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“Take Our Border Back” with Kim Yeater and Gene Valentino

In the winter of 2024 I bumped into Kim Yeater at the CPAC Conference in National Harbor, Washington D.C. Kim expounds on her consolidation of patriots at the border. She claims that “China has taken up shop” in Canada and it’s happening here in the United States. Fueled through faith, Kim rallies patriots from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Their focus is to secure justice against all criminal illegal immigrants who are raping, killing, and trafficking of innocent children and fentanyl. This effort is a partnering with Canada and Mexico. Their agenda is to kill the open border process to restore sovereignty of all three nations and the election processes. Kim lists the gatherings planned. These events teach, train, and strategize the protection of the ballot box, exposure of the agenda of the World Health Organization and the NGO’s. Protecting freedom, liberty and sovereignty at the individual level by calling out the elitists like Bill Gates. Check out


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“Take Our Border Back” with Kim Yeater and Gene Valentino

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I really encourage you to come watch it.

Gene Valentino: Hi friends and welcome again to another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. We have had guests on from all walks of life, uh, political, social, economic, financial. I’m focusing on patriotism today. Today is very exciting for me today because I met a lovely lady at the CPAC convention last, uh, uh, February, March of 2024.

And she, uh, had her own, she has her own radio podcast and [00:01:00] radio show, but what really rung clear to me was her level of patriotism. An entrepreneur at heart and in spirit, but really what focuses my attention today is on her level of patriotism for the United States of America. Here we have Hunter Biden losing his bar license in Washington, D.

C. ‘s Bar Association today. Here we have Donald Trump being held hostage and handcuffed to all sorts of regulatory requirements for a debate in a night or two. And yet this Border remains so unprotected. I look at the issues of diversion, deflection, and distraction. There’s one person who’s not doing this.

She’s like a pit bull and she’s locked in real tight, real hard on the protection of our border and this nation. Her name [00:02:00] is Kim Yator. We’re going to have a great conversation with her right after this.

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Gene Valentino: Hi, friends, and welcome back to another episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truth Cast. My guest today is Kim Yer.

Hello Kim, and welcome to GRTC

Kim Yeater: ah, Jean Valentino. Thank you for having me, an honor to be here with you.

Gene Valentino: You’re, you’re, you’re a lovely lady who I had the privilege of meeting at the, uh, CPAC convention in, uh, uh, the Gaylord Harbor, Gaylord Hotel Convention Center at the National Harbor in Washington, D. C.

last winter. And I gotta tell ya, I spotted you over in the booth and I said, look at her go. She was on the air with me. She was on the air with a bunch of people talking about patriotism and the defense of this nation and I am so proud to have had the time to have your time on this show, Grassroots Truthcast.

Welcome [00:04:00] to the show. Where do you want to begin? Tell me about your role. Yeah. Tell me about your role with, um, take your power back radio podcast show and take our border back. Start where you want.

Kim Yeater: Yes. Okay. Got it. So, well, I feel honored that I just get to have a radio show. I get to have a podcast where people get to step into their God given power.

Access their leadership and allow their voices to be heard. When we are activated, we are unstoppable. So it really is about taking our power back. And I love how you said that, you know, there’s all these things we could be talking about, right? What’s going on with, you know, Hunter Biden? What’s going on with his daddy?

What’s going on with our borders? There’s so much, but we’ve got to really Repeat. Keep a mindset that is an abundant mindset. And it is a mindset, a mindset that we’re not a victim and at the effect of what’s happening, [00:05:00] but we actually can do something about it. That’s really powerful. So when it comes to taking our power back, I’m all about that.

What is the solution? What can we do that’s truly going to move the needle? So my space of TakeYourPowerBackShow. com, I get to bring on those people, those people that are. Actually doing something. They’re not just talking about it, but they’re taking action, and the actions they’re taking are making a difference.

Gene Valentino: Okay, now your group, your group is really, uh, not just, uh, select people of interest in the United States, but Canada and Mexico and maybe elsewhere globally.

Kim Yeater: Oh my gosh, absolutely. Well, I have to tell you what, you know, when we were at CPAC and you saw me running around from broadcasting on, uh, Frank Speech to Citizen Media News to the Take Your Power Back show, I had just finished up 45 interviews, Jean.

