Davenport and Starlake Neighborhood

Gene Valentino meets with the Davenport and Starlake about the White Island restoration project.

Meets with Perdido Estate Homeowners

Perdido Key Visitors Center Increase in Visitors

Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center project has won a TEAM design award from the Mason Contractors Association of America! Congratulations to DAG Architects, Rod Cooke Construction, Inc., and everyone involved with this project.

There is  new aquarium which is featured in Animal Planet’s “Tanked”.

The center opened in Sept 2013, and experienced an increase in visitors within a year.

Month           2013      2014
MAY                634        1358

JUNE               568        3276

2010                       $982,085
2013                       $1.3 MILLION

*No new taxes, property taxes decreased, and the county debt decreased over $50-million.

200 More Jobs In Pensacola


Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino (District 2) showed his support and congratulated Mayor Ashton Hayward, Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May (District 3), Florida Department of Transportation Asst. Secretary Rich Biter, Florida Senator Don Gaetz, and Greater Pensacola Chamber President & CEO Mr. Jerry Maygarden. He also welcomes Mr. Buddy McCormick VP of Offshore Inland, and Mr. Felipe Lamego (CEO) of DeepFlex.

“I’m proud to be part of the team of local businessmen and political leaders who brought forward an economic opportunity for this community.”  - Gene Valentino (Escambia County Commissioner, District 2)

About the Facility:

Offshore Inland and DeepFlex will join forces to contract a new unbounded flexible pipe manufacturing and qualification testing facility at the Port of Pensacola, creating up to 200 new jobs. The complex will be comprised of a heavy renovated Port warehouse plus new buildings and infrastructure built on up to 3 1/2 acres of undeveloped Port property.

The facility, which is expected to be fully operational by the second of 2015, will be capable of producing DeepFlex’s complete flexible pipe product range, and is being designed with maximum agility and flexibility in mind so Offshore Inland and Deepflex can rapidly respond to the evolving needs of the ultra deep subsea marketplace. The pipe produced at the facility will leave the Port as cargo either by truck, rail, barge, cargo ship or direct load-out to subsea pipe-laying vessels calling at Offshore Inland’s existing Gulf of Mexico Offshore & Subsea Support Services Center on the west side if the port.

Replacement Jail will also be a Training Facility

July 9, 2014
WEAR TV Channel 3 News: Escambia County Jail Campus.

weartvlogologoEscambia County would like to build a new jail in a different area to replace the old Escambia County Central Booking and Detention Center. Valentino would like to see a facility that can be utilized in more ways than the old one.

“We are coming with a concept called the jail campus,” Gene explains.

Valentino describes that the jail campus is not just a jail, but also a educational center for inmates as well as a training facillity for the deputies. The challenge will be coming up with a cost effective plan as far as design and location. The challenge will be coming up with a cost effective plan as far as design and location.

A Lot Done… More To Come!

Coffee with Gene picture

Here are some of Commissioner Gene Valentino’s accomplishments in the past two terms, and there’s more to come… Keep Gene Valentino for a 3rd term.

Fundraising at Jackson Steakhouse

“Thank you everyone for attending and giving a generous donation to my campaign, and a special thank you to Fred Levin and Eddie Mercer for hosting this event at Jackson Steakhouse.”
- Commissioner Gene Valentino

Bauer Road Bridge: NOW OPEN!

Long Road To Recovery: A Lot Done… More To Come.

In April, a devastating rain storm went through Escambia County resulting in area flooding, damages to residencial and commercial properties, government buildings, and major roads and other county infrastructure. During and after the storm, Commissioner Gene Valentino and the other County Commissioners, County Staff, and Governor Rick Scott took proactive measures in dealing with the devastation. A lot done… more to come in the recovery efforts. Here are just some of the examples of the roads repaired, and roads underway to recovery.