benefit. No one drug. Remember the early treatment model was combined multi drug approach that we are throwing antivirals, hydroxy, et cetera, combined with antibiotics like doxycycline, azithromycin, combined with corticosteroid, depending on the phase of the illness you are, combined with antiplatelet drugs.

Like heparin et cetera, inoxaparin, high dose aspirin, et cetera. Because COVID has had these three distinct phases. The early phase, the hyper inflammatory immune response [00:33:00] phase, and then end stage severe COVID is blood clotting. Because we learned that COVID was less of a respiratory illness at the end than a blood clotting illness.

What killed most people is blood clots, blood clots that needed to be dissolved, etc. That’s why the spike recovery formula is so important because it has natal kinase, which is a natural blood thinner. You can walk into the pharmacy and buy natal kinase on your own or bromelain, etc. on your own. You don’t need a wellness company, but the wellness company has put it together in one formula called the spike recovery.

And it thins, it thins out the clots, it thins out the spike protein also. So, so this is the issue. And, and you need to, your listener needs to understand something. The emergency kit. It’s so important today in case you get, you know, like for, for unprepared unpredictable moments that happens, things that happen, but [00:34:00] I want to remind the public something, 50, 000 foot level, 50, 000 today, four years in my view, bringing everything to the table, I believe, I believe many years ago, not in January, February, 2020, when we began lockdowns and they said this coronavirus thing, you I believe several years before that, something was circulating that was ginned up in a lab.

Combination of United States and China and other countries were playing around with these coronaviruses from the bat caves in China. I believe the United States government, as a battlefield weapon, had some interest in this. And I would even say today. that they would have been remissed and wrong to not, because if other countries like India, Soviet Union, [00:35:00] China, et cetera, were engaging in biological weapons research, the United States military would have had to know about it too.

So that if you use those weapons on the United States population of troops, we would have some means to understand it and to respond. So I was, I would never say that why we didn’t get involved in biological weapons research. The problem here is that it was done dark and it was done in a nefarious manner and they had a lot of shady, seedy people like the Barak’s of this world, the Dazzaks and all of them, the way Fauci and Francis Collins and they went about the funding.

I believe something was released, got loose, intentional. So, I believe that it got loose. And I believe the vast majority of the population of this world years ago became immune to this. I do believe that. I do believe that it was always circulating, always. And I believe it was captured as common [00:36:00] colds, influenza, in elderly who died here and there in America or across the world, I do believe.

And the Diamond Princess cruise ship showed us that. Because the Diamond Princess in January February of 2020 had an outbreak of the initial Wuhan legacy strain, the most lethal form, and we kept that ship out in the water, quarantined. And of 3, 700 people on that ship, passengers and crew,

only seven were died. Which is almost a 0 percent mortality. The median age of people was around 70. This was not a ship of young people. This were older persons, many of them had underlying medical conditions, yet the virus burnt itself out at 19 to 20%.

Gene Valentino: Okay. So the virus was, the virus did obviously create a pandemic of its own on the ship, but what you’re saying is they were isolated from the

Dr Paul Alexander: rest of us.

Correct. The Diamond Princess was our petri [00:37:00] dish and the rest of the week we covered it up and we pretended it didn’t exist. But that, if you go back to the Diamond Princess or the Theodore Roosevelt, You will get everything you need to know about what COVID was doing in January of 2020, and it showed you we needed no lockdowns or anything.

Because why? Of a ship of 3, 700 people sealed off. They were dropping food from helicopters onto the helipads because they wouldn’t land on the ship. So nobody was getting on or off. So it was sealed. That virus should have run 100%. Yet, at 19 percent of the Of the entire ship got infected. That’s it. And it stopped.

And we actually see this 19 to 20 percent popping up in many different places in New Orleans settings. It seems that the virus runs itself out at about 20%. Put that aside for now. What did we see in the ship? We saw this was Wuhan. Legacy, the first. [00:38:00] Real strain that we were exposed to. This is the most lethal one because everything up to today, today with the Subvariants HV.