45 interviews in three days. I was eating bars all weekend long. I was looking [00:06:00] forward to a glass of wine, a salad with chicken in it. I’m walking up the stairs, the last one to leave media row. And I get this drop, this download. It’s like a God moment where God says, You’re not done yet. I’m like, what do you mean?

I’m not done. God, what do you mean? You know, conversation. I was like, whenever God has done this to me, I always listen and I take action because he always brings me to where I’m supposed to be. So I said, Hey guys, I’m going to be with you in just a bit to my team headed left. And I was introduced Jean to the well decorated Canadian military.

These were the people that held the bravery award. The Nobel Peace Prize Award, Eddie Cornell. And do you know what Eddie said to me? He said, Kim, I saw your work on the border. I saw your work would take our border back. We know that tens of millions were reached, but your [00:07:00] eyes are on the Southern border.

The Northern border is being invaded. For five years, they have been flying in the illegal immigrants. And China has. Already set up shop. That to me was an awakening. That to me was a call to action. Uh, here’s the ball, Kim. Catch. What are you going to do with it?

Gene Valentino: Yeah. What do you mean? What do you mean China has already taken up shop?


Kim Yeater: So if we look at Canada right now, I mean, take a look at Trudeau, take a look at the government there. Do you know there’s actual Chinese military training in Canada right now? Hmm. We border Canada. And what’s happening on the border here in this United States, what’s happening in the United States as a result of open borders during this administration’s open border policy, because we know that border patrol is being told to stand down, right?

They’ve become paper pushers. The, the, uh, suicide [00:08:00] rate has skyrocketed. Right. So we know that there’s an issue, 160 different nations across this border, men of fighting age. We know that this is the Trojan horse. Gene, I was just on an interview with Rachel Morins. Best friend and the FBI agent. Today, this morning, I was on the phone with her brother, Rachel Morins, the mom of five, who was running on a track in Maryland, the Ma and Pa Trail, common trail everyone goes to.

That woman, was raped and murdered. And do you know, six months after that event, they had not found that murderer. Six months after they had celebrated her life, a birthday party, and they prayed together fervently that there would be a radical repentance of this killer and he would be found. He would turn his heart back to God.

Do you know, they got news that day His DNA [00:09:00] was found in LA. There was another victim. Fast forward. I was on the road to Geneva. Remember that? We’ll have a conversation about that. I get the phone call in from Michael Moran, her sister, who I was going to have on the show. He says, Kim, they found the killer.

An illegal immigrant from Ecuador killed somebody in Ecuador was found in Tulsa, Oklahoma and being apprehended at this time.

Gene Valentino: We’ve got such a huge surge in fentanyl deaths. We’ve got human trafficking. We’ve got crime rates going through the roof. There is no border problem anymore. It’s in all 50 states, uh, border to border throughout the nation.

And you’re focusing on a group called Take Our Border Back. And your group involves how many people and what’s your initial, uh, uh, actions?

Kim Yeater: I love it. So the Take Our Border Back [00:10:00] North America Alliance, we partnered with, uh, Canada and Mexico. So imagine you’ve got this declaration of North America on whitehouse.

gov. Okay. So this is the agenda. They always tell you what they’re going to do. And if you go to takeourborderback. com, you’ll get the real stuff. that DNA agenda is. It is DEI, it is climate control. And that agenda is open borders between Mexico, USA, and Canada. Our initiative is that each country is sovereign.

The people as sovereign individuals are in Restoring our sovereignty as a nation by ensuring that governments of all three nations close the border and protect the ballot box. And honestly, Jean, do you know where our sovereignty comes from? It does not come from government. It comes from the Creator.

We’ve got the Constitution. We are so [00:11:00] fortunate to have that tool. We’ve got God’s word in the constitution. When you utilize those tools, imagine they are two swords and we learn how to wield those swords. That constitution was built upon God. It was built upon us being sovereign individuals. That’s where our freedom comes from.

We need to protect our freedoms. We need to utilize the constitution. We’ve got to close the borders. And listen, we’re all about safe, legal immigration. All about it right now, but we are not okay with our country, our home, not being protected.

Gene Valentino: Let’s, this is a good point to break away. Let’s, let’s introduce the folks to a video you’ve produced that shows what’s going on, folks, on these Take Our Border Back initiative.

