The Great “Clowns” of Our Generation and Waking the “Woke” Generation

Hello Friends!

This link came to me from a friend, The Great “Clowns” of Our Generation and Waking the “Woke” Generation.  If you’re over 55 years of age you’ll appreciate many of the folks in this video.  The ending is the PERFECT opinion that brings the sentiment of a past we may lose and puts it into perspective against the backdrop of a  “WOKE” generation of idiots.

After viewing this, it made me think that we were so lucky to be born in a generation that could appreciate the great “clowns” shown in this video.

A wonderful song sprinkled with humor and the memory of when life was simpler. Enjoy this one, The Great “Clowns” of Our Generation and Waking the “Woke” Generation.

Please enjoy this a few times and let me know your thoughts and how we can all help fix this “woke” generation.

Your Friend & Fellow American Patriot,

Gene M. Valentino


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