1, all of these are so mild. They’re one tenth of a cold. They don’t cause no problems because it has done what it has to do, which is it mutates. It evolves into a very mild infectious version. The viruses never want to kill you. Because if it kills you, it runs into an evolutionary dead end. It cannot propagate itself.

Virus wants to infect you. So it’s becoming more infectious, but vastly less lethal as it moves along with mutations because it doesn’t want you to die. So what did we see on the Wuhan strain in that ship? Initial strain, most lethal. We saw just seven or eight people died. Elderly people with medical conditions.

More importantly, we saw it burnt out at 20%. [00:39:00] What does that mean? That means that 80 percent of that ship, on that ship, in January 2020, had seen that virus, this virus, in some capacity, the immune systems, via cross reactivity, cross protection, it did. But more importantly, we had instances of husbands and wives.

Secluded in the cabins because everybody was locked down on the ship. The ship was quarantined. Everybody was secluded in the cabins. We had husbands and wives, elderly, where the husband, as an example, got hot infection. Wuhan legacy strain. Hot COVID. And he died, sadly. But the wife didn’t even get infected and didn’t die.

How could you have two people with initial Wuhan legacy in roughly a 10 by 10 cabin, and one of them got so much virus? And such lethal virus that they died and the other [00:40:00] person who’s also high risk because older didn’t even get infected. It meant that her immune system saw it. So there’s a lot we’re going to learn about COVID historically that is completely opposite to what we learned today.

But what I’m trying to say is This, this thing, this pathogen, this virus, this whatever you want to call it, caused influenza like illnesses in high risk elderly people. Granted, and it killed some, but the vast majority of people died not because of the virus. The vast majority of people died because of the denial of treatment initially when all hospitals were closed.

So your initial

Gene Valentino: The denial of treatment with products like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine the treatment they, the other treatment they got could have accelerated their death, not prevented it. Is that a, you’re the medical guy, [00:41:00] I’m the marketing guy. We’re talking with Dr. Paul. Elias Alexander, he’s an epidemiologist and he’s given us a deep dive on this whole COVID issue which watch out for the fear porn, folks the fear porn, folks.

This, this threat that you’re going to see pop up between now and the next 2024 election. Where they’re gonna try to isolate you, mask you, and get you on some new, new concoction. The only concoction I know that works is the Ivermectin, the hydroxychloroquine the wellness company, which Dr.

Alexander serves with is www.twc.health, right. Doctor? Yes. Okay, folks, you got to go there. I’m the marketing guy. Please put let me put a plug in. You got to get your wellness kit or contagion kit. These two kits are designed to be your emergency supply that should stay in your [00:42:00] home until needed.

And doctor, how, how else can they get it? And what, what else should they know about what they’re getting?

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, I mean, I mean, the most important thing is wellness company has a range of products. It’s not just a spike recovery product. You have products for healthy heart. You have products for diabetes, sugar control, et cetera.

So in, in, in becoming a member of the wellness company, so to speak, you are getting access to top doctors. Who could give you a second opinion as to your clinical issue? Who could give you guidance? You’re getting a lot of medical information, pamphlets. You’re getting access to be able to get exemption letters, etc.

You’re getting nutraceuticals on a monthly basis. The spike recovery, the healthy heart formulas are what people go after a lot because, because the, the, the virus itself, this is what you need to understand. The virus itself. If you [00:43:00] recover, the spike protein from the virus persists in your cells and tissues and blood, and it’s causing long term symptoms, what we call long COVID.

And what we find is that if you took the vaccine, so whether you had the virus or not before, if you took the vaccine, the vaccine, the spike produced from the vaccine is causing even more debilitating symptoms. So we need some way for people to get by and to dissolve the spike protein. Because we were told, this is the key, we were told by the CDC at the beginning of this quote unquote non pandemic, that that, that when they were bringing the vaccine, we were told several lies.

