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Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation

Bravo to Congressman Matt Gaetz for taking on liar Merrick Garland. Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed that he did not know about Mathew Colangelo, Asst. Atty. General at DOJ, moving into Alvin Bragg’s DA office in New York, to assist in the prosecution on Donald Trump… All of this under the marching orders of Joe Biden! Garland is saying, I am Justice. Don’t question me. You’ve got Anthony Fauci across the hall saying, I am science. Don’t question me. TRANSPARANCY! How many times did Donald Trump use the Justice System to go after his opponents!? How many times did Joe Biden use the Justice System to go after his opponents? Clear and convincing evidence in plain sight against Hunter BUT, no clear and convincing evidence against Trump!!! Some good news, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi must go. They conspired with a cabal of 50+ wrongdoers over the last 15 years to take down our Democracy. Trump is their current obstacle.


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Timothy Shea: Just in case we weren’t already convinced, Merrick Garland today proved why we need to be forever grateful to Mitch McConnell for keeping the sawed off little twerp off the Supreme Court. Here’s just a snippet of him testifying before the United States House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.
Let’s roll that clip.
(News Reel): Communicating with these state and local prosecutions against Trump. You can clear it all up for us right now. Will the Department of Justice provide to the committee All documents, all correspondence between the department and Alvin Bragg’s office, and Fannie Willis office, and Letitia James office.
(News Reel) (2): The offices you’re referring to are independent offices of state. I get that. I get that.
(News Reel): The question is whether or not you will provide all of your documents and correspondence. That’s the question. I don’t [00:01:00] need a history lesson.
(News Reel) (2): Well. I’m going to say again, we do not control those offices, they make their own decisions.
The question is whether you
(News Reel): communicate with them, not whether you control them. Do you communicate with them and will you provide those communications? You make a request, we’ll refer it to our office of legislative affairs, they will respond But see, here’s the thing, you come in here and you lodge this attack that it’s a conspiracy theory that there is coordinated lawfare against Trump.
And then when we say, fine, just give us the documents, give us the correspondence, and then if it’s
Timothy Shea: And there you have it. It went on and on and on with Garland being unbelievably arrogant, as he always is, and stonewalling and trying to run out Matt Gaetz’s time, but Matt was entirely correct on this. If it’s all a conspiracy theory, Merrick, show us the correspondence.
Show us that you weren’t coordinating. And one of the parts that the testimony didn’t, or the clip didn’t catch, Matt asked him [00:02:00] about Matthew Colangelo’s career trajectory from Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice in Washington, D. C. And then, miraculously, he shows up as a prosecutor.
In the Manhattan District Attorney Office of Alvin Bragg, anybody that knows the first thing about law knows that that is not an upward, upward career progression.
And here with his reaction is the host of the Grassroots Truthcast, Gene Valentino. Gene, welcome back to State of the Nation.
Gene Valentino: Boy, you guys bring me in on the craziest topics. I’m the store manager.
Hello, shoppers. We got a dumpster fire at aisle seven. We got Joe Biden’s ice cream all over the floor in aisle four. Which one are we going to work on first? Well, bravo to Matt Gaetz, gentlemen. Matt Gaetz happens to be our United States Congressman where I sit here in Pensacola, Florida. You, [00:03:00] one may argue he gets a little boisterous at time, but no one can take away the credit he deserves for the assault he gave on someone who almost became a Supreme Court justice.
Thank God he, he was he never was qualified or went through with it at the end of the day. This Merrick Garland is a liar, gentlemen. Are you telling me the CEO of a company doesn’t know the status of his CFO? So here’s this Colangelo, one or two layers down under him, and he didn’t know a thing about going to help District Attorney Alvin Bragg up in, up in New York.
He didn’t know a thing about that revolving door we talked about the last time at the White House. Where people were filing in and out to get the marching orders on how to deal with Donald Trump in New York City. It’s a calamity of calamities. [00:04:00] You got Garland saying, I am justice. Don’t question me.
And in aisle, aisle six, you’ve got Fauci saying, I am science. Don’t question me. I am science. If they’re all so smart, if they’re all so smart, how come we’re not better off?
