Dr. Malone ~ “Tony Fauci Was Lying…600,000+ Lives Could Have Been Saved!”

Dr. Robert Malone, world-famous scientist, gene therapist, talks about how gene therapy applies to your body and vaccines. He defines the Corona virus and the spike protein. He admits Fauci’s ‘Gain of Function’ research was wrong. Moreover, Tony Fauci Was Lying! He was concerned from the beginning of Covid 19, that a vaccine would need to be brought forward fast, but safely. He was tasked to find a vaccine solution for Covid 19 and to put together a team to come up with solutions, in January, 2020. He helped design an mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles at various institutions and worked more on advanced development. Simply, he was working to stave off the acceleration viruses through a vaccine therapy strategy. However, the nature of science took Dr. Malone down a path he did not expect. Prior to Covid 19, he became expert on Pandemic preparedness and strategies, after working on a response for 5 major outbreaks. When he received a call from Dr. Michael Callahan, CIA, he was notified there was a novel Corona virus outbreak from Wuhan, China. He was worked diligently at countering the misinformation related to clinical research, cohersion, suspension of accepted norms, clinical research norms. His objections to the shortcuts, he found himself on the outside looking in. Accepted norms to research were bypassed. Dr. Malone takes a ‘deep dive’ on the Covid 19 history, the creation of and delivery of vaccines. The Trump response to the whole pandemic was opposed by Biden until he was elected. He explains how Biden further bought in to the threat assessment, which killed millions. He claims that in the U.S.A alone over 600,000 Covid related deaths would have been saved. His input to Robert F. Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, goes further to address that the message is falling on deaf ears, and the denialism by government of any wrongdoing.

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Dr. Malone ~ “Tony Fauci Was Lying…600,000+ Lives Could Have Been Saved!”

Originally Recorded on March 21, 2024
Season 2, Episode 241

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Full Episode Transcript

Dr. Malone ~ “Tony Fauci Was Lying…600,000+ Lives Could Have Been Saved!”

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Hi folks, gene Valentino, and welcome to another exciting episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truth Cast. We try to bring fascinating guests on from around the world every week now it seems to be. And the one issue that I have stayed away from because I wanted to learn more about it.

It can, probably most of my questions will be answered by the gentleman to my right. He is Dr. Robert Malone. He’s he’s well known worldwide and recognized as a scientist and physician and the original inventor of this mRNA vaccination as a technology. The DNA vaccination and multiple non viral.

DNA and RNA and mRNA platform delivery technology. So what did I just [00:03:00] say? Well, Dr. Malone’s going to help me explain all of this. He holds numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines, including for fundamental DNA and mRNA vaccine technologies.

Welcome aboard Dr. Malone. That’s a mouthful. Was I, was I on target there?

Dr. Robert Malone: Yeah that and, and I’m, I’m also a human being. With

Gene Valentino: a lovely wife, with a lovely wife who I met at a recent conference and someone I would like to get to know. The folks to get to know too. She’s been by your side as my wife has in, in in the successes in life I’ve enjoyed.

And so it’d be nice to have her participate with us in the future. But tonight, today folks, it’s Dr. Robert Malone, scientist and patent holder and original fundamental designer of the [00:04:00] vaccination for the COVID 19 virus. We’re going to get into the specifics on that issue right after this.

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Gene Valentino: Hi, folks. Welcome back to the Grassroots Truthcast. Again, my guest is Dr. Robert Malone. Doctor, save me some narrative and time. Give us the short version of a very comprehensive background you have with, with medicine.

Dr. Robert Malone: Well, first, Gene just to be clear, it was a little bit off your lead in before the break. Thank you. In that I had no role in designing these vaccines. So I just want to clear on that. Matter of fact, I spent the first part of the COVID crisis focusing on drug repurposing because I didn’t, the history of coronavirus vaccines has been one of complete failure in humans.

And it was my assessment and belief that It was unlikely that a safe and effective product, highly [00:06:00] unlikely that a safe and effective vaccine product could be brought to bear in any kind of a timeline that would matter in terms of mitigating the risk of COVID in the human population. Rather, I focused on drug repurposing and particularly famotidine, silicoxib, ivermectin, and other agents.

I was brought, I was brought into this whole controversy because I objected to basically the medical ethics of what was going on

Gene Valentino: with You know, it’s funny you mention it that way, and thanks for the clarification. I know what I said, but it may have come out wrong. The fact is, you were tasked with trying to find a solution for COVID 19, is that, is that true?

Dr. Robert Malone: Yeah, informally. That, that’s absolutely the case. I, I was, Asked by somebody who’s very influential in the biodefense enterprise in the United States government to pull [00:07:00] together a team and come up with solutions to the potential risk. So that’s, that’s kind of the, how this all got kicked off.

In the beginning of January of 2020, but getting back to your question in terms of the arc of my career in general, I started off very focused on molecular medicine and with my degree in from Northwestern University, my MD. And my scientific training from UC Davis, UC San Diego, and the Salk Institute, I was really enamored of the idea that I could contribute to particularly pediatric genetic disease by helping to advance gene therapy technology.

