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Are We Ignorant Or Stupid ~ Do We Care?

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation

Intentional wrongdoing by our government has surfaced and is revealing itself to the American public. When does the public say, “Hey wait a minute. This is wrong. This must stop!” Biden commits treason again and violates his oath of office! He flew 300,000+ “ILLEGAL” migrants into the United States, flying over the razor wire at the border! This is TREASON! This alone should trigger immediate impeachment proceedings! This is another example of ‘deep state’ diversion, deflection and distraction. Separately, former U.S. Representative Liz Cheney committed treason and a breached of her fiduciary duty in deleting January 6 hearing testimony. This deleted testimony was evidence that would have cleared Donald Trump from alleged wrongdoing, showing he did not do what he was accused of. Evidence shows Nancy Pelosi knew days before the January 6 ‘event’ that Kash Patel and President Trump were offering to mobilize 30,000 troops to the Capital. Intelligence showed a potential protest at the Capital steps was eminent. Pelosi ignored Trump’s offer. Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins reports that “illegals” being flown into the USA will insure a 50-60 member increase of Democrats in Congress, all will be a consequence of the new census data pending. Elected officials and bureaucrats have misused U.S. funds. Our benevolence abroad has morphed into greed, at the expense of American citizens at home.


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Are We Ignorant Or Stupid ~ Do We Care?

Gene Valentino on State of the Nation | 11 March 2024

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Timothy Shea: Interviews, News, and Views. You’re listening to State of the Nation with Timothy Shea and Brian McLean on today’s News Talk, TNT. Yes, yes. Well, we’re about to be joined by the host of the Grassroots Truthcast Podcast, Gene Valentino, joining us now. Gene Valentino, welcome back to State of the Nation. It’s great to have you today.

Bryan McClain: Uh, so what is going on with you? You know, I was talking with you, uh, in the back line there about Liz Cheney. Tell us what’s going on with Liz Cheney. Yeah, thanks, Brian. And hello, Timothy. The concern I have is what’s, the Bidens are perfect. The whole Democratic cabal is perfect at diverting, deflecting, and distracting your attention away from one issue to the other.

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: It’s this psychosis that they have imposed on us, then they think they’re getting away with it, and they’re not. [00:02:00] Just recently, The information coming out shows that Liz Cheney withheld January 6th hearing information that Donald Trump had offered the National Guard troops days prior. to the January 6th event.

I got inflamed before and talked about it, making sure we not talk about it as an insurrection. No small coincidence have we forgotten, guys, that, uh, the, um, January 6th committee just for some strange reason Uh, the, the notes and records of those hearings disappeared. It was because the driver in the, in the van that Trump was traveling in was never accosted.

Trump never grabbed the wheel to try to steer it towards another [00:03:00] direction. And the hearing itself showed that the evidence was, this is consistent with what Cash Patel was asking of Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker, please let us bring, I’ve spoken to the President, let us bring the National Guard to the Capitol steps.

We, we fear some, some, uh, uh, acceleration of, uh, of unsafe, um, protest going on there. She denied it. She ignored it. There was a camera crew following her around as she tried to inflame the, um, anti Trump rhetoric with her daughter at the camera. And I could go on. All of this information from Liz Cheney.

Where’s Liz Cheney in the scheme of things, in terms of treason and breach of fiduciary duty? Before all of us, not just her constituents, but all of us. [00:04:00] Why did this have to go down this path? There’s too many coincidences, Hesh, that are building up now that show a real wrongdoing. Yeah, yeah, it really is, you know, and we also saw the, uh, the, the, the camera that was aimed where the, the pipe bomb, multiple, I think two or three cameras that were aimed where the so called pipe bomb was, just, you know, coincidentally, magically point at the sky right at a critical juncture, and then get pointed at a parking structure for the rest of the day, and then there’s all that deleted stuff that you’re talking about, I mean, At what point does the public say, hey, wait a minute, like, even if you think a so called insurrection happened, instead of what I call a FedNeck insurrection, uh, you still would want to know all the data, right?

Bryan McClain: Like, you shouldn’t be afraid of the information. Well, that’s going, those are the background issues that are trying to, that we’re trying to have the deep state [00:05:00] deflect and distract our attention away from. But here’s what’s right under our nose. Guys, the Biden administration is knowingly transporting illegals into this nation.

