Who’s Shaking the “Jar of Ants”!?

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

Who’s shaking the jar of ants in this 250-year-old democracy… The oldest governance in the world! When Donald Trump is elected, he will have to go through all the agencies and ask everyone to tender their resignation. They can then reapply, allowing the President to vet the talent within the layers of government. Who’s the VP going to be? I think it’s Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota. Because of Doug Burgum’s success in technology and business prior to becoming Governor, I think Trump makes Burgum his VP pick to focus on economic/business issues, while Trump takes on the more difficult national security issues, foreign and domestic. It’s similar to when Trump used Mike Pence to manage the COVID crisis. EXCEPT, this time Trump has a better ‘read’ on the necessary LOYALTY needed from a Vice President.


WMXI Episode 146: Who’s Shaking the “Jar of Ants”!?
Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, June 14, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Who’s Shaking the “Jar of Ants”!?

Glenn Story: Hi, my name is Glenn Story. I’m the founder and CEO of Patriot Mobile. I’d love for you to learn more about Patriot Mobile. www. patriotmobile. com forward slash Gene V. More importantly, I’d like you to be a subscriber to his show. I mean, his Truthcast is amazing, and if you get to listen to some of them, you’ll never go back.

I really encourage you to come watch it.

Host (2): People wait all week for the Velvet Hammer, and he’s in the house, Michael.

Michael Pol (2): He is! And the studio crowd,

they’re right over there,


They are going crazy, because they love Gene Valentino, the Velvet Hammer. Good morning, sir.

Gene Valentino (2): With the diamonds

and the rubies just dripping off of me and a ring on every

finger of my hand.

Michael Pol: That’s right. A [00:01:00] very good Friday morning to you. We got a nice weekend ahead.

Uh, you know, a lot going on in the country. What’s your thought for today?

Gene Valentino: Oh boy. I am stunned. Uh, isn’t it weird? I was thinking about this this morning, that in America, you can now fly the American flag proudly and everyone knows who you’re voting for.

Michael Pol: Yeah, isn’t that something? That is, what a thought that is.

Yeah, because folks know that people who are flying the flag, they’re patriotic and they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. Yeah.

Gene Valentino: I mean, isn’t it amazing that Patriotism and, uh, respect and honor are now associated with just one party, as the Democrat party continues to promote this Western glib, of a jihadist, uh, insurgency in the [00:02:00] United States.

Hey, before I go down that path, I got a thought for you. If you, if you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, Nothing happens, but if you shake that jar vigorously, the ants start killing each other. The red ants will believe the black ants are the enemy, and the black ants will believe the red ants are the enemy.

But the real enemy is the person who shook the jar. Yeah, I get it. The same is true in our society. Before we start to fight each other, we must ask ourselves. Who shook the jar? And that’s what we must be careful of as we approach this next election. The two party system in this nation works, but it has been manipulated and disrupted by jar [00:03:00] shakers.

The George Soroses, the Alvin Braggs, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Can I continue with 20 more names? These people must go.

Michael Pol: They, these people are the enemy. I’m telling you, these people hate this country and they are our enemy and we have to fight and continue to fight because look, they’re going to take this country over if we don’t.

Go out and vote. We only have one more shot, I believe, at continuing to have the Democratic Republic that our forefathers gave us. It’s, it’s so easy to lose if we don’t pay attention and we don’t go out here and let our position be known. We’ve got to get somebody back in office that cares about this country.

You know, talking about patriotism, did you see where the kid was suspended from school for [00:04:00] giving a patriotic speech? Did you see this?

Gene Valentino: Yeah, that’s more of the same rhetoric that’s coming. It’s broader in the school systems, Michael. It’s going even further. Do you remember the day, you know, we were making fun earlier with our long hair and what it was like in the 70s and 80s?

But it was that era where, when we went into the classroom and our school day began, what were we doing in our homeroom class? We were putting our right hand to our chest and, uh, uh, saying this, the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag that held proud, that was, um, posted proudly at the front of the room. To today of liberty and justice.

For all. Not the select few, for all. And we’ve turned into a deep state where the autocrats, the fascists, are trying to move forward with, hey you listening, you just do what I tell you to do, and I’ll tell you what’s [00:05:00] good, I’ll tell you what’s bad, I’ll tell you what’s right, I’ll tell you what’s wrong, and you just follow what I tell you to do, and you’ll be just fine.

You see the play? No, go ahead. Go ahead. No, I was just saying, do you see the play? That’s, that’s what’s happening. Meanwhile, eight Americans are still held hostage by Hamas and terrorists are within our border. Biden has blood on his hands now. Michael and we must, uh, I’m not worried about whether he’s sniffing the hair of some female president, uh, prime minister or president.

I’m concerned about him being an, a tool. of a deep state orchestration of the takedown of America from within and America must rise up now. We can’t wait. Like I’ve said a thousand times, we can’t wait till the November election. We [00:06:00] need a system in place when this nation is, uh, taken back and gotten back under control under Donald Trump.

We 40 things at once. And one of them should be A constitutional amendment that rights the ship and more, more immediately penalizes wrongdoers. We can’t await for an election where you come and say, I will vote that S. O. B. out in November. No, it might be too late by then China will, will be at our doorstep.

Thousands, 20, 30, 50, 000 Chinese are now within the United States. The jihadists. Are in our neighborhoods. Their guns are raised and they’re doing things to hurt you and me and our neighbors. We, it’s here. We must act quickly to take it over now. They have within our government. They have effectively weaponized the agencies of government, the DOJ, the [00:07:00] FBI, the CIA and, and the, and the, uh, uh, department of Education, which took these flags down in this classroom in the first place.

