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Comprehensive Illegal Alien Removal Plan!

Where everyone else, literally everyone, even the so-called freedom fighters in Congress, are content to throw up their hands, only Action Radio Network has a comprehensive plan to remove ALL our illegal aliens, all 50 million of them. That would be 15 million Brandon illegals, plus 35 million already here. I documented it in long form on my show, going over the points over a couple of hours on Friday. But to make it more accessible, I’m going to put all the points of the plan into this article.

If you would like to listen to my plan, then here is the show from Friday.

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  • Four Important Bills to Research and Support
    • The Vaccine Manufacturer Full Product Liability Restoration Act:
    • Amendments to Section 230: Eliminating Censorship from “Big Tech!”
    • Constitutional Amendment. Congress Shall Not Have the Power to Borrow Money:
    • Disarming the Federal Government of their Unconstitutional Armaments:

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