And it was just a inadvertent spinoff, is the truth of it, of the research that I was doing for [00:08:00] my graduate degrees That led me to the discoveries of how to manufacture RNA at large, at scale, how to engineer it so that it could be readily used to produce protein when injected or administered, and how to deliver it using these positively charged fats called cationic lipids, which we now call the nanolipid complexes, lipid nanocomplexes.

So having made this series of discoveries and innovations, I confronted the question, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do with it? Is this useful for anything? And so the insight was that this could be used as an alternative for viral gene therapy. Remember that the, there was two general types of gene therapy vaccines used in the COVID crisis.

[00:09:00] One was adenovirus vectors. Which is a recombinant virus. It was actually being pioneered in the same lab that I was at at the same time when I was working on RNA at the Salk Institute. So a strange tangle in history. And I was working on retroviral vectors. So engineering retroviruses for gene therapy purposes.

And suddenly I found myself giving birth to non viral gene therapy. Which was not very politically appropriate in the particular lab I was in since my mentor was a virologist but that’s, that’s just the, the nature of science. Sometimes it takes you down a path that you don’t expect.

After that work at the Salk, I finished my last two years of my MD at Northwestern in Chicago, and then returned to UC Davis as a intern in pathology, and then as an [00:10:00] assistant professor, where I built a gene therapy program of about, oh, 8 to 10 people, including other faculty members, and got it funded, had a big award for development of a vaccine for AIDS, And a number of commercial awards for developing this technology, lipid nanoparticles and cationic lipids for delivery purposes, particularly for the research market for companies like ProMega and Berenger Monheim.

And then I was recruited, UC Davis decided that there was no future in non viral gene therapy which is probably in retrospect, not the best decision. And I was recruited to University of Maryland where I then pioneered the use of post electrical fields to deliver genetic material, including for vaccines.

Then moved to Uniformed Services, University of Health Sciences, which is the military [00:11:00] medical school in Bethesda. Mm hmm. And helped them start a, breast cancer genomics research program based in Western Pennsylvania. And then they wanted me to relocate to a small town in Western Pennsylvania, which I and my wife both objected to.

So I left that program and was recruited into a whole new area of science and medicine that was just exploding at the time. I hadn’t been involved in it previously. Which was this large contract for the Department of Defense for all biodefense products that the U. S. military was taking into what’s called advanced development, which is clinical trials and taking through the licensure.

So suddenly I found myself right in the middle of the entire biodefense. industrial complex as [00:12:00] a associate clinical director up in Frederick, Maryland, outside of Fort Detrick. And that’s what launched me into the whole biodefense enterprise. And the, caused me to really change my career focus from discovery research, bench research, to this term advanced development, which is to say the world of how do you take a product through FDA regulations and clinical research through licensure.

And that takes a whole different bag of tricks. And so I spent about a decade learning to be an expert in that area. And Developed Expertise in Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Project Management and Grants and Contracts, Federal Grants and Contracts. I’ve won hundreds of millions of dollars, really about a billion, billion two for my clients in grants and contracts.

So [00:13:00] that’s, that’s kind of that turn in my career and, and at one point I, I went private and set up my, hung up my, my shingle as a consultant and spent about two decades as a consultant in this area, particularly focused on vaccines completed a, another fellowship at Harvard in global clinical research, And was kind of percolating along working with a variety of companies and the Department of Defense, particularly serving NIH and NIAID as a study section director, typically, or, or study section chairperson on large grants and contract selection process.

Until, and I had been in this role through this whole arc kind of at the tip of the spear, I think in about five different major outbreaks. And so I’m, I’m very familiar with [00:14:00] pandemic preparedness pandemic strategies normal responses to infectious disease outbreaks, et cetera.

You’ve touched. Oh, I’m sorry. Keep going. And I’m pretty well wired into that world. When I got a phone call from a gentleman named Dr. Michael Callahan, who holds a Harvard appointment, and I guess now is retired CIA, Who I had worked with in the past. I’m not CIA. I’ve never worked for the CIA. I’ve never worked for DARPA, but he was a professional colleague and he called me, I’m not sure if it was from Wuhan or as he was about to go to Wuhan on January 4th of 2020 and alerted me that there was a novel coronavirus.

And that as I had done with prior outbreaks, I should pull together a team and start working on ways to treat or [00:15:00] mitigate the risk of this novel coronavirus that was loose in Wuhan, China. And that’s, that’s what kind of got me going on, on this outbreak. And that led to that whole arc of the last four years of what I’ve experienced.

In, in particular the censorship encountering the propaganda and misinformation and objecting to the suspension of accepted norms in clinical research and medical ethics. That I’ve been trained on rigorously, as is anyone who does clinical research and in so objecting to what was going on, the coercion and compulsion and enticement to get these experimental products, I suddenly found myself on the outside.

