Arm Up ~ Suit Up ~ It’s Time To Protect This Nation!

WMXI w/ Gene Valentino & Michael Pol

Why does the Democrat Party IGNOR the Southern Border? Why do they ignore the murder of innocent Americans? And, why do they ‘prop-up’ a failing 81 year old for reelection? Joe Biden is suffering from a more advanced stage of Dementia! This is elderly abuse! Let’s face it, the fall of the Democrat Party is in plain sight! The people running this country have no concern for the average American. The Dems concern themselves with payoff from business deals with foreigners, the selling-off of America. This true crime is hidden from you, while your attention is diverted toward the elderly abuse of Joe Biden and Biden Crime Family antics! Joe Biden is a “tool” for the Dems and the Deep State, allowing their perpetuation of crime against all of us. IF America does not see it by now, we get what we deserve! Finally, what will the Democrats do to perpetrate this fraud in the next election…?


WMXI Episode 147: Arm Up ~ Suit Up ~ It’s Time To Protect This Nation!

Originally Aired on WMXI Radio on Friday, June 21, 2024 at 7:15am CST

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Full Episode Transcript

Arm Up ~ Suit Up ~ It’s Time To Protect This Nation!

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Narrator: How sweet it is to be loved by you. One of my favorite James Taylor songs. What’s wrong with James Taylor and the Velvet Hammer, huh, Michael?

Michael Pol: There’s nothing wrong with, with, well, James Taylor’s a little too liberal for me and the Velvet Hammer, but we still love his music. Good morning, Gene Valentino, how are you? There’s so many great artists whose music I love that are way too liberal for me right now. I just ignore their politics and I listen to their music.

That’s, that’s what I do. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a Robert De Niro and the rest of them. Uh, the, just, I just can’t watch his movies anymore. Little, little short guy. You know, he has to wear like platform shoes to get the same height as normal people. It’s weird. But I think he’s got like little man syndrome or something.

Anyway. That’s for another [00:02:00] day. Look, there’s a serious story out there. I want to start out with this. Houston police have arrested and charged two Venezuelan nationals with capital murder. In the brutal, strangling death of a 12 year old girl, DHS has confirmed that suspects Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pina Ramos, 26, both crossed the border illegally into El Paso.

They were subsequently caught and released. By the Border Patrol. What do you think about this? Well, the media is going to think that this is a perpetration by Donald Trump and spin it that way. The media that reports it, by the way. The rest of them are totally ignoring the issue. I said, how did they make it Donald Trump’s fault?

Gene Valentino: Yeah, well, they’ve done it historically. There’s been, they’re [00:03:00] still doing it even three and a half years after he left office, but he’s returning to fix it. That’s for sure. This is the most, it’s in your face. And what’s more obvious is that the democratic party putting aside Biden’s incompetence and handicap and dementia, The Democrat Party and the media funded by the Democrat Party failed to bring it out, failed to, they just ignore everything.

Look, we’ve got ourselves a situation where George Clooney And Julia Roberts put a fundraiser on, on the West Coast for, uh, Biden. Uh, he’s br they’re bragging that they raised him 25 million. Reports show as of about an hour ago, over 140 million raised on the [00:04:00] Republican side for President Trump. The average contributor is between 20 and 40.

Millions of people have stepped up the law of large numbers, it’s called. It’s not a select few elitists pushing Biden across, uh, into the limelight and propping him up. Uh, Michael, this is about the, the, we, the people again. The mass is stepping up now saying, Hey, enough’s enough. And these murders that you just represent, you just brought forward this poor 12 year old, Joshua, Jocelyn Nongare, were being killed by two Venezuelan illegal immigrants.

Comes on the heels, uh, of this Christian, uh, Inga and Ecuadorian, then Christian Antonio Martinez, uh, related to the death of Rachel [00:05:00] Morin. I mean, this is all now, connect the dots, connect the dots, folks. These people in the United States, legal citizens, are being killed by illegals that Joe Biden has allowed over the line and refuses to do nothing.

Let me continue. It was just last week, Biden authorized that if you are married to an illegal immigrant, That illegal immigrant is now to be forgiven and waived in as a legal citizen. That’s over 800, 000 people in that category. Who VOTED! Is that now acceptable behavior? Is that, are we gonna just sort of, are we gonna just soar and let them all come in?

This is outrageous and it’s the beginning [00:06:00] of a pattern. Here’s another fact. 20 plus million illegal immigrants in the United States today. Without dispute, one percent of them, which you’d think is a small percentage, is 200, 000 people. The attacks on 9 11 to the World Trade Center and our Pentagon were perpetrated by less than 27 million people.

Terrorists, 27 terrorists. Here you have at 1 percent over 200, 000 illegal terrorists in the United States. And since last October, about eight months ago, 35, 000 of them are Chinese. Do you think China with such strict border control doesn’t know about 35, 000 Chinese? In the [00:07:00] United States, wake up America.

It’s time to arm up and suit up to protect this nation. And I don’t say that lightly, because it’s going to be on you and me helping our local law enforcement officials. We’re going to be deputized, we’ll have to be, to help them exercise a defense plan. to protect us. And by the way, it’s still, it’s now back in the vocabulary, an offensive counter strike to take these people back to the border or kill them.

If they’re putting your family in mind at risk.

