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Welcome to a world where money, power, and women intersect – Washington DC. Meet the BadFellas running the joint. Play along, and everyone’s happy, capice? But if ya double cross us, Hillary’s gonna give you a BadFellas backrub, if ya know what I mean (wink wink). This DeepFake Parody Doesn’t just have one or two deepfake celebrities, there’s FIVE deepfake celebrities in all: Joe Biden… Leslie Nielsen Robert DeNiro… Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Charlize Theron… Adam Schiff Hillary Clinton… Kathy Bates Steve Buscemi… Nancy Pelosi Producing all of these deep fake video clips required over 300 hours of AI Deep Learning (A high end Deep Learning PC crunching on the faces), almost 500 GB of disk space, and approximately 100 hours of humanoid production work, so please help support our efforts and… Enjoy! Buy us a cup of coffee! One time, quick, cheap, easy support of our Studio… For a quick tip via Paypal:… To support us for the long haul, PATREON: #Badfellas #DeepFake