And being attacked for just speaking the, you know, truth and accepted [00:16:00] norms advocating for the accepted norms in, in terms of protection of human subjects, which is a very odd place to begin.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, if I may, I’d like to jump in right there and just discuss with you what happened. The cons, I, I, just to give you some background, I think we have something in common.

There’s a, a group out of Silver Spring Maryland that I’m invested with in full disclosure, disclosure that went through the creation of a vaccine. for the cure for AIDS and I, but they’re going through clinical trials. They’re going through a second stage of clinical trials right now and there might be a third stage to follow.

They’re going public and I’m very proud of the procedure behind all of that. What caught my attention in the whole COVID process was was the speed at which government released, or I should say allowed to be released, a cure, a vaccination [00:17:00] for the cure alleged cure for for, for COVID 19. Or

Dr. Robert Malone: prevention, I would say, not cure, but prevention.

Gene Valentino: A prevention mechanism of some degree of success that had been allegedly in, in completely tested. It had not gone through the clinical trial procedures you know best. And and then so my, my, my baseline, my focal point was here I am watching a cure for AIDS go through level one, level two, and maybe level three testing based on FDA’s acceptability.

Dr. Robert Malone: Plus your, what’s your non clinical package, right? So you had to do animal work. Oh, yeah. And that’s a lot of toxicology, et cetera. So that’s the norm, which you just described, which is typically a billion dollars and at least a decade.

Gene Valentino: of research before released. However, we had an emergency on our hand, a declared emergency, and for the public’s knowledge, what I do know is government used [00:18:00] its aggressive authority, and in this case, overstep, in allowing the acceleration of this preventative measure to come out faster without having been fully proven.

Yes or no?

Dr. Robert Malone: Correct. Okay. I would nuance the wording a little differently. The government Actually acts as this, so since you, it’s very helpful for me to understand your background. So I can use words like sponsor. You understand that language sponsor being the company that seeks approval of a product.

In, in the case of, These emergency use authorized products that are, are marketed to all of us as vaccines, basically by the federal government in, in conjunction with their, with the manufacturers. I’m drawing a line here between the manufacturers. Usually the [00:19:00] manufacturer and the sponsor are the same thing.

In the case of these emergency use authorized products, the sponsor is functionally the FDA. Or arguably the FDA and the Department of Defense as opposed to in your case, the sponsor is a I assume of a for profit corporation. You’re going to bring which book to my attention there.

Gene Valentino: Yes, it is. It’s it’s publicly known.

It’s the company’s American Gene Technologies, AGT, Silver Spring, Maryland. And they’re going through a

Dr. Robert Malone: So it’s a for profit corporation, and you have investment capital and investors that you have to support. And that, that organization is acting as the sponsor. And it may be directly manufacturing itself, or it may be subcontracting for the manufacturing.

If it’s a typical [00:20:00] smaller startup type environment, it’s probably subcontracting for the clinical trials and for the you may have engaged a regulatory affairs firm to assist you. You may have engaged A toxicology company non clinical or animal testing facility, et cetera, to do a lot of this work.

But your firm accepts the responsibility of all of that because it is the sponsor. So the responsibility for whatever gets done through your subcontractors all flows up to this corporation that you just referred to. Yes. In the case of the emergency use authorized products, functionally, the Department of Defense and the FDA became the sponsor.

As a consequence of the, the utilization of the emergency use authorization pathway.

Gene Valentino: In the context of the COVID 19 [00:21:00] 2019, 2020.

Dr. Robert Malone: Yeah. And what Pfizer and Moderna functionally, and this has been determined to be the case legally in the courts, Pfizer and Moderna functionally are contractors to the U.

  1. government, or to the European Union, or fill in the blank. And so, in so doing, they are, they are sitting within layers of indemnification. And at the top is the same basic logic that your corporation operates under. If one of those contractors that your corporation selects engages in malfeasance, The responsibility for that flows up to the corporation that you’re affiliated with and event in, and frankly, eventually to the CEO that CEO can be held accountable.

Gene Valentino: That is true. And, and, [00:22:00] but, but the, I must say I’m very pleased and so are the investors. With the the acuity, the devil in the detail. There’s been no sidestepping or overstepping of As

Dr. Robert Malone: it should be the case. And I’m glad to hear that. And that was That’s been part of my professional mission, frankly.

And as a consultant, one of the, the value ads that I am known to bring to, to my clients is that often the C suite people, chief science, chief operating, chief executive, find themselves surrounded by people that can tend to be a bit sycophant. And so they often sought me out as somebody known to be willing to tell it truthfully no matter where the chips may fall.

So that was part of the value that I brought to my clients traditionally, so it’s no surprise that I would take the same attitude. In speaking to the public, but you’re right that [00:23:00] in, or you’re implying appropriately that in this COVID situation, a lot of that went sideways. And there was a lot, there was a, an intentional suspension of the rules.

based on the logic that was packaged as Operation Warp Speed.

