Do you have pain with movement? Renew is your premiere mobile physical therapy practice that specializes in manual body work. Let us bring healing to your doorstep. We even guarantee you will have reduced pain on your first session or it’s free! With ReNew, you have nothing to lose except your pain!

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Dr. David Harvitz, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
ReNew: Concierge Physical Therapy

Office: 850-332-3834


About Dr. Dave

ReNew- Concierge Physical Therapy Dr David Harvitz DPT

Dr. David Harvitz, DPT, TPIc is the owner and founder of ReNew, your concierge physical therapy service in the Florida Panhandle. He specializes in manual physical therapy and helping patients who suffer from chronic issues other medical professionals haven’t been able to identify or treat. He serves patients throughout the Pensacola area.

He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh, the #1 ranked school in the country for physical therapy. Since them, Dr. Dave has taken his orthopedic and manual therapy continuing education seriously, progressing through the Manual Therapy Certification track through the University of St. Augustine’s Manual Therapy Certification.

For over a decade, he’s worked in a variety of orthopedic settings refining his manual therapy skills. Now, he brings those skills to your doorstep. Dr. Harvitz’s unique treatment approach relies less on traditional tests and measures and more on your response to specific manual techniques including dry needling.

His personalized approach helps him identify pain syndromes and dysfunctions other doctors can miss. Through one-on-one treatment plans, he addresses the root causes, instead of just symptoms, and helps patients discover freedom from pain in less time than traditional PT.