We were told that there’s no reverse transcription where the messenger RNA could get back into your DNA and alter the genetic material of, of you. That, that turns out to be a lie. We know today it can be reverse transcribed. That’s a devastating development. [00:44:00] We need hearings. We need investigations on that.

We were told it can’t be transmitted in breast milk or placenta. Now we know we have the study showing that the spike protein, the vaccine itself, the antibodies, the mRNA fragments of the spike, the lipid nanoparticles, all of it can transgress the breast milk and the placenta. So from mother to baby in utero to newborn, that’s a serious, serious complication because Because if the adult has medical side effects from the vaccine, guaranteed the infant is going to have.

We were told that the vaccine, when you get it in your deltoid, the FDA and CDC and Health Canada told us, you put, and Fauci and they, you put a vaccine in the arm and the vaccine stays here, right here, moves a little bit to the local lymph drainage nodes. Produces the immunological response, blah, blah, blah.

That was a lie. We have studies from the Japanese biodistribution study. We have a lot of evidence now to [00:45:00] show that the vaccine itself not just goes to the lymph drainage nodes, it, it, it enters the systemic circulation. That means it goes all over your body. And we find in spike and mRNA in the adrenals, in the testes of many testicles.

Affecting sperm, motility, fertility, refining it in the ovaries, refining it in the adrenal glands, refining it in the spleen, in the lungs, with the liver, refining it everywhere. So every single thing we were told was a lie. We were told that the spike, the spike protein post vaccine just dissolves. After the immune response, it just goes away.

And you either, it comes out in your stool fragments or your pee, in your urine. Turns out it’s a lie. The spike protein persists for months, if years now we have data. For years. What does that mean to you? That means that if you took the shot, you have your cells producing spike protein. Not just [00:46:00] theoretically.

We know now bona fide. It produces spike for the rest of your life. And the problem you have then is, those who’ve taken the shot, what are the clinical implications of this? Is there long term damage? Where we have many people, we all know people, I know people, you know people, who took the vaccine have had side effects.

Some have died. So we know the vaccine, the vaccine is a problem. You have all everybody running around now who got a shot with spike in them. That’s a problem. And now people are becoming very critical in their thinking and their reading and their understanding. And now they’re scared. They just want the vaccine content.

The spike out of them, but it’s not that simple because unless the people who made the vaccine and invented the mRNA went back to the lab and came back to us and say, Hey, look, you know, we realized we did a bad thing here. Look, we just formed this antidote. So take this now [00:47:00] and it will, it will reverse the effects of this vaccine because the vaccine doesn’t work.

So people have something in them that is not working. It does not confer proper immunity, what we call sterilizing immunity. It doesn’t stop infection, it doesn’t stop transmission. But not only that it has failed to work, it’s causing you harm. So that’s the key. It’s not even that it’s working, a little bit working, but not harmful.

So you say, you know what? I took this, it’s giving me a little bit of something. Let me just, you know, I made that decision. Next time I’ll think more carefully. It’s not that. It does not work. And on top of that, it’s harmful. Yeah.

Gene Valentino: The key word you used was a lie. You spoke about lies. So did Robert Kennedy Jr.

Here’s his book, The Real Anthony Fauci by a doctor by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This to me is complimenting exactly what you’re talking about [00:48:00] and I don’t know how someone who has secret trips to the CIA and having conversations with them over the last several years prior to his retirement gets away literally with murder and thinks it’s okay.

And, and why certain social media now may try to Lock me or block me from expressing these points of view, not to mention yours means that we just, we must be doing something right because we’re reaching out further. We’re talking with Dr. Alexander, Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist who’s with the wellness company.

He’s also a crusader. He’s also a patriot. He’s also a strong Trump supporter who’s been behind the scenes watching Trump during the deep state attack against him. We’re going to get more into that side of the issue later. The pitch today, folks, www. twc. health. Go there, get your wellness kit.[00:49:00] And, and please subscribe, they have a membership group that you can be part of, and as Dr.

