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“Bad for the Goose ~ Bad for the Gander”

TNT Radio Live: State of the Nation with Gene Valentino



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“Bad for the Goose ~ Bad for the Gander”

TNT Radio Live: State of the Nation with Gene Valentino | 9 February 2024

Gene Valentino is with us now. Gene, I mean, when I look at the media response to this, I brought up the Goose and Gander comment before the headline, because when I look at the media, it’s like, like you guys are saying, they don’t know how to, how to say this, but what they should be saying is, thank goodness that SCOTUS is taking the right angle on this, because if they didn’t, this same kind of lawfare could splash back on the people from our party, next time their party is in power.

Excellent point, Brian. I like to look at issues involving what are the procuring causes of an event. Uh, it’s not the event you see in front of you, but where’s the spark that lit the event? Now, we were accusing Trump of an insurrection. And some far reach by some experts in Colorado thought they could [00:01:00] get it extended to Trump, that he in fact initiated, uh, uh, uh, an insurrection, which was the basis for their claim.

It appears it’s getting shut down, although we think this will be fast tracked with a Supreme Court decision, maybe two to four weeks out from now. But here’s the real question. Oh, I think there was an insurrection. All right. But I think it was a white collar insurrection, uh, uh, fermenting amongst certain US congressmen and senators to set the stage for what would appear to be An insurrection.

I wonder where Nancy Pelosi is today. I wonder where all that discussion is about her, uh, denying Kash Patel, assistant, uh, aide to Donald Trump at the time, begging Pelosi to let Trump bring in 30, 000 national guardsmen to protect the Capitol for what the intelligence showed was a threat to the Capitol [00:02:00] that day.

Not because of Trump, but because it was fermenting days earlier. It was Trump that was asking for the guard to come in and Pelosi turned him down. Where’s the insurrection? Where’s the insurrection, gentlemen? Yeah, well, there was no insurrection. And that’s the thing, you know, that’s so, it staggers me that we’re looking at a case, Gene, that goes to SCOTUS.

Based on insurrection that the man has never been charged with, much less convicted of. And, and, and now, like I said in the opening here, this is going to have a detrimental effect for them, not for the country, probably a very positive effect for the country. But a detrimental effect on all this lawfare, I mean, as I mentioned, I think the Fannie Willis case is all but done, uh, in large part, thanks to her own grifting nature and the incompetence of the case and, and the Jack Smith case is just a, it’s just a, it’s like a guilty verdict looking [00:03:00] for a crime.

They’ve gotten nothing on him. Uh, do you think this will have farther reaching implications for the remaining lawfare that, that Trump faces, be it, uh, civil or, or, or, or legal? Yes, I do. I think in many cases, many of these 91 cases before this, before the different court systems now, uh, I think will melt away and just be, uh, uh, rolled back, uh, on, uh, what I’d call prima facie evidence.

The evidence, uh, the, the, the precedent set here, if it goes in favor of Trump. Uh, in the next two to four weeks from the Supreme Court, will, as you’re suggesting, Steve, uh, cause a ripple effect to the removal of several other cases, uh, uh, at, at different, uh, judicial levels. Uh, I also think it’s going to, um, cause, uh, Trump to be, uh, uh, treated a little bit more fairly in the future.

Not because he does, he does [00:04:00] deserve it, but not because of any other reason other than We need justice in this country. When you have Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and Kagan and, uh, Jackson stepping up and getting in lockstep with the other conservative justices, it sends a message that there is going to be, have to be, some decency and civility.

I am so happy That I saw the justices put politics aside today and that they put justice and the democracy and the constitution of this nation ahead of petty politics and the infighting at the congressional and presidential levels. I think it’ll also, um, I think, I think, uh, uh, Biden really gets a pass because he is not being, uh, brought forward, uh, for all of the wrongdoing he’s, he’s going to be asked to base, the Democrats have got to step up and basically ask him to [00:05:00] step back and let them go forward with a new, uh, uh, nominee for the presidency of the United States.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Um, you know, in our last minute here, uh, Gene, earlier today, Steve and I were talking and he referred to the Fannie Willis case as a comedy of errors, which I absolutely love. I find that a very descriptive term for, for the Fannie Willis case. Um, do you think this one is going to disappear soon?

Is this going to go away and all the, uh, all the scandalous, uh, nature of what’s happening here in 50 seconds? Yes, yes, yes. And yes. And I encourage Brian and Steve to become my coauthors of that book. I want to write the art of bad behavior. This Fannie Willis act. David Pasqualone, Remarkable People [00:06:00] Podcast, Listen.

Whether they get all these migrants to become Democrats or not, they may switch to becoming Republicans because what they are showing is the underbelly of bad behavior, which is, uh, which has been historic since the early 1870s. We’re going to see a revival and an uprising of true Republican conservatism in the 2024 election year.

All right. Well said, sir. Gene Valentino, thank you for joining us once again here at State of the Nation on today’s News Talk TNT.

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“Bad for the Goose ~ Bad for the Gander”

TNT Radio Live: State of the Nation with Gene Valentino


  • Originally Recorded on February 9, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 511
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