I, I, I, um, I’m amazed at why, at how we, how resilient we remain. Uh, there’s so many different levels of conversation here, but the real level. is that it’s okay, America. It’s okay to be patriotic. It’s okay to put that right hand on your chest and pledge allegiance to these United States of America. And here’s your high, here’s your history class reminder that you probably didn’t hear recently, at least the woke folk didn’t.

And that is, America is the, oh, approaching 250 years, the longest continuously running government’s, governance in the world. That says something. That means [00:08:00] those amendments, which need changing, but those amendments to our constitution have been so elastic and resilient to address issues We didn’t have Bitcoin back in the 1776, did we?

We didn’t have computers, but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be the solution. And Donald Trump’s got that in play as a cure for the debt and the crisis, the financial crisis we’re experiencing in America today.

Michael Pol: You know, you made me think that there’s a Group out there, the Heritage Foundation that Yes, is put together a list of possible government employees, people that can be pre-vetted and checked out and be on lists for the president.

Because lemme tell you what, whenever he takes office, you talked about how many things can he do at once? And that made me think of this because [00:09:00] if you are interested in serving in our government, coming up in the Trump administration, which we pray to God that we are gonna get. Then the Heritage Foundation has a, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I’m not sure what you’d call it.

It’s just a group of people that, that are putting together names of people who are qualified for different positions across the government. And Donald Trump has got to do one thing whenever he gets in there first, and that’s get rid of all of the dead weight that is, uh, basically slamming us straight toward pure totalitarianism.

These people that believe these things, that they, they need to be gone. We need to get rid of them, but we have to govern, right? So we have to have good people, including judges and, and department heads, and all kinds of folks that have to run the government and make these things happen for the United States of America.

So if you’re interested, that’s all I’m [00:10:00] saying. If you’re interested. You should go to the Heritage Foundation, look this up, put your name on the list, fill it out, and hopefully we will have A large group of really good folks who are prepared to serve the government for at least four years, and let’s get this country back where it needs to be.

Gene Valentino: In July next month, I’ll be in Nashville. There’s a event there for three days called the Council of National Policy, CNP. John, um, Solomon and, uh, Tom Fenton from, uh, these different groups are, uh, are, are part of the group. I’m proud to be affiliated with them now. And one of the things we’re doing, Michael, is what you just said.

We are going to have a candid discussion and vet, literally help the president and the president’s team vet the priorities of repair to this nation. It’s coming up and Mr. Trump has been as clever as ever in, uh, not [00:11:00] revealing who his vice presidential candidate is in one sense, it could be a Marco Rubio, uh, grabbing the Latinos, uh, in another sense, it could be JD Vance.

The one I’m hot on is Governor Doug Bergram. Out of North Dakota. He’s a, uh, he comes away, he comes in as not being part of the economic, not part of the political rank ranker. He comes in as an economist and a businessman very much like Trump. I suspect Trump is going to be putting him in. Uh, and I think my, my chips are on Burgum.

Uh, I think he’s the one that’s going to maintain the ec and grow the economic opportunity again for this nation. While Trump deals with the things that are less obvious, more subversive. And, uh, both domestically and abroad. So heads up on Doug Burgum. That’s my pick. I don’t think it’s going to be Ben Carson.

I don’t think it’s going to be my, my guy here in Florida, Byron [00:12:00] Donalds. I don’t think it’s going to be Elise Stefanik out of New York. I think Doug Burgum, uh, or Tim Scott, maybe. But, uh, or, or, or, or Rubio, but we’ll see details at 11, as they say in the news business. Film at 11. Film at 11, logic to follow.

Michael Pol: Yeah, boy, we’re, we’re showing our age now. That was certainly something we used to see when we were younger. So, all right. So building a new government, taking out people like, well, you, you, obviously your, your main leaders of the government will be replaced, but how far down into the government do we need to go to get rid of the people?

Who have, number one, opposed Trump all along and started all, all of the craziness. How deep do you need to go in these [00:13:00] organizations before you get to a point where it’s just regular folks who just want to do their job? Whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do.

Gene Valentino: Short answer, knowing we’re out of time. All of them.

The way you do it is the way other presidents have done it in the past. Everyone hands in their resignation and I’m going to cherry pick, you reapply if interested, and I’ll cherry pick who I’m bring, I’m going to keep on or who fresh I’m going to bring in. That’s my call. That’s what I would do. It’s the only way to clean house.

One thing I know for sure, the agencies of our government have been polluted and corrupted several levels down. It’s not just about the president anymore. It’s the bureaucrats who’ve been in there for five decades and have mismanaged the internal workings of this nation.

Gene Valentino (3): The bureaucrats don’t care because they’re going to be there when he’s gone.

They’ll, they’ll, they’ll just lay low and continue to do their thing. We need to get rid of the department of education. We need to get rid of the [00:14:00] EPA. We need to reorganize the FBI for sure. Those are the three things we need to do. Department of

justice and the, and the CIA.

Department of Justice and CIA, they all need to be reorganized, reworked, and make it so that they can’t run our government, which is what we see happening.

Speaker 10: That’s correct. With preference to the guy who was elected that they’re kissing up to, knowing they’ve got a few more years in place to get their sweet retirement and go off onto some cushy lifestyle while you and I pay those bills.

Gene Valentino (3): Yeah, lobbying the government to do something else stupid. That’s, uh, that’s amazing.

Speaker 10: It’s coming. We’ll see that change under Trump.

Gene Valentino (3): Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us the weekend ahead. Hope you have a good one, my friend. We’ll see you again next week.

Speaker 10: And to you, brother, Ted, and the rest of the Pine Belt.

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