I’m setting you up because I hope you, I hope you find it in your heart to join the Take Our Border Back group as I have. This is a grassroots initiative to get, [00:12:00] All humans who care about humanity and God to step up, step out, step up, arm up, suit up, and get to work at protecting our border. It’s going to be requiring an effort from we, the people, the individuals.

Kim Yeater, let’s, um, let’s break away at this point, watch your video for a few minutes, and then we’ll come right back.

Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the earth. For thine art the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever [00:13:00] and ever.

For Life! For Life! For [00:14:00] Life!

Gene Valentino: Kim, that was one heck of a video describing what you guys are doing. I, I’m thoroughly impressed. Do you want to pick up on that?

Kim Yeater: Absolutely. So imagine this, you’ve got three countries. Five states, two provinces in Canada, two cities in Mexico. One goal. We restore our nation’s sovereignty.

We the people come together. The time is now. So we have five events in the United States and then in these countries. So check this out. June 29th. We are five days away, Jean. Five days away today from the San Ysidro, take our Border Back North America Alliance, and we are going to break bread, table talk, and prayer.

We’re bringing the real issues to the table, providing the resources, the tools, the strategies, and the tools. We need to take our power back on a local level. General Flynn [00:15:00] will say it over and over. Local action equals national impact. We have people like Shasta coming to these events. Shasta in California has gone to paper vote.

They’ve had the Board of Supervisors, two of them, resign. They’ve also In their initiatives of using the Constitution, our freedom tool, they have had, they’ve basically protected Shasta from illegal immigrants, you know, being housed in Shasta, and they’ve created these community watches. Do you know that is actually in our Constitution?

These are the types of things we’re bringing to the table. Protecting the ballot box, the 7 7, the Steps to Election Integrity to Protect Our Elections. We are restoring sovereignty, distinguishing what sovereignty is, where it comes from, how to utilize the Constitution. We’re bringing to light the global agenda.

I was just in Geneva, right? Met with 10 attorneys from [00:16:00] across the world, exposing the agenda of the World Health Organization and the NGOs. If the Biden administration signs on. To the World Health Organization. Do you know what that means, Gene? That means that we, the people, lose our sovereignty. We give it over to the who.

So people need to understand what we’re up against. Fifth generation warfare, right? We’re bringing to the table the tactics used, the predictive programming to manipulate people so that we can be aware and wise to these deceptions. We’ve got .

Gene Valentino: Yeah, I was just gonna say, you know what I find interesting is, um, it’s popping up more on the news regularly now.

The Gen Z crowd and a lot of the woke folk seem to be, the door is swinging back the other way. I submit, it’s got a ways to go, but the door is swinging back the other way. And I see a lot of. The [00:17:00] younger folk not buying into that WHO narrative, WHO narrative, World Health Organization narrative that you’re referring to, because they’re, it’s not too hard to connect the dots that, uh, uh, that, that, uh, the Microsoft Bill Gates’s of the world, uh, who were trying to, uh, foster a narrative, uh, At your expense and mine, at the elimination of freedom and liberty and sovereignty at the individual level so that they could be top heavy at their elitist socialist Marxist level, we see a Gen Z crowd morphing back.

Okay, mommy and daddy, I’m gonna figure out how to get to work and get out of the home now. And, uh, do you see the same?

Kim Yeater: Yeah, we absolutely see the same. I love these Gen Zers. One, because they’re not programmed like we have been programmed in [00:18:00] our generation. So they don’t have so many neural pathways constricted.

You know, there’s a lot more opening and they see things from a different perspective. So they are looking to creating spaces that are like real communities that are safe communities. That are taking our power back in a local level. I love what the Gen Zers are doing, and I love that they are actually creating real solutions.

That’s a pretty big deal. We actually have Gen Zers on our team, or take our border back and they are getting the word out. We love the Gen Zers. We’ve got Gen Zers that are filming at our event in San Ysidro, along with CNN. Do you know CNN is going to be there? Fox is going to be there. Come on, people!

Well, they may be in for a bit of a surprise. I think they are. This is going to be a big surprise. And I think, Jean, to go back to the locations that, you know, we’re going to, we are going to be July 27th in Dripping Springs with Colonel Phil Waldron, Doc Pete Chambers, [00:19:00] Pastor Rod and Suzanne Parker. And then we’re going to actually convoy over to Cuamado, where we’re going to have communion and break bread with Mexico.

