The Biden Fabricators Who Denied the Laptop Existed ~ Will Pay!

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation

The 51 ‘intelligence officers’ who lied to all of us as experts falsely said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian collusion”, regarding Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign. All of these officials in government LIED to discredit Donald Trump. ALL of these officials signed a document saying that Donald Trump and his campaign had created this ‘laptop story’ to discredit Joe Biden, when IN FACT the laptop and the sordid details on Hunter’s laptop were true and a threat to national security. Hunter with his father have compromised national security. Will justice prevail!? The spies/experts who falsely discredited Hunter Biden’s laptop knowingly conspired with the chief fabricators, James Clapper and John Brennan, who were nearly charged themselves for lying to Congress. This story was a cover page in the New York Post. The laptop appears now in Hunter’s Delaware court case involving gun registration charges. The laptop is real and was brought forward after the 2020 election. When patriots nationwide stood up to bring it out further, the fake media castigated the patriots who tried to say the laptop was real. The Biden’s were hiding Hunter’s laptop from the public. Biden’s government bureaucrats conspired to hide the existence of the laptop. The Republicans can no longer be weak. They must fight. Now that Trump is the titular head of the Republican Party, CIA Director John Brennan and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, must be brought to justice. Still, no indications from Trump to seek revenge against these folks including Hillary Clinton. The only nation that’s GIVING money to Ukraine is the USA. Other nations, and Blackrock, gave loans to Ukraine. The loans are now due! Who pays the debt? Will it be the money we GAVE to Ukraine? How much of this giveaway goes to protecting Ukrainians? How much goes to the Biden Crime Family? Since 2022 the EU and USA have frozen $300 Billion of Russian assets. What will Russia do to the USA to get this money released?


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The Biden Fabricators Who Denied the Laptop Existed ~ Will Pay!

Brian McClain: Alright, we’re joined now by the proprietor of GeneValentino.

com. You can follow him on X at GeneValentino. He’s easy to find and you can find him right here on State of the Nation. Gene, welcome back to State of the Nation. How are you this time?

Gene Valentino: Glad to be back with you, gentlemen. So many issues on different, in different venues, in different parts of the world, each with a different sense of significance here at home.

Brian McClain: Absolutely. My friend, you know, uh, maybe we have a infographic we can throw up, but let’s talk about the spies who lie boy. I just can’t let this go. What was that? 51, 50 some odd intelligence agents. Uh, The experts, right? It says right there. The experts who falsely discredited [00:01:00] Hunter Biden’s laptop and still won’t apologize.

Uh, do you think apologies are necessary at this point, Gene?

Gene Valentino: I do. I, uh, we will need an apology from every one of them. As a government official who knowingly conspired with the chief fabricator, Mr. James Clapper, a man who was nearly charged himself for perjury, for lying to Congress, these fabricators of lies and the story you’re talking about here, I’ll put it up on it.

My camera can catch it. This was the New York post story dated March. The 19th, 2022. Gentlemen, this story came out as a cover page on the New York Post. Now there’s a good dozen or so on that front page, but there’s 51, as you said, Hesh, that signed a document that said that the uh, hunter Biden laptop. [00:02:00] Was nothing more than a, uh, Russian hoax when in fact, it turned out to be the, an intent to, uh, deflect and distract again and claim that it was something that Trump was involved in when it was in fact, uh, uh, something that was real.

Right now in the news. That’s what I mentioned back here at home. We have a story that’s hitting the news about the Hunter Biden laptop in the court case for, uh, uh, Hunter against Hunter Biden, which shows the evidence was really there. There’s no dispute. Every one of those 51 people on that story we just talked about deserves to an apology.

To America, not to mention Donald Trump, because that was the conspiracy that Timothy was talking about earlier that [00:03:00] fed into the election fraud and the election hoax, which encircles certain circles in this nation. No one wants to talk about right now. Let’s sweep it under the rug and move on. Let’s just move on and pretend it never happened.

Timothy was right. It did happen and it’s blatant and it was in our face. And when the, the, the Patriots stood up to say something about it. They were mocked and stifled by all, most of the fake news and castigated and cut off different social media platforms. Where are those platforms today? And in light of that, Speaking of that, that’s why I go back to these amendments to our Constitution.

Who’s gonna do anything to create a penalty for the free speech that the social media platforms [00:04:00] enjoyed that allowed them to censor themselves the free speech of individuals? And who’s gonna, who’s gonna penalize them for, for, uh, for, uh, curtailing free speech at the expense of you and me?

Timothy Shea: Well,

the answer, of course, is no one.

And I don’t want apologies. Apologies from liars are meaningless. I want guilty pleas. That’s what we need. We need guilty pleas from each of those 51. And John Cipher was a year ahead of me in college. I was absolutely disgusted to see his name signed to that letter. And Gene, this is the way they roll.

They’ll tell a lie, they’ll insist it’s the truth, they’ll vilify you for pointing out that they’re lying, and then afterward, down the road, when it’s too late to do anything, they’ll say, yeah, we did it, so what? What are you gonna do about it? And they do it over and over and over again. And I don’t blame them for doing it because they do it because the [00:05:00] Republicans refuse to fight.

