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American Patriot Gene Valentino takes on anti-Trump Democrat Strategist Richard Roth from New York

Gene is guest on Sky News Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE, explaining the persecution of a political candidate Donald Trump.  Watch Gene take on Democrat Strategist Richard Roth who claims Trump is guilty of all that he’s charged with.  We’ll see.

At the very moment Donald Trump is being arraigned for third time on charges, his polls rise, his contributions accelerate, and the nation is distracted by a corrupted two-tiered DOJ and FBI.  This government is unjustly coming after Donald Trump, AGAIN!  All this to distract, divert, and deflect your attention and mine off of the outrageous wrongs of the Biden Crime Family.  Nixon’s Watergate Affair pales in comparison to these crimes the Bidens have recently committed. We are in uncharted territory. This is historic.

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