Gene Valentino: I must, I must jump in there and ask you a question, Doctor. Was it, from a political, administrative, governing point of view, a necessary risk for Operation Warp Speed to take the risk of an overstep? Or might it be said that there were characters involved in advantaging themselves at the expense of the nation, and in the case of the pharmaceuticals, at the expense of the world by pushing out something less than [00:24:00] totally proven?

Dr. Robert Malone: So both things can be true simultaneously. Yeah. And what, so we often think in dichotomies, it’s either A or B, forgetting that often it can be A and B, all of the above. I often make the point, it’s extreme, extremely difficult to differentiate between incompetence and and Nefarious Intent. In the case of OWS, we have two key players.

OWS stands for? Operation Warp Speed. We have two key players. One is named Peter Marks. Peter Marks is the head of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, or CBER, which is the branch of the FDA responsible for vaccines, among others. Peter Marks came to power at the FDA very rapidly, very [00:25:00] rapidly advanced based on his advocacy that the, the current portfolio of FDA regulations are overly burdensome and they need to be streamlined and reduced.

So that’s, that’s been his selling point basically for his career advancement at FDA. Thank you he worked together with another gentleman who was in charge of an office, three down from the president organizationally, called the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and that individual who had oversight responsibility for an organization called BARDA, Which funded much of what happened during the COVID crisis, the big money, as did DOD, to some extent.

Those two were responsible [00:26:00] for advocating within HHS and DOD that it was necessary to drop a lot of the normal rules and regulations. Because of the nature of the threat, which is the other part of what you were just speaking of. So let’s, so in order to really start to tease apart what transpired, we have to ask the question, how did that threat assessment, which is the technical term, come to pass?

And how was the consensus developed? Some might, I would argue, groupthink developed. That led to the response, which originally formed within the Trump administration, and then was adopted, you know, first rejected during the campaign by the Biden group and then [00:27:00] embraced as soon as he became president.

And accelerated even further. So how did, how did that take place? The there was clearly a a directed effort to represent the threat of SARS CoV 2 as extreme. And it, that threat assessment was grossly overstated. That was in part due to the Imperial College in London and the laboratory of Neil Ferguson, a group that has chronically overstated risk of infectious diseases based on modeling, pure modeling, and that group made an early assessment that the case fatality rate for SARS CoV 2 was about 3.

4%, so about 3. 5 out of every 100 people that got infected would die. That was the [00:28:00] modeling. And based on that number governments across the world overreacted. It turns out that J. Bhattacharya had done some actual research early on at Stanford. For which he was vilified, where he actually established the case fatality rate experimentally by sampling people who were in line to have nasal swab diagnoses, finding out who was actually infected and what their true cause Incidents Fatality Rate, or Case Fatality Rate, and Jay estimated that at about 0.

02%, which turns out to be pretty much the number. So early on What was the

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I’m sorry. What was the motivation to overstate,

Dr. Robert Malone: So that, that is [00:29:00] in that’s a key question, and as somebody trained as a expert witness Yeah. By very skilled big law firms. I don’t go there because I have this particular problem.

I can’t read minds. So I don’t know what motivated Tony Fauci to do what he did and to misrepresent congressional testimony that there was no gain of function research. I don’t know what motivated Neil Ferguson. You know, it’s usually money and power. There, there are a number of artifacts, let’s say, surrounding this set of events, which undeniably include the largest upward transfer of wealth in modern history.


Gene Valentino: You’re referring to the wealth to the pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Robert Malone: It’s not just the pharmaceutical industry. It’s the financial industry, it’s investors, it’s the top fraction of a fraction [00:30:00] of the economic ladder. Well, how about,

Gene Valentino: how about the top fraction of your industry? Here’s a book I’m

Dr. Robert Malone: reading now.

And I actually edited that book in detail twice when it was in draft form. So I’m, I’m highly familiar with it. I’m very

Gene Valentino: impressed with the level of detail. This is not a fast read. The book, folks, I was just showing Dr. Malone, he knows well, is The Real Anthony Fauci, written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

And as you can see, I’m about halfway through it here on my tag. But it’s It’s a

Dr. Robert Malone: damning text.

Gene Valentino: It’s a damning text that leaves no room for to wiggle out from under. And my concern, Doctor, is that, and that goes, drives back to my earlier question, you said, and your answer was two things can be true at the same time.

While it’s true, government may have [00:31:00] overreacted in the spirit of trying to be. Responsive to a crisis. Is it true that we complicated the matter by not letting natural immunity and and, and natural factors take hold? Well, more than that. Someone specifically asked me to ask you a question.

What can people do who have taken the vaccine? How can they purge it from their system? W Would we, would, is COVID now worse than the flu or less worse than the flu? Could these people have suffered the same?

Dr. Robert Malone: One at a time, one at a time. Okay, so let’s, let’s talk about the vaccine long term clearance issue.