And when we’re here in San Diego in five days, Do you know we’re actually physically marching to the border after our event, after the summit, and we are being guided by the police? Mexico’s having the same event there, and we are going to have communion and break bread together. August 24th is Shelby, Montana, and Coutts, Alberta, Montana.

Canada, we have an amazing team there. We’re gonna be convoying to the border there and breaking bread with them on September 28th. We’re taking the rainbow back. We’re in Youngstown, New York and Niagara Falls, Canada. We have our individual events. Then we’ll convoy to the rainbow Bridge, right where we’re taking that rainbow back.

We’ll have communion and we will pray. And I have to say pray because you cannot fight. A spiritual battle with [00:20:00] physical weapons. We have got to use our tools and I’ll tell you, there is power in prayer. We’re going to take down the demonic strongholds because if we take a look, a jaunt down this global agenda of why they’re doing the open borders, the open borders, it’s just a bleeding over of the agenda to take down America.

You take down America. We’re the source of freedom. We’re the independent, sovereign country, right? People look to us. In Geneva, I was at the Road to Geneva convoy. I drove up into the hills of France with a bunch of broadcasters. We are We literally came into this event with people from across the world, the Netherlands, Germany, that were convoying into Geneva the next day to declare their sovereignty against the global agenda.

There’s 8 billion of us, a lot more of us. [00:21:00] And I held up our Take Our Border Back flag when I walked into that room. Jean, do you know that room started to shout and roar and God gave me the opportunity to get a few minutes to speak to them and then I prayed with them. And do you know what they said to me?

Kim, please call America to stand up. Please, because if America goes down, we go down. Jean, they’re looking to us. Please. We’ve

Gene Valentino: got to

Kim Yeater: stand up. We’ve got to unite and come together, close this border and protect our ballot boxes.

Gene Valentino: Folks, we’re talking with Kim Yater. She’s an emerging national leader who works with leaders nationwide and around the world on this Take Your Power Back radio show podcast and does some great coaching.

You can go to her website. Kim, throw out the website.

Kim Yeater: You can go to kimyater. com. It’s Kim Yater dot com. And you want to get more about that radio show? Take Your Power [00:22:00] Back Show dot com. That’s Take Your Power Back Show dot com.

Gene Valentino: Yeah. And while that’s all going on, she’s amazing. She’s managed to put together a collective of people nationwide, worldwide.

that see the light and um, we’re faced, uh, all of us with the perils of wrongdoing at the state, federal and local levels. And, um, uh, one thing’s for sure, America has begun to stand up and fight back on these issues. Uh, I, uh, Kim had mentioned to you when we were in, uh, Washington DC together, And, uh, about Jean’s second bill of rights.

I have, uh, I love it. Yeah. I put together tongue in cheek, 11 more amendments to the constitution. We have 27 amendments in the constitution. Now the first 10 are the bill of rights. The second bill of rights is Jean’s bill of rights. I created 11 more. So [00:23:00] 11 more on top of the 27 we have now. And one of them is a special magistrate I’m not looking for more government.

I want less government. But I do want a system that is directly accountable to you and me.

Kim Yeater: Yes. We

Gene Valentino: can’t wait till the next election. Ergo, this border, this border right now today that’s being overrun. With drugs and all kinds of things, uh, is something we should not have to wait until November to fix because of an election.

So I propose a special magistrate system that moves these, uh, bad actors in government into jail. If prosecuted for wrongdoing, it’s not about an impeachment process. It’s about a criminal wrongdoing. If, for example, look at what’s going on with Alvin Bragg in New York and, and his situation, uh, [00:24:00] at, at, at, on point, you would think it’s unrelated to the border.

Well, it isn’t because his boss, Uh, this, uh, individual who has, um, been appointed, uh, by uh, uh, Joe Biden, which is Merri Garland, who puts into place another appointment by the name of Jack Smith. Mm-Hmm. Ends up these people are suppo. Jack Smith was supposed to be an approved of by Congress, by the Senate, and it was, it never happened.

They just put ’em in place and everyone looked the other way. The special magistrate I’m talking about creates null and void this entire case against Trump, in this case, could be against anybody, but in this case, null and void the case against Trump because Jack Smith was never duly authorized to serve as the, uh, as the chief, uh, Attorney [00:25:00] General, a prosecutor.