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: No wonder Biden had trouble using the word illegal, uh, with the, uh, uh, Lincoln Riley issue. Hundreds of thousands coming over illegally through an airlift over the razor wire into the blue states and the blue cities of this nation. In the past few weeks. Now, full stop. Forget all the noise. Hey, producers at the news desk, clear your desk and think of just one news headline alone.

How about this? Biden commits treason and violates his national security oath. He did so by taking illegals into this country. Then you have a Louisiana [00:06:00] congressman simultaneously talking up the fact that because of this illegal activity con, uh, Democrats are about to gain, uh, 50, 60 more, uh, seats in the in congress.

from these. Well, that’s just it, Gene, because they’re not taking them to the blue cities. They’re planting these people in red counties, in red congressional districts, so that they do have an electoral input impact. And that’s what it’s been about for the Democrats since 1966, this immigration bill authored by Ted Kennedy.

Timothy Shea: They’re looking for a permanent Democrat majority. And unfortunately, we’ve got too many people in the Republican Party, like Liz Cheney that you mentioned, who are working for the other side because we’re no longer in a left versus right paradigm. We’re in an up versus down paradigm. It’s the globalist elitist versus we the people.

Well, there you go. And, uh, you know, hello, this is the front news story. And now we [00:07:00] Americans, we the people, are going to have to decide, Timothy, if the people from the grassroots Are going to be the governance of this nation or the elitist select few in the cabal of the deep state of the Democrat party.

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: Amazingly, and it’s believable, Biden couldn’t have done it alone. That’s why if Donald Trump gets back in, and I personally pray he does. He’s got to do an enema, not only on the inner circle in the White House, but on the five to seven layers of bureaucracy in this government, and as a matter of principle, get rid of some of the agencies of this government that we shouldn’t be involved with.

That have perpetrated houses or cabals of their own to work in a subversive way for that president, for that regime, distracting you and me and the citizens of the Where’s my congressman? I’d like to get [00:08:00] him here to help me with a road project or some water drainage issue and protecting some of our shoreline.

He’s too busy just trying to protect Trump and, and get Trump re elected. I don’t have a problem with that. The point is, is the congressman of this nation, the whole House and Senate needs to be focusing on what we, the people, have put, they promised us. And that we authorize them by our vote to get in there and do some things for us, which they happen to have forgotten about because of all these priorities imposed on them to save the nation.

Bryan McClain: Yeah, yeah, and therein lies the problem. It is, that, that, those layers of bureaucracy you’re talking about right there, I will save you, fellas, the agony of me rattling off all these three letter agencies that many Americans would like to see straight up closed. Straight up closed. I mean, I think we’re beyond the point for [00:09:00] reforming a lot of these three letter agencies.

I don’t know that you could even take them back to a place where they had any sort of value to the country. That’s a, that’s a pretty big task. Do you think, um, we can expect any government to do that on our behalf without that grassroots coming up and saying, Hey, we’re done with this. We’re sick of it.

We’re not playing your game anymore. Yeah, no country does it better than the United States of America. Although, uh, An intellectual who I totally respect, Victor Davis Hanson from the West Coast, was quoted earlier today saying, this will be the nastiest, dirtiest, and scariest election in our history. And you know, we’re a benevolent group, aren’t we?

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: We, the nation of the United States of America, by our very nature, are benevolent. are benevolent people. We were giving long before NATO was established. We had the Marshall Plan which came out of World War II. It was a plan to help Europe get back on its [00:10:00] feet. And it did. And then we shifted those funds of benevolence to others, uh, underprivileged, uh, striving, hurting nations in the world.

And then it became an agency of government where we were automatically putting line items into the budget where Four to $5 billion a year back in 2001 became $75 billion this year to Foreign Nations. The problem is it’s going to the ties, it’s going to Somalia, it’s going to the jihadist, it’s going to, who knows who in the Biden crime family vis-a-vis Ukraine, which is why I’m glad we’re taking another look at Ukraine funding.

But it’s those points that I fear guys. That are, we need to cut back on our, because benevolence has been transferred to a term called greed, and greed has ended up in the wrong hands. There’s a lot of good hearted Americans who are [00:11:00] trying to figure out how to pay their bills this month that are still benevolent people, and we need to focus on them first.