Okay. That was the first one you asked. Yes. The

the, we have multiple vaccines, so we need to kind of parse that a little bit. The [00:32:00] adenovirus based vaccines, which are no longer on the market, were actually more toxic. Not surprising, because they produced a large amount of protein in a short period of time. And understand that for the layperson listening to this, What these genetic therapy based products, the adenovirus and the mRNA, both were originally designed for gene therapy purposes.

Both Moderna and Pfizer’s SEC disclosures indicate that both Pfizer and Moderna recognize that these are gene therapy technologies, so all of the denialism about this being a gene therapy technology is just propaganda. The fact checkers and all that. It’s, it’s undeniable that that’s what this is.

This is the administration of genetic material into your body to cause your body to manufacture a foreign [00:33:00] protein. That’s gene therapy. And who, how, how would I know that that’s what gene therapy is? Well, I’m actually a trained gene therapist worked for one of the top gene therapists of the time. And, and I have the patents behind me to verify that in fact, I was the original inventor of this technology and I was working in gene therapy lab at the time.

So that’s, let’s just put a stake in that. This is gene therapy and it is applied to the indication of vaccines. That’s what it is. There’s a lot of different ways you could use a technology like this. Vaccines is one of the simplest and most straightforward, so that’s what it is. It causes your body to manufacture a protein.

The protein that it causes your body to manufacture is a protein that sits on the surface of this particular virus, and it has the name Spike. It’s kind of an unfortunate name, but that’s Because, you know, [00:34:00] with the implications of a spiky thing but that’s, that’s the name. This is a coronavirus.

That name comes from it looking kind of like the sun. We’re gonna have an eclipse soon. Particularly in Texas. Many of you’re aware of an eclipse. You know that when the moon slides in front of the sun, you see that bright halo around the sun. Okay? That’s the Corona. Or crown of the sun. And a coronavirus under an electron microscope looks kind of like that.

And the crown part that sits around the sun when the moon slides in front of it. is basically the spike proteins. That’s where they are. It’s on the outside of that disc or it’s really a sphere. So what is spike protein in the context of SARS CoV 2? It’s, I think, it’s completely now demonstrated that the spike [00:35:00] protein in SARS CoV 2 was genetically engineered through a collaboration between EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology that was funded in part by the U.

  1. government, in large part by the U. S. government and various agencies in the U. S. government, but that the spike protein in SARS CoV 2 was specifically genetically engineered. Okay, so it’s a genetically engineered viral protein that has a furin cleavage site inserted into a specific place, It was predicted that it would be inserted in that place and described how it would be so inserted in a grant proposal that EcoHealth Alliance and Wuhan Institute of Virology submitted to the U.
  2. government. So there is that.

Gene Valentino: Is that the gain of function?

Dr. Robert Malone: That is the gain of function, exactly. Okay, so as far as I’m concerned, and you can look up various segments of the series called Fallout. that I do with Jan [00:36:00] Jekielek every Friday for Epic Times, and you’ll see that we’ve covered this in depth.

All the specifics, the citations, the nuances of the arguments, et cetera, are all there. You can find them. So this genetic therapy technology causes your body to produce the specific engineered protein that came out of the Wuhan lab. It has two minor alterations. To make it even more immunogenic, but it is the engineered spike protein from the Wuhan Institute of Virology that your body is manufacturing for these vaccines.


Gene Valentino: gain of function was man made and then has the, is injected into the body in a way for the body to make it itself.

Dr. Robert Malone: They, they, without apparent, you know, this is another one of those incompetence versus malfeasance or nefarious intent. For whatever reason, I can’t get into their heads. For [00:37:00] instance, the group at the Vaccine Research Center, the Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center at NIH in the NIAID, reporting to Tony Fauci, engineered this into the mRNA vaccine that was marketed by Moderna.

And that spike protein is a toxin. It meets the criteria for what is a toxin. It is toxic to humans. It causes a variety of different effects. Alterations in blood clotting, damage to myocardium, damage to central nervous system, it triggers autoimmune responses, it has a number of easily demonstrated toxic effects.

Therefore, it is a toxin, that is the definition of what a toxin is. And you as somebody who is well aware of toxicological research, understands that this is very [00:38:00] straightforward. You know, a toxin is as a toxin does. Does it cause toxicity? And spike absolutely causes toxicity. One of the first key papers that demonstrated that toxicity came out of the Salk Institute.

Interesting enough. Okay. So this, this, just to put a pin in it, these genetic therapy based technologies being utilized for vaccination purposes, ostensibly, cause patients bodies to receive genetic, foreign genetic information, which causes your body and the cells in your body to To manufacture a gain of function created toxin in your body, which has toxic effects.

It also causes your immune system to respond to that protein, [00:39:00] and by the way, to also attack any cell that makes that protein. Okay, I’ve got it. I got

Gene Valentino: it. I hear you and your, your, your points are, I’m digesting everything you’re saying, but I have a problem. Gain of function research was something Anthony Fauci denied.