And as a consequence, we have a salacious selective prosecution going on to distract and divert your attention away from the deep states initiatives. And one of them is the compromise to our border. Which you’re focusing on. And I couldn’t be prouder of you for that because to me, uh, uh, you know, I don’t get it, Kim.

You’ve got 35, 000 Chinese people who don’t look, uh, uh, they look more like Chinese intelligence officers than they do. Uh, they are right

Kim Yeater: here in our neck of the woods. In San Ysidro, Chicom, they’re getting literally trained over to El Cajon where there are cars waiting for them. We have teams on this intel right now and telling me we have [00:26:00] Chicom’s Staying in Mission Valley.

Okay. I’m telling you, we are a military town here. We had someone try to break into Camp Pendleton last week that was on the news. What’s happening here is a travesty. Gene, this is the Trojan horse. Honestly, I don’t know if we’re going to make it to elections. If we do not, we’ve got to do something now.

It’s imperative. I love your idea.

Gene Valentino: Well, that that’s the, the, the special magistrate idea would require a little bit of a bureaucratic red tape timeline to get it through, but nonetheless, it, uh, something’s got to be done now, which is what you’re all about. And I’m so glad to have you on to discuss this issue.

Folks, we’re talking about an imminent attack on the United States. Some of it is right in front of your eyes and you can’t [00:27:00] even see it. Some of it’s the new neighbor down the street. That you happen to overlook. Some of it’s the guy or gal that got on the local school board that’s promoting this transgender and young age pornography.

Some of it is the fentanyl that’s crossing over our border into the United States. Kim, I mentioned a minute ago, 35, 000 Chinese, 35, 000 Chinese, as if the Chinese government, the CCP. Doesn’t know 35, 000 people have been authorized to come into the United States to attack us willfully. Oh, they haven’t yet.

Kim Yeater: Yeah. It’s

Gene Valentino: a, it’s a, it’s the Trojan horse you referred to, but here’s, here’s the issue. Is it going to be a coordinated strike? It’s one thing to be ignorant and uninformed.

Kim Yeater: It’s another

Gene Valentino: thing to be stupid. Meaning if you know it’s [00:28:00] happening and you choose to look the other way. You’re stupid because your demise is pending.

Kim Yeater: Yeah. So there’s something called the personal fable in psychology. We learned that the personal fable is you just don’t believe it’s ever going to happen to you. Right. And so, and we’re, if people are kept in this state of cognitive dissonance, dissonance right now, and they’re disillusioned by, I’d like to call it the fake media, right.

It is a propaganda. And so. People have got to wake up. We’ve got to wake up and we, you know, one of the biggest things we’re doing with Take Our Border Back right now is when we’re meeting together and we having these table talks, we are duplicating, creating a space of connection and collaboration and where we, the people’s voices are heard.

Okay, so that they can bring the real issues to the table and come up with solutions together. So on Thanksgiving Day, the 28th, we will have the world activated at this point because now [00:29:00] we are encouraging these conversations to take place with your sisters, your brothers, your neighbors, and we’ve got to meet people where they are at.

Okay, now the 28th,

Gene Valentino: which event is that?

Kim Yeater: Thanksgiving Day. It’s at 7am in the morning Pacific time. It’s going to be a webinar at this point. We, while you’re cooking the turkeys, we’re going to hop on together. And on that webinar, we’re going to give you the tools to have those conversations with your families, to bring these real topics to the table, not making people bad and wrong, not judgment.

The Bible says the heart is deep. Waters, a wise man draws out the heart. We’ve gotta be wise enough to draw out the heart, to figure out where that cognitive dissonance is, where the constriction is, where the thoughts are coming from, why they’re making the decisions they’re making, so that we can begin to deliver truth.

Now, I wanna go back for a second. I wanna talk about the tcom, what you were just discussing, Jean. [00:30:00] We’ve had information come in to our teams and we have high level security teams on Take Our Border Back that have said to us, cartel is riding around with CHICOM right now. There are Chinese trucks on the border, a little deeper in, but that’s the reality of what we’re dealing with.

And you know, I had a dream about eight months ago. Listen, we all have dreams, but God tends to kind of nudge me in my dream or wake me up because you know when you can’t put your thumb on it, but it’s in the dream that there’s like the awakening, your subconscious is at work. I had this dream that I was in the hills of Camp Pendleton and I was army crawling, army crawling through the hills of Camp Pendleton.

