Gene with Bianca on Biden’s “Juneteenth” Celebration

Gene Valentino on Newsmax

ENJOY MY NEWSMAX INTERVIEW WITH BIANCA DE LA GARZA: Young folks staying home with Mom & Dad under Joe Biden. Have they lost their faith, morals, and belief in a nuclear family. Biden is a statue at the recent and now with the G7 meeting. Biden is part of a Deep State somewhere propped up and deflecting your attention. Why would anyone wait to the next election. We can’t wait until November. We must have a system in place to extricate intentional wrongdoers like Joe Biden! Impeachment is taking too long! (Although, look how fast it impeachment happened under Trump!)


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NEWSMAX ~ Gene with Bianca on Biden’s “Juneteenth” Celebration

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Bianca: Joining us now here on Newsline, GOP political strategist and host of the Grassroots Truthcast podcast, Gene Valentino with us. And also pleased to have Democratic strategist, former Obama campaign director, Robin Biro. 

Guys, welcome in.  

Gene Valentino: Thank you.  

Bianca: Well, we want to talk a little bit about this interesting Pew polling first before we get to Biden. 59 percent of Trump supporters said society is better if people marry and they have children, but 19%, just 19 percent of Biden supporters agree with that. Does that surprise you? 

Robin, I’ll start with you. 

Robin: Not necessarily. Uh, and look, I’ve got children of my own, they’re school aged children, uh, whom I adopted after a family tragedy. Uh, and it’s honestly been the greatest thing I’ve ever done with my life. Uh, but I think that there’s a little bit of apathy among young people because it’s so, the cost of just getting a house right now is so prohibitive for people who are just starting out. 

I think that, uh, Basically, they just can’t afford it, [00:02:00] Bianca.  

Bianca: And it’s a great point. I’ve read that too, that a lot of Gen Zers, uh, Gene are saying it’s too expensive, but it’s gotten more expensive under Joe Biden, unfortunately.  

Gene Valentino: Yeah. The poll is very interesting. I find it’s geared. More toward a, um, question of, uh, of younger folks, you know, the older folks, if they were polled, uh, much older, uh, they’d ask them how they view marriage. 

They view marriage as being a very stabilizing influence, a very. Positive influence. My words, the dating, the dating boards are all loaded up with people looking to meet. The young kids who are disillusioned are coming out of a woke, lack of education environment and they’ve been denied the opportunity. 

opportunity to experience things and to learn things and so they’ve regressed into this attitude well I’ll stay home with mommy and daddy longer because I fear the world out there [00:03:00] this woke stuff’s gotta end  

Bianca: I think it’s part and parcel and also maybe devoid of some faith. Um, we’ve really kind of lost our way with the moral compass. 

Uh, there’s actually a report of a clip that’s now resurfacing. There’s a man who transitioned to a woman is out on social media saying that they want to get a transplant of a uterus so they can be the first trans woman to have an abortion. I mean, that is nothing like you would think about. You know, if you’re taking a sacred vow of marriage with anyone and you’re building a family, a nuclear family, it’s kind of disgusting, Robin, that that would be glorified in any way, shape, or form. 

Robin: It literally was the plot of a South Park episode featuring Mr. Garrison. So I think whoever that is has been watching too much South Park, because this is ridiculous and absurd.  

Bianca: Alright, let’s talk about, uh, real quick, uh, this freezing clip made the rounds on social media as well, where Biden is just, you know, like a statue. 

Everyone else is sort of dancing around him. Um, you know, some say, why are you so happy with the world on fire? Many say, but that was the other comment here outside of [00:04:00] him being awkward looking. I’ll let you both in our final minute weigh in on this is the man now at the G7 summit, sitting with world leaders, talking about policies, things that will shape, uh, the world, the conflicts, nuclear. 

Everything. Jeanne, first to you, and then to Robin, uh, how concerned are you about Joe Biden’s cognitive issues and his, uh, moments like this?  

Gene Valentino: Well, this is, this is a transition point that we’ve never experienced before. There’s a deep state somewhere that knows better, and they’re leaving him propped up out there to distract and deflect our attention away from a lot of the issues that are occupying your day in the news. 

The fact of the matter is, why would anybody wait until the next election to get rid of this guy? We need a constitutional amendment today. That puts into effect a special magistrate that moves people in and out of office, out of office in this case, and their staff when they are perpetrating a [00:05:00] wrongdoing to adversely impact this nation, this nation’s security. 

We can’t wait till November. Things have to be remedied sooner.  

Bianca: Uh, well, you just heard Lieutenant Colonel West talk about dereliction of duty, impeachment with the border and that very frightening story. Robin, what is your take? Uh, I know you’re a Democrat, so, uh, you obviously don’t care and love about our country as you served it as well as a veteran. 


Robin: I appreciate that. Look, uh, he looks like a typical 81 year old. And honestly, I think he’s in a position where he can’t win for losing on this because we would be making fun of him if he were be bopping around like Kamala Harris right there, uh, to the side. So, I’m not as concerned about this, and I think what I’m more concerned with, Bianca, is the fact that we have two candidates. 

President Trump at 77 and President Biden at 81. You add that up, it’s 158. I’d like to see younger blood, uh, get in into politics.  

Bianca: All right. I just was also distracted by the dress there and the [00:06:00] sequined dress and sort of, maybe it’s a fashion commentary too. I like the dress. It just, all of it is just so wacky. 

I don’t know. I just, It is, um, something I know has not gone unnoticed by some of our adversaries as Joe Biden, you know, makes his way off a stage or freezes when standing near one. Uh, Gene, Robin, appreciate your comments today. Great to see you both. Thank you.  

Robin: Bianca.  


Speaker 2: Hello, everyone. Please keep supporting Gene Valentino’s Truth Podcast. We need our voice to get out there far and wide and help save our country. 

NEWSMAX ~ Gene with Bianca on Biden’s “Juneteenth” Celebration

Gene Valentino on Newsmax


  • Originally Recorded on June 12, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 533
  • Image courtesy of: Newsmax
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