The toxin, the toxin you’re talking about is part of this gain of function research. Absolutely. It is. It was the specific someone’s someone’s

Dr. Robert Malone: lying doctor. No, Tony Fauci was lying, okay? And he gaslit Rand Paul. He attacked, ridiculed, gaslit Rand Paul, okay? That’s what happened.

Gene Valentino: Is this you said two things could be possible at the same time.

In your writings, I’ve seen how you have grown concerned about government intent. [00:40:00] Working offshore with certain procedures and practices. outside, non domestic, for the protection of this nation from a governance point of view, and that maybe some of those practices were looked into overseas and conducted overseas with an ultimate initial pure intention of protecting our democracy, our constitutional republic.

Where, what went afoul, correct me if I’m wrong, is the use of this gain of function not to go after the enemy. But rather to impose on ourselves, maybe it was population control. Maybe it was a nefarious few thinking they could make a ton of money off of, off of off of pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Robert Malone: So let’s, let’s try to work through these things one at a time.

So, okay. So I’ve, I’ve kind of laid out what is spike and spike is one of the major causes of toxicity. You were talking about what can we do post [00:41:00] jab to recover. So spike is very resistant to proteases. As are the blood clots that spike triggers. These are the rubbery very hard clots typically, and they can exist in your microvasculature as well as your large vessels.

They can, they can form in the venous sinus in your brain. Okay. So these are the people use various words but these are the rubbery, they call them squid like clots. So there’s a number of types of toxicity mechanisms, toxicity that spike causes, and the RNA itself. Because of the pseudouridine persists in your body for a long period of time.

That has intrinsic toxicity and the lipid nanoparticles have intrinsic toxicity. Some people. For [00:42:00] whatever reason, as you know, in medicine, there’s always a spectrum. Some people don’t have any impact from a toxic product at a certain dose, and some people may be very sensitive to it. So what we observe in the case of the vaccine products, quote vaccine products, is that some people experience some rather severe side effects.

Some of those are autoimmune related and this has been validated, Guillain Barre syndrome for example, but there are many others. And some of them are direct toxicity, such as the cardiotoxicity. And some of them are intermediate, such as the blood coagulation problems. Those are just three examples.

And all three of those examples are validated in a major new study funded by CDC, published in Vaccine, [00:43:00] funded to the tune of 10 million, involving over 99 million cases. That were examined coming from government databases. So I’m not, you know, I’m just, I’m answering, checking off the fact checkers before they get at me here.

So forgive me. So when you ask about what can somebody do to mitigate the effects of the product on their body after they’ve taken it, the problem is that there’s a lot of different types and, and severity of toxicity. If you’ve developed blood clots in your brain or in your heart, or direct damage to your heart, heart doesn’t heal, heart scars, and you’re going to be dealing with that.

Probably the rest of your life and there’s not much you can do. There’s a, you know, being in, in biomedical research, there’s a huge industry in trying to investigate cardiac stem cells [00:44:00] and facilitate cardiac healing. And it’s all pretty much come to knot, billions of dollars invested. And I would, I wish that that wasn’t so, but it is.

And unfortunately this. That the people that have experienced myocarditis, including, unfortunately, many young people, particularly young males, are just going to have a transient disease that they’re going to heal from. And it’s not going to be any long term consequences. That’s all propaganda. And you knew it was propaganda when they were saying it.

Because there hadn’t been enough time to determine that that was truth. Okay. They were just talking out the top of their head, trying to keep people from panicking.

Gene Valentino: If, if I said that, if I said that if people during COVID did not take the vaccine, would we have saved a million lives in this nation?

Dr. Robert Malone: There are estimates that something in the range of 600, 000 to 800, 000 [00:45:00] unnecessary deaths can be attributed to the combination of the vaccine and other public health, you know poorly considered public health interventions.

So if you had It’s complicated to sort all that out because you have suicide, you have an uptick in fentanyl you have the economic damage which is associated with any downturn in gross national product is associated with a surge in death, unnecessary death. So this is a Excess all cause mortality.


Gene Valentino: So in the last, in the last 10 minutes, doctor, I want to, I want to move just a little faster on some of the points. If for all the people who have taken a vaccine, is there such a thing as being able to purge their system of the vaccine?

Dr. Robert Malone: So what, so there the answer is complicated. So, and I, and I generally don’t give medical advice over the internet as a licensed [00:46:00] physician.

What I can’t Observations based on fact. What I’m comfortable saying is that I am somebody who’s vaccine damaged. I took two doses of Moderna. My second dose happened to be one of the hot batches or bad batches. If you go to the website, How Bad Is My Batch I developed hypertension to 230 so life threatening hypertension elevated heart rate POTS syndrome, so my blood pressure would vary depending on my, how I was sitting or standing restless leg syndrome, tinnitus a number of other things that we now know are known side effects associated with those products.

But at the time no one really knew anything about that. So so how many also had, so I take. I went through a detoxification protocol, which my physician [00:47:00] crafted for me, which was largely based around the iRecover protocol. Published by the frontline COVID coalition, FLCCC, of Pierre Corey and Paul Merritt.