Alexander said, you’ll end up talking to a doctor and getting the advice you need. You know what I, I think in plain language for a guy like me, doctor, correct me if I’m wrong, please, the, the only thing you’re doing. is trying to build up the fortification, the, the army, the soldiers in your bloodstream that fight off COVID and these vast array of viruses.

It’s not that you’re coming out with a specific cure for COVID, you’re coming out for a way for the body to stay well. through a preemptive strike, if you will, by building up this strength that the body has naturally. You’re trying to help accelerate natural strength of the body to fight off these viruses.

Yes or no? [00:50:00]

Dr Paul Alexander: Yes. And, and, and when you go back to the wellness company, absolutely yes. You would see that some of the products that they, that they That they make available supports the immune system, immune support, immune boost, et cetera. So, so you are hitting the nail on the head. This is really about healthier living.

This is the point. The point is that most of us, when we go to the doctor, if a doctor is really honest, because they know the physiology and the anatomy, they should really sit you down and say, look, 95% of why you came to see me today is you have a little stressful stress in your life. Problems in living, whatever you’re dealing with, causing little emotional issues too, psychological, you stress and it manifests in physical symptoms.

You need to take a little vacation. Just take a little week, take a little vacation for yourself, long time. You will see most of your medical conditions disappear, number one. Number two, you don’t need our medical system to medicalize you and have you on [00:51:00] multiple drugs. You could make healthier decisions, be more informed, control your body weight, take the necessary supplements that you may not be getting in your food, things like that, you know, control the sugar in the food, the cholesterol, etc.

Get active. You know, understand the issue of metabolic syndrome. That’s our major plague in the modern society. Understand those things. That’s where a company like the Wellness Company is coming around. It’s telling you, don’t just be a passive person strolling along that you have a cough or you have a little pain in your back.

You rush to the doctor who’s going to medicalize you. And put you on what we call poly drugs, 10 different drugs. No, stop. Take control of your health and decision making. Recognize you are the one making the poor decisions and start becoming informed. Read, understand. The wellness company has a wealth of information, et cetera.

Try the telehealth service because it [00:52:00] offers a second opinion. Your doctor may be telling you, Oh my God, you need a surgery. You need to go to this specialist. You may tap into the wellness company. online physicians on telehealth physicians on the line.

Gene Valentino: And how do we reach, how do we reach them again?

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, well, the first step is you have to become a member of the wellness company. And with that membership, that membership, the annual membership provides you the, the telephone one, it’s like a 1 800 number, direct access. When you call, you would get to speak to a medical practitioner, a doctor, and you can get the advice and the help and the guidance that you need.

And it’s just a matter of the membership

Gene Valentino: and the telemedicine is here today. So it’s, it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be a strange concept for folks to get online. [00:53:00]

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, it’s virtual care. You’re getting care. I mean, we live a life today of a virtual world, so you can get virtual care, you know, you get savings on any supplements that you want to get, et cetera, and more even specialized telehealth services.

So I, I don’t think, I don’t think it’s a, to me, it’s a win win situation because Phenomenal fee. Phenomenal membership fee. Basic membership and the even more higher tiered memberships. You could get access to clinicians. You could get access to a host of information. You could get access to nutraceuticals.

I believe they’re even nutraceuticals that become part of the membership. So you don’t even pay for them extra situations like that. And you could you could buy a monthly membership, you could buy an annual membership. And if you don’t even want to [00:54:00] become a member, you could just go to the wellness company site and just find things that you think that you want within your day to day living supplements information, et cetera, and, and, and access it.

And some of it, a large portion of it is, is, is accessible for free. But so I think that at this point, the wellness company offers, it’s a unique how should I say, effort, a unique step to transform medical practice so that you kind of getting a one stop service. And I can tell you that if, that they are right now in the midst of expanding what is available to, to persons who partake in the wellness company such as access to specialists.

So it’s not just you go to a GP and you want to get a second opinion from another doctor that you can get access to specialists, a heart specialist, et cetera. [00:55:00] So that is being worked on right now as we speak. I know also that they’re coming up with trying to envision setting up more one stop shops that you can do all of your medical testing, everything as part of the wellness company model.