Timothy Shea: Amen. And all the things that you mentioned, protecting our shoreline, etc., are important. But if we can get Congress to focus on two words, I think that needs to be their number one priority. And those words are justice and accountability. Until there’s some accountability, until people are held accountable for the crimes that they’ve committed over the past 10 years, and until we see some actual equal justice under law, and not a weaponized Department of Justice lawfare against a president and his supporters, I don’t think we can go forward as a country, Gene.

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: Timothy, I couldn’t agree with you more, sir. We have, you know, I’ve always believed in the philosophy, and I’ve carried it when I was a county commissioner for eight years, two [00:12:00] terms here locally, failure to defend. The rights of other people may someday result in your rights and my rights not being defended.

I can’t worry, as much as I want to worry, and I got the American Israeli pin right here, I can’t worry about Ukraine and Israel before, if you’re, if you’re not going to tell me about protecting the southern border, all of our border first. If you fail to address that issue with me first and impeach Biden for the in your face wrongdoing he just committed, a treasonous act, of taking illegals over the line by airlift, then, then your two points, justice, transparency, and accountability are going to fall by the wayside and a Marxist fascist select few are going to be telling you what to eat, what to wear, and how much of your paycheck is being taken for them and not you.

What say you? Complete agreement. And [00:13:00] there are, and they’re already taking, they’re already taking 50 percent at best. You know, they’re taking 50 percent from us and that doesn’t account for, uh, licensing and taxes and, and all the other things, you know, it’s, it’s absolutely amazing how much they’re taking right now to take away our rights.

Bryan McClain: It’s like, they’re taking half our resources, leaving us as a 50 percent slave. And then taking those resources and using them against us to take more from us by means of inflation and everything else that we’re seeing right now. And while we’re talking today about whether Biden should apologize or just get away with the word regret, and what that means, you’ve got Congress, Democrat controlled, pushing through Biden, it’s Biden’s budget, pushing an increase in income taxes.

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: And an increase in corporate taxes. No one’s talking about it. It ties in [00:14:00] perfectly, Hesh, to what you just said. You know, if, if, um, I, I learned in a few programs, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I don’t know how much worse it has to be. Uh, otherwise we’re just, it’s beyond ignorance.

It’s stupidity. If we don’t react, if we’re not, if we know about the problem and do not react, then we’re stupid. If we don’t know about the problem, we’re ignorant. Which are we? Great question. Big question. Very big question. I mean, and, and, and we’re, it’s, it’s not as cut and dry and as simple as the three of us might think or you watching or listening.

Bryan McClain: Uh, there’s some nuance here for sure. And the problem with that is that nuance has propaganda Piled and piled and piled on top of it, and it’s a propaganda that is emotional in nature instead of intellectual in nature. So Gene, how do we reverse that? How do we [00:15:00] flip it? How do we reverse it? How do we make up up again and down down again?

Gene Valentino, Enjoy PROMO CODE Gene4TWC: Oh boy, I don’t know how much time we have, Hesh, but I would direct you, all of our listeners and viewers, to my website, GeneValentino. com, and at the toolbar at the top, you’ll see Gene’s Second Bill of Rights. We know the first ten amendments to the Constitution are the, uh, uh, uh, is the Bill of Rights, but the second Bill of Rights, and I, sort of tongue in cheek, in there, I propose dramatic Consequences to elected officials who behave poorly.

It’s the opposite of what they have going now. They insulate themselves from liability. But there is a threshold at which wrongdoing, pervasive, clear, Malicious wrongdoing must have legal consequences to the elected officials and their staff going several levels down. And there must be term [00:16:00] limits immediately.

And there must be a balanced budget immediately. Stop right there. How about just those two things? Balanced budget and term limits. If we do that, to them. We will, by default, have fresh blood coming in to correct some of the, uh, ills that we’re dealing with now. Absolutely, my friend. Absolutely.

Bryan McClain: GeneValentino. com is where you go to learn more and find links to the Grassroots Truthcast with our friend Gene Valentino. Gene, thank you so much for being with us today. We’ll look forward to your next appearance. Thank you, Brian. Thank you, Timothy.

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Are We Ignorant Or Stupid ~ Do We Care?

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on March 11, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 517
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