So, this included steroids, it included ivermectin. I continue to take on a daily basis natokinase, a protease that’s known to be able to cleave spike. and facilitate its processing. Spike is very resistant to most normal protein cutting enzymes that are called protease. So that’s what I do and did. I also changed my diet.

I was pre diabetic and had gradually, I’m, I’m in my mid 60s. I built up my, my weight to [00:48:00] over 190. I’m now down in the low 160s. And that’s made a huge difference. So, and I now, at the time I was not taking vitamin D and zinc. I do that now. So I, I have a much more rigorous A nutritional supplement schedule.

I don’t rely on any of these companies that sell, you know, miracle kits or whatever. I, I rely on direct relationship with a skilled physician who understands early treatment. So that’s what I’ve done. And, and depending on how severe your effects are. That, that kind of protocol may be sufficient for you, but I guess it varies from patient to, yeah, varies from patient to patient, significant neurologic damage.

They, those people are very, very difficult to treat. Oh boy. And [00:49:00] they history is showing that they’re not recovering. So the autoimmune disease, the you know, you can develop transverse myelitis and be paralyzed from these products.

Gene Valentino: And if you have suffered from that, is there any subsequent benefit for taking an Ivermectin and a hydroxychloroquine?

I had COVID twice I stayed away from vaccinations, I had a doctor who analyzed the situation and was not caught up in the mantra of things, and, and she gave me a Ivermectin hydroxychloroquine mix with a little bit of zinc. Oh, in my In my In ZPAC. ZPAC, I think it was. Yeah, yeah,

Dr. Robert Malone: your ZStack, I think.

Yeah. So and you’re referring to Zev Zelenko, which is really a derivative of work that was done in France. But my case I had a clear clinical response to the ivermectin. I can’t say that’s been [00:50:00] a good, positive clinical response to ivermectin for my symptoms. And you measure

Gene Valentino: that through the PCR antibody testing?


Dr. Robert Malone: In, in terms of stamina, energy fitness that’s, that’s, that’s been my experience, but that, that can just be, you You know, I, I, I, again, I don’t want to give people medical advice, but personally in my situation, in two separate times where I’ve taken a course of ivermectin, I believe that I’ve had a strong, positive clinical response.

And I, and I am compelled and convinced by the data summaries that the likes of Pierre Corey have developed that there is a clinical merit. To ivermectin and I had previously together with my team identified ivermectin as an antiviral back when we were doing drug repurposing research [00:51:00] at Walter at Uniformed Services, University of Health Sciences.

You had recommended

Gene Valentino: ivermectin.

Dr. Robert Malone: Back, we’d identified actually written patents on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for use in things like yellow fever and Zika. Were you heard? Was it adopted? No the company failed we could not get investment capital for drug repurposing. So that’s a, that’s another story.

Drug repurposing is just not seen by the venture capital community. As a domain that merits investment capital.

Gene Valentino: Well, I must admit, doctor, I knew this was going to happen. We were going to hit the tip of the iceberg. You lit the match in the gas tank. The explosion just went off and I have 400 questions and I’m looking at my watch.

I think we’re out of time. But I do want you to know that I would be honored to have you back maybe for a second episode. And maybe we focus [00:52:00] on some of the a few points that are more, more salient. I met, ladies and gentlemen, I met Dr. Malone twice, actually. First at a CPAC convention where he was speaking, and then weeks later at a, at a a Council for National Policy on the West Coast, where I had the privilege of meeting him face to face, which was the precursor to this interview.

But doctor, I don’t understand. You’ve been very kind to focus on the, on the medicine and the science in this interview, but I don’t want to put you on the spot and don’t answer it if you don’t want to, but I’m bothered by the extent to which government Has overstepped in this case. I’m not anxious to blame it.

I’m not anxious to blame it on Donald Trump. He was surrounded by people smarter than him in medicine and science that he allegedly was, was responding to. I’m more concerned about. The subsequent and more obvious complicit [00:53:00] behavior in this book that you had something to do with by Robert F. Kennedy, the real Anthony Fauci, where you can see firsthand the pharmaceuticals had a an unprecedented historical financial gain on the delivery.

Dr. Robert Malone: There’s no question about that. So, when we finished, when I finished working with Bobby on that book the publisher asked me to write our own book which you can find as The Lies My Government Told Me and The Better Future Coming. So that, that might be useful to you. That’s your book? Yeah. And then you’ll also find Bobby’s next book on the Wuhan Lab cover up.

To be a good sequel to what you’re reading right now. Okay, for the folks listening

Gene Valentino: and watching, would you repeat those

Dr. Robert Malone: two titles again, please? So our book is called The Lies My Government Told Me and The Better Future Coming. And it’s a very similar form factor and size to that book that you have right [00:54:00] there.

And then Bobby put out another one called The Wuhan Lab Cover Up. That really covers the arc of the history of the whole biowarfare biodefense enterprise beginning with really World War II. And that’s also a shocker and it goes even further into depth of, of what’s transpired here.