So, Yeah, the

Gene Valentino: bad news, Doctor, is we’ve run out of time, but I will, I would love to have you back. I think we agreed we’re going to be talking in the weeks ahead on more political issues and a lot of the social political issues, both within the United States and around the world that I know you just came back from Israel and we have a lot we’d like to hear from you about that.

I had interviewed an Israeli Defense Forces officer a few weeks ago who talked about the crisis over there, and we can dovetail those two stories together. But folks, today we’ve been talking with Dr. Paul Elias [00:56:00] Alexander, an epidemiologist who Who’s more than an epidemiologist. He’s put himself out there to help protect the human condition worldwide.

And he’s been an outspoken advocate for wellness and the wellness company here in the United States. Www. twc. health. Go there. You’ll find out all the, of all the contact information and subscription information. You Need. Doctor, any final comments before we close?

Dr Paul Alexander: Well, first of all, again, I’d like to thank you so much for following me on your show.

I’d like to even reach out to your own supporters and say, you know, Gene I like his format. I like his platform. And I mean, you’re probably listening because, you know, of Gene knows I’ve been following Gene before, even myself. You should find ways to support this platform, his platform whichever ways exist, because I think his [00:57:00] platform is like it’s one of those few that are standing up against the tyranny of wokeness and cancellation.

Remember people like me and McCullough and stuff, when we came out four years ago, when our auntie stands against the lockdowns, Dr. Oskwe, myself, against the school closures, against the vaccines even, Especially in children, we were canceled and none of the mainstream legacy media would have us on, you know, and eventually Fox began to bring us on.

And then the other, I went on to Newsmax and all these people, but, but, but in many times it was a fight and you know, you even little control as to how far you can go in your speech. I think Gene offers one of those platforms that is. That is fully you know, like unedited, where it’s open, transparent, explicitness, and you could just be free to to express what you’re trying to say and share.

I think at the end of the day, we live in a world now where [00:58:00] there’s a lot of malfeasance around us, malevolence. And my point of view is this, I am a political person too. I’m an academic scientist, but. I’m a, I’m a, I’m a medical person, but, but I’m a, I’m a political. I am seeing this as, as pure as I can.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or Republican or conservative, whatever you want to call yourself or nothing. You could be a libertarian. You could have no affiliation. You can identify with nothing. As long as you love the United States. The country, as long as you love the borders of this country, as long as you love the constitution, you respect the anthem and will stand for it.

That you respect the constitution, you respect law and order. You understand the role of the police in the society. You defend them. You defend the role of the military and you understand these things. [00:59:00] You understand the need for religion and the, and, and the individuality to have defend your own religion.

And you respect my right to practice my own religion once. And again, I’m not talking about anything that’s militant. I’m not talking about anything that’s extreme. And I’m talking about any, any ideologies that cause harm to other people. I’m talking about mainstream, normal stuff, adaptive stuff, stuff that could bring growth and benefit.

As long as you are in that box, I don’t care what party you belong to. I will support you and even vote for you. Problem is, I’m struggling to find a Democrat like that. I’m struggling to even find a proper Republican like that. I know they exist. I know, I know they do. And maybe coming out in the future, going to be some good young people who are going to stand up and defend the country, defend the constitution, defend law and order, [01:00:00] defend good governance.

And make sure that America remains. The Last Beacon of Hope. Dr. Paul

Gene Valentino: Alexander, a man who uses freedom, liberty, wellness, mental, and physical all in the same sentence. Thank you for joining us here today. on another episode of the Grassroots TruthCast with our guest Dr. Paul Elias Alexander. And thank you for joining us as well for another episode.

We look forward to seeing you again real soon. Thanks again for joining us on the Grassroots TruthCast. Take care now.

Thanks for joining us for Gene Valentino’s Grassroots TruthCast. Be sure to like and subscribe and God bless America.[01:01:00]

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