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Hi friends, Gene Valentino from the Grassroots TruthCast. You’ve got to join us, not only for the great shows and entertainment and guests, but you got to join us because our sponsorship is growing and it would mean a lot to them, not to mention me, if you come on board. And the one we’re featuring this week is Luis Sanchez from

He owns a company called La Tradicion Cubana. The Cigar Shop, Miami, Florida, since 1994. This Luis is really one heck of a guy. He’s determined to manufacture cigars based on an unprecedented excellence in quality using old fashioned Cuban methods. The cigar isn’t always cheaper. But it is better, and if, like, you’re drinking a fine wine, you got to have a fine cigar, look for Luis Sanchez at The Cigar Shop.

He helped me find a nice Connecticut wrapper with a Nicaraguan blend, and, uh, this cigar has become not only my, my enjoyment. But this cigar has also become my brand and my marketing tool. You notice up close, we’ve got a little label he’s put on there for me. It’s called, it’s, and that’s my website, Gene Valentino.

com. Uh, it’s at the grassroots TruthCast. Now here’s the deal. You go to, find the cigar you want, and Luis will Get, throw in the labels for free, but you got to tell them Gene sent you, tell Louise Gene sent you, the labels are free. These are 50 to 100 values based on the count and uh, you can get this to become part of your branding experiment.

I’m using this with my guests on the Grassroots TruthCast. This could be your brand on your product. Your service anywhere in the world. Look for Luis Sanchez at Thanks for joining us. Enjoy your smoke.


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