We do have a major Is it falling on deaf ears? Where’s the disconnect? It’s falling on denialism. And there’s a concerted propaganda campaign right now to deny the culpability of the government and the various players in the government in all of this. And that, that unfortunately will probably not be resolved by this election.

Because Donald Trump is, I, I wish it wasn’t the case, but he is doubling down on his position that the vaccines were safe and effective and [00:55:00] basically a major miracle that he facilitated. So whichever party gets in Trump or Biden, I don’t think that we’re going to get to the bottom of

Gene Valentino: this. He was also talking about hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, I forgot which, but he was both bragging about having taken that.

Dr. Robert Malone: Yeah, Peter Navarro, well he also took our drug. I so he took a number of agents, he also took monoclonal antibodies. That famadidine was the agent that I had identified. But Peter Navarro, who was on point to source hydroxy for the nation and did so by the way, just went to jail two days ago to testify.

What does that tell you? I think he’s another political prisoner, in my opinion. So, yeah, I would, I look forward to another chat where we can get into some of these deeper issues and, and I’ve been writing about it extensively together with my wife, [00:56:00] both in the book and now on Substack, so that’s rwmallonemd.

substack. com, you can follow us there, and in particular now we write quite a bit about psychological warfare, cognitive warfare, and propaganda, which is what has enabled all of these various nefarious players to basically get away with the crime.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, you were talking, I think, about allowing propaganda in PSYOPs.

I think there was some reference to that. And the the explaining this trusted news initiative and what they’re putting out is you know, You had mentioned so many good points we had not discussed. Folks, if you’re just joining us, you’re a little late to the show. It’s Dr. Robert Malone an inventor, a scientist, a patent holder of several methods of cure or platforms of, of cure for various types of of viruses.

And [00:57:00] I wouldn’t say he has the solution for COVID. In fact I would suggest just the opposite’s true. I think you became aware that these vaccines were were was research that became grabbed by the government and manipulated by large corporations

Dr. Robert Malone: and which was neither,

Gene Valentino: neither safe nor effective.

And therefore, how will this charade, how will this, how will society look at this in the future? Can we hide it forever? And is there no consequence for the wrongdoers?

Dr. Robert Malone: I thought that the government was likely to resolve their dilemma with people becoming more of what’s transpired by making some sacrificial lambs through the Specifically throwing DASIC and Fauci into the [00:58:00] bus and blaming them and moving on. Instead, they seem to have denied that there was any problem at all, insisting that these products are fully safe and effective.

And just trying to cover up the whole thing with a wall of denialism and propaganda and that’s the way it’s playing right now. I don’t know what the long term is going to be in terms of humanity but, but clearly we, we have a problem. I wrote an essay about to try to close on a happier note on Substack, just yesterday I published an essay about the importance of citizen journalism, which is what you’re doing here, and that that’s why such a concerted propaganda, you know algorithmic censorship, et cetera, campaign is ongoing right now, is because and you’ll appreciate this, Gene, I argue that citizen journalism is the most [00:59:00] disruptive technology to occur since the printing press in the world of journalism.

That, that, that’s what’s got the government into And the oligopoly is so upset right now. Well, they can’t control the information stream anymore. Well, it can be

Gene Valentino: very good. It can be very bad. It can be salacious. I must admit to you and to those watching that I did a few hours of homework on Dr. Robert Malone after I met him in person about a month ago, just to make sure that this conversation today.

was rooted in truth and in facts, ergo our name, Grassroots Truthcast. I pride myself on working from from facts, not fiction, emotion aside. And that’s what you’ve done here today, doctor. I appreciate it. I’ll take you up on your offer. Can we meet again to follow up with more? Because I would like to transcend away from [01:00:00] the faux pas of the vaccination response, COVID 19, the last two and a half, three years.

I’d like to move towards this other concept you used called mass formation psychosis. The idea That’s

Dr. Robert Malone: Desmet’s work. Desmet’s word. You quoted it.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, you quoted Desmet and I was very impressed with that. How we have it’s like the Overton window concept and the Desmet’s word, the mass formation psychosis.

I’d like to talk about how government is manipulating the, the, the citizens now to, with a false narrative. on what happened with COVID. Look what’s happening right now as we speak with TikTok. I mean, they’re trying to, okay, I’m on board, get China out of TikTok, but I don’t want to lose the right to free speech, which this, which this forum represents between.

And also

Dr. Robert Malone: what’s [01:01:00] going on in the Supreme Court right now in Missouri versus Biden. Oh boy.

Gene Valentino: Well, there you go. There’s our agenda for the next episode.

Dr. Robert Malone: That sounds great. And let’s sign off for now, Gene. It’s been a pleasure. And thanks for your patience.

Gene Valentino: Folks, thank you for joining us on another episode of Grassroots Truthcast, and thank you, Dr.

Malone, for being with us today. Okay. Take care now.

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