And I came face to face with Chinese military, fully geared with his gun in his hand. And we looked at one another in the eyes. Time froze. [00:31:00] And I woke up. It left this deep, intense feeling in me like, what was that? I had no idea what was happening. What’s being disclosed now. We know China’s agenda. Okay. We know what it is.

So when General Flynn says there is a 100 percent chance of a black swan event, Hello.

Gene Valentino: And when he was talking to you about that, during what time frame? Did he suggest a time frame?

Kim Yeater: Now, in elections.

Gene Valentino: And that’s my concern. It’s not a matter of Trump versus Biden. No. It’s, it’s a matter of some threat to the election process because of a very serious, um, attack to our system from within.

Uh, what other information do you have about CHICOM?

Kim Yeater: Okay. Well, let me, let me actually. We’re going to steer off just a moment, but we’re going to come [00:32:00] back to this. So our intel has brought to our attention that, and we’ve actually been reporting on this. Um, remember when everything was taken out of when, remember when we withdrew from Afghanistan?

Do you remember all that military equipment that was left behind? Do you think that’s not going to be used? Did you know that there were machines, they are visa making machines, left behind with high level of watch lists on there? Okay, that was left behind. Do you know that some of the stuff being used?

Do you wonder why dog tags, military dog tags are left at the border? Passports from all over the world are left at the border. Do you wonder why? We’ve got to wake up. Not that we move to fear. The Bible says there’s no fear in love. Perfect love dries up fear. Here’s the reality. Our scripture for Take [00:33:00] Our Border Back North America Alliance is 2 Chronicles.

And it says, God says, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear their voice And heal their land. If we put the first things back in order, God first, we can save this country. But if we try to fix it on our own measure, it’s not going to work.

Now does that mean we just pray and don’t take action? Faith without deeds is dead. We pray and we take action.

Gene Valentino: Well, 250 years ago or thereabouts, when this nation was formed, it was God first, and that was the foundation of the constitution. Then, uh, we should not forget that. Folks, we’re talking to Kim Yader and she is owner or operator or director of www.

takeourborderback. com. Please note that. Go to it, and [00:34:00] you can see further the schedule of events going on, uh, for the next several months. Uh, communicate with Kim and let her know if you’d like to participate, create a group of your own.

Kim Yeater: Amazing.

Gene Valentino: In, in your own areas, right, Kim?

Kim Yeater: Absolutely. You know, I want you guys, I want you to have access to us and, and I have to just tell you, I have the honor and privilege of working with the most amazing leaders.

Our Take Our Border Back steering committee. is extraordinary. What we were able to do in four weeks for our last round of Take Our Border Back was truly the hand of God. But I just get to be, you know, really the facilitator. I get to oversee our team and I get to work with mighty, mighty people. Warriors.

Now, if you wanna be a part of our teams guys, we’d love for you to join us. You can go to we the people at take our border That’s we the people at Take Our Border [00:35:00] Drop us a message in an email, okay? We will get back to you and then anyone that’s media and you wanna get us on your show.

Please, or sponsor us. You want to be a sponsor? Oh my gosh, our packages are amazing. You will get on my show. You’ll get on the Sovereign Radio. We’re going to get you up at our events, give you speaking time. You can actually go to media at takeourborderback. com and to have us on your show. Media at takeourborderback.

com. Jean, I am so excited for what’s ahead. Do you know people have been reaching out of the woodwork saying, can we want to partner with you? Leaders of huge organizations, patriots, because we don’t have time for ego. We don’t have time for pride. We’re about to lose this country. It’s imperative that we come together.

The goal of COVID, the plandemic was to separate us because they know how powerful it is. When we the people come together.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, and keep [00:36:00] your eyes open for another, uh, excuse like a bird flu or avian flu coming out between now and election day to keep you at home and not vote. Now that’s, that’s been the other one that we’ve heard in the news.

Uh, folks, we’ve been talking with Kim. And of Take Our Border Back, takeourborderback. com, as she’s mentioned, please feel free to contact her directly. Uh, what’s, what’s next on the list? You’ve, you’ve, you’ve got, you’ve had something this week in San Ysidro. Okay, what’s coming next?

Kim Yeater: Okay, so this Saturday, we’re five days away, and I’ll tell you why.

