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D.C. Deep State Swamp Creatures MUST Pay The Price For Wrongdoing!

TNT Radio is worldwide. Check out … With production headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, Steve Hook broadcasts live with me from New Jersey, and Bryan McClain broadcasts live with me from Texas. Together, they interviewed me for 10 minutes on matters related to upping the standards within the judiciary of this nation. We pursued a discussion about the Department of Justice, the judiciary, and two-tiered selective prosecution. We must use the concept of Eminent Domain to go after and take back the land China has in the United States. It’s an insurrection of its own that will make the 9-11 tragedy pale in comparison to what we are at risk of experiencing. We must stop the Deep State!


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D.C. Deep State Swamp Creatures MUST Pay The Price For Wrongdoing!

TNT Radio March 1, 2024

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All right. We are so happy to welcome our next guest because we always love to see Gene Valentino. Gene, of course, GOP political strategist. He’s [00:01:00] the host of the grassroots truth cast podcast. And and he’s also, of course, you can find him at genevalentino. com. Gene. Hello there, sir. It’s always a pleasure to see you.

Happy Friday to you. How are you? Happy Friday to you. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are in the world. Yeah. Well, it’s good to have you here. We figured we just kind of spit ball it because we don’t have you for long today, but there’s a lot going on right now. The Fannie Willis thing is happening.

We haven’t been watching it for the last hour, Gene, but I know you’re kind of a news junkie. I saw some of the arguments from the the defendant’s case, that’d be the people fighting against Fannie and Company. They made some pretty good points. How’s it look this this judge, how do you think this guy’s going to come down on this?

Well, good catch, Steve, because I have been keeping an eyeball on it and I must tell you the the Trump side of the case against Fannie Willis is scoring big, in my opinion [00:02:00] before the judge, the the prosecutorial claims against Trump through the and the defense are, are causing a little bit more question and concern from the judge.

I’ve noticed that the defense of Trump against against the Willis claim to have Willis removed is looking very good in my opinion. I’m not a lawyer, but the arguments are, are, are being held up very good, very well against against the I do think that we are at a point in time where we have to take a hard look.

I’ve said this to you in the past. We look at the issue. I enjoy talking about the issue, but then I like taking a step back and saying, Where’s this coming from? And in this case, we in our society here in the states, and the rest of the world is watching, need to be ever mindful that we need to [00:03:00] up the ante, we need to up the standards, we need to improve our game.

And not only in the administration, not only in Congress, but in the judicial, in the judiciary. You know, the Department of Justice in general needs a complete facelift and a raising of the bar, so to speak, that the standards of justice, the selective prosecution, the the prejudice going into cases, if not by the prosecutor, That’s himself or herself, but by the, by the judges openly are so are looked at so badly as the beginning of the end of a true constitutional republic sitting against the backdrop of a greater democracy.

I, I’m, I’m concerned about that. Yeah, we are too, Gene, you know Lawfare seems to be sort of the name of the game today here on the [00:04:00] show we were just talking about Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker being handcuffed and charged with quote unquote non violent misdemeanors through a microphone, I don’t know what that means, I’m guessing he’s sitting in a cell right now wondering what that means too, and there’s a group of lawyers sitting around a table going, wait a minute First Amendment says this, FBI says Steve Baker committed non violent misdemeanors on his microphone and at his, at his keyboard I mean this is, this is pretty dark, and we looked, we talked about Catherine Herridge also another one, now she’s faced with lawfare it kind of seems like what Trump said, like, you know, hey, if, if, if we let them do this to me, you They’re gonna come for you next.

I mean I don’t think any of those people have said anything that millions of Americans haven’t said on their social media, their podcasts, their blogs. I mean, this is pretty, pretty scary. Yeah, and don’t forget about former General Mike Flynn working for President Trump, [00:05:00] or even more so, Paul Manafort, campaign head for Trump in the earlier years serving a solitary confinement.

And we still cannot forget all of those incarcerated today as we speak from the January 6th event. I will not call it an insurrection. It was an event. All right. And I think it was a staged event by the deep state. Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi when she refused to listen to Kash Patel and Donald Trump’s offer to bring in 30, 000 National Guardsmen one or two days prior.

to the January 6th event. Why is it the same media is forgetting about that part of the story? These people are unjustly being held and it drives to that solution I seek in a constitutional amendment which drives to penalties [00:06:00] against elected officials and their appointees and these bureaucrats for 10, 3, 4, 5 decades.