Brain McClain: Great question, Gene, and I’ll follow it up. If they’re doing earnest work, right, and that could apply to Fauci, NIH, CDC, et cetera, et cetera, that whole complex, that could apply to the DOJ.
If they’re doing earnest work and telling us the truth, And bringing justice and health. Don’t you think there’s no problem in being transparent about it? Why, why are we just constantly told you know, trust me, I am justice. Trust me. I am science.
Gene Valentino: Transparency. So how many times did Donald Trump use the justice system when he was president to go after his opponents?
[00:05:00] Transparency. How many times has Biden used the justice system to go after his opponents? My words. We have some people who have been in jail, some Peter Navarro and Mike Flynn and others who are called in to, to, to serve time. What’s going on here? And then we have to exacerbate the issue of justice.
In in Wilmington, Delaware, with little Hunter baby in the courtroom with his mommy having to come in to support him in the first row to make sure that the jury sees the weight and force of the offense. Authorities behind her son’s potential convictions. And and why is it, here we have a state of Delaware, population 980, 000 people.
My words. It’s the average congressional district throughout the United [00:06:00] States has about 750, 000 to 850, 000 people. Of course, who knows what the hell it is now with all these migrants coming in. Illegal migrants coming in, but it doesn’t matter. They shouldn’t be voting anyway, right? So but the state of Delaware, which the Biden family is a sconced in and has quite a bit of notoriety in that little circle of of groupies that they have up there.
If it isn’t the judge, it might be the jury. It’s certainly the surroundings. That have this thing preset, who knows where the jury’s going to end up, but the prosecution was very clear today. They have clear and convincing evidence against Hunter. They did not have clear and convincing, convincing evidence against Donald Trump.
Do you think that the same arms of justice will extend to Hunter? The way they illegally did against Donald Trump.
Timothy Shea: Well, I think we all know the answer, at least what [00:07:00] we expect. Hesh and I talked about that in the intro. We’re expecting Hunter to somehow escape, even though it looks like they’ve got him eight ways from Sunday, as Chuckie Schumer put it.
There was some good news out of FBI. They were forced to cave after being attacked by some agencies or some independent. Organizations that protect whistleblowers. Whistleblower former FBI agent Marcus Allen had his top secret security clearance reinstated and received two years back pay from the top to bottom corrupt FBI, which had put him on administrative leave after he testified that Christopher Wray testified.
Before the January 6th committee.
Gene Valentino: Yeah, it’s really it’s really quite interesting that we’ve got a busy day up in Washington today because across the hall, you have the House of [00:08:00] Representatives just passed the Secure the Border Act, H. R. 2, which has to do with Homeland Security, having the authority necessary to clean up this mess that That Biden has caused since he’s been in office.
I, speaking of Chucky Schumer, I suspect he’s gonna make a dead on arrival in the Senate, and that’s another regret. We talked about the cabal. Mr. Chuck Schumer he’s at the top of the list. He needs to go he needs to be replaced. He and Nancy Pelosi, and I could name another 30, have conspired with the cooperation of, of, I’m not talking Biden.
This goes back prior to Biden. I’m talking Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. They have been orchestrating. Much bigger than
Timothy Shea: Joe Biden. And we’re going to have to leave it there, but I can assure you both. That I, in person, have told Chuck Schumer EXACTLY. [00:09:00] Where he can go, gene. Well, I remind people where they, he heard.
You can find you besides gene
Gene Valentino: Gene is the website. Folks come and sign up there, and when you get there, click on the Grassroots Truth Cast Panel, grassroots Truth Cast Panel, or go directly to grassroots truth and subscribe, please. That’s where you’ll find all these great.
TNT episodes where we have our eight to 12 minutes of commentary once a week at least, and we get a chance to opine on the issues of the day. One thing we like about this format is we get a chance to hear from you and get your, your comments and concerns. So stay with us on TNT.
Timothy Shea: Gene, you’re liking a mobo of state of the nation, just a little taste and it’s never quite enough.
We need to get you back for a full entree some night. God bless you, sir. Always love it guys.
Gene Valentino: Always love it. Thank
Timothy Shea: you, gentlemen.
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Gene Valentino on TNT’s State of the Nation


  • Originally Recorded on June 8, 2024
  • America Beyond the Noise: Season 5, Episode 532
  • Image courtesy of: TNT News Radio Live!
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