I blame the Republicans for everything that’s happened in the last 10 years, because they’re a bunch of weak kneed, lily livered, milk toast, namby pambies that refuse to fight. We need fighters for the country right now. And I see just a handful on the horizon.

Well stated Timothy. I see, I see Donald Trump as having been very clever in his first four years of office at pulling the trigger on the right people in the right place at the right time with measured balance and scrutiny before he did so.

In this case, he’s now in effect, the titular head of the Republican Party and is going to have a lot of, um, a lot of opportunity to correct these wrongs. And I do agree a criminal, uh, A plea of guilty is required by those 51 people, including, uh, John Brennan, head of the [00:06:00] CIA, not to mention intelligence agency director, uh, James Clapper, we mentioned a minute ago, mouthpiece today at CNN.

Uh, my point is, is all 51 not only need to plead guilty, but then apologize to this nation, and then Trump needs to step up and direct Congress to put the kind of regulation in place to prohibit this kind of bad behavior from occurring again. You know, it’s amazing. I’ve listened to him in the last 48 hours.

Still no vitriol. He’s, he’s angry. He, he has his right to be for the way he’s been treated in New York, but I don’t hear contempt or talk about revenge. I think he’s steering the, he said, and he doesn’t bring up Hillary. Have we forgotten? If you’re going to bring up the, if you’re going to bring up the 51 people on this, um, um, uh, laptop issue.

What? Why does [00:07:00] Hillary get a pass? Why does Hillary get a pass? She

Timothy Shea (2): today compared him to Hitler. Class move.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, well, guess who’s Hitler? Let me, let’s talk about Hitler then. Changing the subject, subject do so briefly. Here we are on D Day. Uh, protect, uh, honoring those soldiers that remain in hitting the hundred year mark in age and a little older.

These soldiers who fought for a country and a democracy that I’m having trouble finding today. We were fighting an enemy called the Nazis in Germany. The Nazis or derivation thereof are now working with Ukraine against Russia. And who’s cooperating with them? The only nation in the world that’s giving money to Ukraine, the United States of America.[00:08:00]

It’s not a loan. BlackRock, I heard you talking about earlier, and everyone involved in the European Union gave loans to Ukraine. Which are now coming due and they’re expecting to be repaid. From what? From the money that we’ve just given to you to Ukraine. It was only a few episodes before when we talked that I said I wanted a complete transparency, transparency and audit.

On the budget and the funds we gave to Ukraine for just this reason, and how much of this complicit crime family, it used to be the Biden crime family, it’s now, it’s a complete cabal, it’s a complete, uh, system of inappropriate, illegal behavior that trends throughout the, transcends throughout the entire nation.

In the way we are functioning. Funding Ukraine. If I was a [00:09:00] congressman today, I would be right up there with the outspoken ones saying, hold on, I’m for human rights. I don’t like Russia coming into Ukraine. We, before we spend another damn dime of American taxpayer dollars over there, I wanna see where that money’s going.

Yeah. And I’ll say it right next to, and you know, who would support that? Those 100-year-old veterans who we honored today. David Pasqualone,

Brian McClain: Remarkable People Podcast, Listen. of such a wide age range are being killed, murdered, dying in this war to the tune of 50, 000 a month, whereas Russia is losing maybe 10, 000 a month.

So that’s a one to five ratio. So I’m with you. If I was one of those Congress people, I’d be like, show me how this works. Show me how we win [00:10:00] and show me who we’re actually fighting for and what this democracy actually is. Because I see them shutting down elections. I see them calling martial law. I see.

See them executing by torture journalists from foreign countries. This is not acceptable. And it’s not what those men that gave their lives on D Day would want for this country for, for their legacy. It just doesn’t fit. So. Uh, gene, we’re just about out of time. Uh, anything you wanna throw out there before we gotta let

Gene Valentino: you go.

Re real quick note Deserves more time. Next time we chat. Since 2022, the EU and the United States have frozen $300 billion of Russian assets. Russia wants ’em back. The only people that are holding this up is the EU who wants to get paid some debt service from Larry Fink at BlackRock and the rest of the eu.

Not America. We give 150 plus billion dollars away and we can’t determine [00:11:00] how much of that money is going to be coming back to the United States, how much of it’s going to the Biden crime family, and how much of it is truly going to the defense of the innocent Ukrainians who deserve it the most.

Brian McClain: Well said, Gene.

Thank you very much. Follow Gene on X at GeneValentino. Go to GeneValentino. com for all things Gene Valentino and check out the Grassroots Truthcast podcast. To keep up with Gene and, of course, here at State of the Nation. Thanks, Gene. We’ll look forward to your next appearance here on State of the Nation.

This is today’s news talk, TNT. ​

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The Biden Fabricators Who Denied the Laptop Existed ~ Will Pay!

Gene Valentino on TNT State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on June 6, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 535
  • Image courtesy of: TNT State of the Nation
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