Michael Pol: Well, you know, I’ll tell you, it seems to me that,

 that this, this country is in a very bad way right now. It seems to me that The people that are running this country, that’s, that, that are, that are in charge right now, have no [00:08:00] concern whatsoever people. And, and it’s really, it’s, it’s really scary actually to think about what is going on.

And we, we like, we don’t know, we don’t know who else has come across that border. We don’t know if these Chinese nationals are really spies and they’re getting their self in position to do something for the Chinese government. We don’t know that the Venezuelans that have come here. Are they really people that were in jail that Venezuela let loose and sent them here to rape and to kill?

Which is actually what we just saw the last couple of days. And for some of my critical opponents in the media who sometimes challenge me as well with my opinion, this is not a racist comment. This is a statement of fact based on the data that shows who’s coming. Now, here’s another statement that is not racist.

Gene Valentino: China Owns over 350, [00:09:00] 000 acres of land. Over 60 percent of that land is in and around government establishment, uh, military establishments. Now, uh, are we going to sit there and let that happen? Would you think that China would let us do that in their nation? This is outrageous. I laugh, Gene, because you and I both know.

Michael Pol: that you or me, neither one of us, even together, could buy property in China. Of course not. Of course not. Meanwhile, we’re talking in the news, another distraction, about jacked up Joe, which will backfire at the debate coming up on the 27th, next week. And, um, I just don’t get it, folks. The Democrats are running, uh, A guy for President of the United States.[00:10:00]

Gene Valentino: Read the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden’s not well. There’s seven stages of dementia, and he’s at at least step number four in that scale. It’s, it’s, it’s sad. They shouldn’t be doing that. It’s elderly abuse. And, and I don’t understand why Jill Biden, his wife, Has not stepped up to suggest he pull away from the campaign.

All other political issues aside of who would come in after Biden is the secondary point on the Democrat side. It’s, it’s elderly abuse at this point. And I’m, and no wonder Trump agreed to all the terms. Of a debate. He’s got to sit down. He’s got to have mics closed. He’s got to have breaks every 30 minutes within the 90 minute session.

And this is, um, uh, a staged event to make, and now here Biden disappears to [00:11:00] Camp David for a full week for prepping. I’ll bet you Trump goes into that debate with five minutes of notes before showtime. Yeah, you know, Donald Trump doesn’t need a lot of time for his, he knows, he knows what he wants to say, he knows what the problems are in this country, and he is willing to sit down and talk about it in front of a live camera, in front of a live audience, in front of millions of Americans that will be watching this, he has no, uh, hesitation in doing that, but Joe Biden has got to prepare, they’ve got to get together, and, look, you and I both know, I mean, there’s no proof of this right, but there’s some kind of concoction that they’re giving Joe Biden in these debates and in these public speeches like the, the State of the Union, that, that is making this guy sort of come alive.

Michael Pol: And he may actually do well in the debate because of this. But the truth is, is we all know that [00:12:00] he is in decline and it’s sad to see a man in In decline, because look, let’s face it, it could happen to any of us. And so we all look at it, but you know, the interesting thing is, is you don’t need to be a trained professional to see what’s going on with Joe Biden, because even a small child can see that this guy is just losing his cognitive ability.

They all understand this. All of us understand what’s going on here, but yet they keep pushing this guy. They keep pushing it because they know he’s their tool. He’s their victim, and he’s their tool to promote the hidden agenda less obvious to you and I. Here’s my concoction, it’s a coffee in the morning, that’s all you get out of me for a stimulant, but I don’t know what kind of, yeah, exactly, but I don’t know what kind of brew he’s taking.

Gene Valentino: Meanwhile, the big issue, wages are down, [00:13:00] costs are up. Uh, uh, the irony is Donald Trump is winning big time in the swing states. He didn’t win at all four years ago. He’s winning big time on the six or seven swing states and campaigning in those states, which I failed to mention before, while Biden continues to hide away.

If the American people don’t see that this is the perpetration of a deep state fraud, against all of us, then we are, uh, then we get what we deserve. We do. And, and if you look around and you see what’s going on in this country right now, there’s so many, uh, businesses that are closing their doors. There’s so many places where, you know, we’re laying people off.

Michael Pol: I mean, 10, excuse me, 100, 000 tech workers have been laid off in the beginning of 2024. That is a big, uh, rising trend. [00:14:00] Yeah, they’ll tell you, Michael, that, uh, jobs are up. Well, jobs are up amongst the illegal immigrants that took your job and my job. Meanwhile, the 58 percent of the people out there disapprove of Biden’s economy.

Gene Valentino: 62 percent disapprove of Biden’s inflation. 63% Definitely disapprove of Biden’s immigration policy and regarding the Israeli Hamas war, 63 percent disapprove. Only, only 32 percent think that Biden’s doing a good job or excellent job with the 68 percent disapprove and say it’s only fair or poor. This These numbers work substantially in Trump’s favor and against Biden, and the magic question for the day is, what will the Democrats do to [00:15:00] perpetrate Another fraud in the next election.

Will it be at those voting booths? Yeah, we’re all worried about that. That’s, that’s what we’re worried about because we know that they are going to cheat because that’s what they do, right? And so, uh, we just got to keep our eyes open. Gene, we’re out of time, unfortunately, but thank you so much for joining us.

Michael Pol: As you do every Friday, you have a great weekend, brother. Grabbing my coffee and listening to the morning sunshine and the Pine Belt, Michael Poehl and Ted Tepley.

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