In government working behind the political puppeteers and, and, and, and controlling this narrative, which has now gotten out of hand. We need a shakeup and some of these people need to pay the price, not just Paul Manafort and not just these people incarcerated from January 6th. What about Peter Navarro?

I was, I watched Peter Navarro’s comments at cpac. Yeah. Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking, compelling, and heartbreaking. Okay. Absolutely. Brian, he, he’s, he, he, that was heartbreaking. Can you imagine being cuffed like that and chained an ankle chains. In an airport with a suit on they couldn’t take him out civilly.

It’s a sideshow. And how about Roger Stone banging on his door at five in the morning with an FBI [00:07:00] raid, and see, only CNN got tipped off an hour or two prior to have their cameras ready outside Roger Stone’s home as they banged down his door. This is staged. That’s the insurrection, and I think there’s gonna, and what they’re fearing, what, what I think all these Beltway swamp creatures are fearing, is the potential of Trump coming in, now they are fearful more than ever, because as you can imagine, he’s probably gonna do an enema on that place, and a lot of them are gonna be gone if not charged themselves for wrongdoing.

Yeah, yeah, exactly right, Gene. I agree with that completely. The fear on that side is palpable because they know damn good and well. That, that, that if, if they lose the keys to the kingdom, then all of their secrets are going to be revealed. And I have a funny feeling that if Trump were to win again, he is not going to hesitate [00:08:00] and he is going to say, this is what you need to know and start calling some of these media and quote unquote journalists out for playing along with this game.

That’s what sickens me. And I, you know, I, I just, I, what, what really freaks, what really scares me and really kind of gives me pause. Is it when you talk about the Peter Navarro’s, when you talk about Roger Stone, there are a lot of people in this country that are going good, screw them. They’re with Trump.

He’s an insurrectionist. These people have absolutely no idea of the truth of this matter. They’re just taking what Anderson Cooper and God knows Joy Behar and Whoopi, they’re taking that as gospel and they don’t even know the truth. And there’s, you know, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Willfully blind is one thing, but willful stupidity is completely unacceptable.

And that’s what we have in this country. Thankfully, I think that some people are waking up to it, but it’s pretty scary. You hit [00:09:00] the nail on the head, Steve. You know we have a term of eminent domain in this country where we use, where the government has the right to come in and seize property or use it for the greater good of the public.

I think we need to use the same concept of eminent domain and go after the thousands of acres China has been allowed to buy in the United States because of their perpetuation of willful wrongdoing. And you can’t tell me that the 29, 000 Chinese, primarily males, between 18 and 30 years of age, that have illegally crossed over the border, are opening up Chinese restaurants or special businesses in the community without lawfully coming through to become legal citizens.

You can’t tell me, I fear that this is a an insurrection of its own that’s going to evidence itself. I [00:10:00] fear it’ll make 9 11 pale in comparison. And that’s my concern for this nation. We must be aggressive on taking back land. And oh, by the way, getting China out of our stock market and not allowing us to allow, allowing them to trade on our exchanges.

Until we see some reciprocity from them to allow us to trade on theirs. Gene, we’re just about out of time, but you have triggered me as we run out of time here. My family had land taken from them by the federal government in an eminent domain seizure. Beautiful piece of land. Beautiful piece of land. And all they did with it was build a launch pad on it.

They took the entire coastline in California and they built what is it? I think it’s Vandenberg. I believe Vandenberg. Is it Vandenberg? I can’t remember. It’s over there near Lompoc, California. Beautiful piece of land, gone. [00:11:00] And now we have Bill Gates and the CCP owning land here after they’ve taken land from Americans.

And now taking freedom from Americans, taking First Amendment rights away from Americans. The three of us, sick. Agreed boys? Agreed. Blood is boiling! Which is, which is today’s term that I leave you with? It’s called TT means of the same opinion on a given matter or being in agreement . There you are. There we are.

Well, I’m ENT with you Gene . Me too. Gene is the website. Check out the Grassroots Truth Cast with Gene Valentino. Visit him on X. You can find a link to that on his website, gene Gene, thanks for joining us here at State of the Nation. Have a great weekend my friend. You too, my friend.

Have a good day. Alright, this is State of the Nation on today’s News Talk TNT. Issues that dominate [00:12:00] America. This is State of the Nation on today’s News Talk Radio TNT.

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D.C. Deep State Swamp Creatures MUST Pay The Price For Wrongdoing!


  • Originally Recorded on March 1, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 514
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