We would not be able to do events like this without the help of We The People. So any funding that comes in, sponsorships that come in, goes directly into these events. Do you know the steering committee? Sometimes I’m working 18 hour days. We don’t get paid a cent. We’re not taking money on purpose, right?

Because we know how many warriors have been standing for freedom and they’re not [00:37:00] taking money either, right? But we, there are costs to these events and we, any donation, we need donations. We need people’s support to make these events possible. People can go to GiveSendGo. com. Slash take our border back and I’ll tell you what, give send our border back.

You are gonna see that there’s $170,000. I want you to understand that $167,000 of that went to the first event. The rallies, the convoys we were able to give back to Britain Farms. We were able to give back to the Children’s Ranch in Cudo. We were able to give. Back to Communities in San Ysidro. And that’s the power.

We’re all working together. So we need your support. Our next event is in Texas on the 27th, August 24th, Shelby, Montana and Alberta, Canada, September 28th, Youngstown, New York and Niagara Falls. [00:38:00] Canada, we’re taking back the Rainbow Rainbow Bridge, October 19th. Yuma, Arizona and San Luis Louis Re, San Luis, Colorado, Mexico.

And on November 28th, we’re online together, breaking bread together, prepping you for the Thanksgiving table to bring these table talks. We’re restoring sovereignty, giving power back to the people, utilizing our constitution and God’s word. We are talking the global agenda, how to fuel you so that you know how to not, how to really protect yourselves on a local level from buying into our administration, signing on to the World Health Organization or to the agenda of these NGOs, right?

And we will understand the global agenda. So you got to know that the seven key topics. It’s powerful and will equip you with the resources, strategies, and tools so that we the people can take our power back on a local level. We’ve got to take this [00:39:00] nation back, Gene.

Gene Valentino: Yeah, we sure do. And I’ve noticed in the agenda that, um, varies a little bit, location to location, but in the agenda, there is a, um, there’s an, uh, an emphasis on making sure you know how to protect yourself and the people around you.

And how you can contribute to the local law enforcement community in a legal way and how we can help them help themselves defend us. Uh, the, um, but the bottom line, when our nation was formed, it was a lot of folks coming off the farm and coming out of their offices to, to, uh, take arms and suit up and arm up to protect this nation.

And I think that I agree with you completely. If we have a nation by November. It’s because someone did something somewhere to stop what part of the elephant do you eat first? Start with fixing the border first. [00:40:00] How’s that?

Kim Yeater: Yes, well you gotta stop the bleeding. We are hemorrhaging. You’ve got to stop the bleeding.

That’s the first thing.

Gene Valentino: 20 other things in parallel. Donald Trump can work out, God willing, he can do, he can do 20 things at once, unlike the current guy. But, uh, doing 20 things at once with him, we can solve a lot of other problems, some of which we’ve discussed today on Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast.

Kim Yater, any final thoughts in the last minute or two?

Kim Yeater: Gene, I want to share a word today. And this is a word from our good constitution. It says we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the government. That [00:41:00] whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends. It is the right of we, the people, to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

Prudence indeed will dictate the government’s long established shall not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils.

A long train of abusers and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, It is their right. It is their duty [00:42:00] to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

Gene Valentino: A legal way of describing Protect your nation and taking our border back is not insurgency or, uh, or, uh, unrest.

It’s protection of the beautiful nation we were able to have run for so long, about 250 years, the oldest in the world, by the way, and it didn’t just happen. It’s because these God given principles that Kim was referring to work. It’s now. You know the story. You’ve got to step up and do your part too.

Start by contacting www. takeourborderback. com. Contact Kim. Get on a committee. Be part of the fundraising effort if [00:43:00] you can. And there you’ll also find the schedule of upcoming events. Find your place in Take Our Border Back. Find your place. Thank you, Kim, for joining us.

Kim Yeater: Oh, thank you. God bless you. God bless America.

We are better together.

Gene Valentino: Amen. And God bless all of you, ladies and gentlemen, for joining us here today on a very patriotic episode of Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. See you soon.

Narrator: Thanks for joining us for Gene Valentino’s Grassroots Truthcast. Be sure to like and subscribe, and God bless America.

“Take Our Border Back” with Kim Yeater

on the GrassRoots TruthCast with Gene Valentino

‣ Originally Recorded on June 25, 2024
GrassRoots TruthCast: Season 2, Episode 251
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